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10 Working Torrent Clients for Mac in 2024 –

Torrents offers you free files to download all the content you are looking for. You have links to torrents for anime, games, movies, TV shows, music, e-books and more.

But before you can access great content, your first goal is to find an authentic torrent client website.

With Catalina’s MacOS update, most torrent search engines are no longer compatible with iOS devices. Mac users may also have trouble finding a working BitTorrent client for the torrent.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find websites with validated torrent links for MAC and iOS devices on your system. As a bonus for torrent clients, I’ve also included 5 of the best BitTorrent clients for Mac in 2024.

What is Torrent?.

Torrent Client Option for Mac

Let’s see, what exactly are we downloading, and is it safe?

Torrents are computer files in Zip format that contain a metadata filler of information. You can indicate that the torrent file has been checked and can be safely downloaded if it has the .torrent extension. The size of a torrent file must not exceed a few KB.

After downloading the torrent file you will need a working torrent client to access the file data. Need sites like BitTorrent for Mac or iOS.

For Android and Windows PC users who wish to download the torrent, please click below.

Working with torrent clients for Android

Torrent compatible clients for Windows

Find 10 of the best torrent sites for software in 2024 (Working&Safe)

What is a torrent client?

What's a torrent customer?

A torrent client is a file-sharing tool that can start or stop the process of downloading torrent files.

You need a torrent client to start peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

Now that we know why torrent clients are so important, let’s take a look at the best torrent clients for Mac users.

Best torrent client for MAC (compatible with MacOS Catalina)


One of the best torrents for Mac is the official BitTorrent client. With this torrent client for the Mac, you can even set download speed limits based on your personal preferences and use automatic bandwidth management.

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BitTorrent for Mac

BitTorrent is a free website that is also included in the Pro version. In the free version, you can easily download torrents, although the Pro version of BitTorrent gives you unlimited access to features such as protection against viruses and malware, viewing torrents without ads, and access to viewing your torrents.

BitTorrent works very well on MacOS Catalina. Its operation requires minimal system resources, making it an ideal torrent program.

Download BitTorrent (


If it’s not BitTorrent, then uTorrent. Between these two torrent search engines, you have access to millions of verified torrent links. The features of uTorrent make it look like a BitTorrent. It runs smoothly on the iOS platform, making it the perfect torrent client for the Mac.

The functions and user interface of uTorrent and BitTorrent are very similar. The two clients of the torrent complement each other for maximum satisfaction.

uTorrent has an application that allows users to search for torrents directly. The application also has a built-in bandwidth accelerator, which is very useful for downloading heavy torrents.

uTorrent has a free and a professional version. In the free version you can download a torrent, but with the interruption of pop-up advertisements. The professional version of uTorrent allows you to access magnetic links, open torrent files, delete ads, and protect your computer from online threats.

uTorrent is one of the best torrent downloaders for Mac. Because uTorrent is a small 1.13 MB application, consumers have minimal resources on their device, so they don’t have to worry about storing or downloading data.

download uTorrent (

NOTE : If you don’t want to install the desktop version of uTorrent on your Mac, you can use the web version of this torrent client right away.


The transmission is known as a reliable torrent client for MAC users. This torrent MAC client has a stylish and easy to navigate user interface that is free to use. To further improve the reliability of the torrent motor in operation, Ubuntu Transmission has made it the standard torrent customer.

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Transfer for Mac

As can be expected from the best torrent clients, the transfer can also run on low-power computers, because the use of very little RAM.

Mac users who want to download content in a matter of minutes will find Transmission very easy to use as it offers various add-ons and plug-ins for advanced users.

The Mac Torrent Transfer Client can assign a download location to the file category and sort torrents into groups for further simplification.

Download the shipment (


Originally known as azure blue. The new updated version of the torrent client works without any problems on a Mac OS system. Like uTorrent, you can search directly in the Vuze application for magnetic links and torrents. I was very impressed with the interface of this BitTorrent client. Simple, but effective.

BitTorrent Client for Mac

Vuze is a multi-dimensional platform that is a combination of a torrent client and a video player. You can watch subtitled videos in all formats, including QuickTime, AVI, and XVID on Vuze.

Vuze has an external web interface that allows easy management of torrent downloads in mobile mode. It is a reliable torrent client for macros if you want to download content into your entertainment niche.

Download Vuze (


qBittorrent is one of the top five file-sharing applications for the Mac in 2024. qTorrent is free and, like uTorrent, is an open source BitTorrent client. It was a reactive user interface for specific proposals.

This torrent manager can handle all BitTorrent extensions such as Peer Exchange, DHT, Magnet/BitComet and others.

qBittorrent client for macros.

Before you start uploading the torrent file to qBittorrent. The torrent engine displays the status, pillars, seeds, size, loading speed and ratio of each file.

qBittorrent is not only one of the best torrent clients for Mac, but it also supports Linux Windows and FreeBSD devices.

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qBittorrent has a user interface with relatively slow settings, so it may take some time to find and change a certain setting.

Download qBittorrent (

Is it legal to load torrents?

Downloading torrent files with a torrent client is not illegal. However, if you intentionally download copyrighted content that does not give you the right to do so, you may run into legal problems.

It is prohibited to download copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright holders.

Is it possible to load torrents safely?

The torrent is surrounded by skepticism, because many users who download torrent files have complained about viruses or malware on their devices. There are also several insecure torrent clients that work with adware that can damage your PC.

For more comfort, you need a premium version of the torrent client for MAC. The Folx Pro torrent application is one of the best torrent clients for MAC in 2024.

Our specialists also advise you to install an antivirus program before starting the torrent.

Take care of your privacy when loading torrents:

We strongly encourage our readers to use VPN to protect your privacy on the Internet and to avoid monitoring when downloading torrents with MAC torrent clients.

Here is a list of the best VPNs

Is downloading torrent files legal?

Yes, as long as you avoid copyright infringement, downloading torrent files is legal. You can legally download a variety of music, movies, games and television programs available to the public.


In summary, we have now learned the importance of torrent customers and the only working torrent customer for MAC in 2024.

Feel free to respond and let us know if we missed a torrent client for MacOS Catalina. We keep this list up to date to offer you only the safest options.