Best Feed The Beast Server Hosting in 2024

Last updated on the 22nd. October 2024 at 9:05.

If you like to play Minecraft, you know how annoying it is to have to deal with delays or other problems with game servers. That’s why you should buy the best feed for the Beast hosting server, because it gives you more control over how you play, who comes to you and how it performs.

We have compiled a list of trusted hosting companies that offer hosting packages for the Feed-Beast server. You can choose one of the three options described below and you are guaranteed to enjoy the game at an affordable price.

Server Host Starting price | Immediate installation | DDoS protection | Slot machines | Free trial  
Accommodation Zap 3.26 | Automatic configuration available in | Combahton | 500 | N/A. Buying wire for hosting the beast
Nodecraft 9.98 $ | Available on | Unlimited | Available on location and without a credit card. Buying wire for hosting the beast
Reception of advanced mining vehicles 4.49 $ USA | Available from | Unlimited | N/A. Buying wire for hosting the beast

What is the best accommodation?

Best FTB server hosting considered

Zap hosting

ZAP Hosting - hosting the Best Feed The Beast (FTB) server. ZAP Hosting

➕ For

  • Great prices
  • Multiple server locations
  • Game servers are available throughout the life of the game.

➖ Disadvantages

  • Waiters like those in Sao Paulo are expensive.

Starting price : 3.26 | Immediate installation : The automatic configuration is available under DDoS protection: Combahton Slots: 500 | Free trial : K.A.


Zap Hosting was founded ten years ago and has since grown into one of the most important web hosting services for TeamSpeak servers, game servers, root servers, etc. Zap Hosting does not have a specific plan, so you need to adapt it to your needs.

It also means that there is no fixed price for the hosting plans. The price starts at about $3 and increases depending on the chosen game server. You can choose between 4 slots or up to 500 slots.

You also need to select the extra memory you want, from 0 GB RAM to 16 GB RAM. The price is also influenced by the location of the server you choose. You can choose between nine servers, and the current server in Sao Paulo is the most expensive because it contributes more than 100% to your monthly price.

You can choose the company’s servers in Frankfurt or Eigelshoven as this is the most cost effective option. The servers use Combahton’s DDoS protection to protect you from serious DDoS attacks.

Zap Hosting offers more than 115 options and you can count on 100% availability. The response time is unbelievable at all server locations, except in Sao Paulo, which seems to be a bit late.

Nodal unit

Node design Node design

➕ For

  • Affordable
  • Can be cancelled at any time.
  • Immediate implementation
  • Free trial period and no credit card required

Starting price : 9.98 | Instant Installation : Available with DDoS protection:  Available under | : Unlimited | Free trial : Credit card available and not required


Nodecraft was founded in 2012 and does not hesitate to say that it is better than its competitors. One of the biggest problems players encounter when purchasing servers is that the support teams do not communicate effectively.

Fortunately, Nodecraft has a team of specialists to help you in case of problems. In addition, Nodecraft pays particular attention to the equipment and network used to ensure optimum performance for its customers.

A quick look at the specifications of their server shows that they use 3.3+GHz processors such as Intel’s Xeon E3-1230. Although these processors have fewer threads than Intel E5 series processors, they offer high performance. This ensures that users receive high-quality devices without delay.

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As mentioned above, your support team is impeccable and will normally respond within 30 minutes. All questions you ask must be answered within one hour. You can contact customer service via their chat room or use the toll-free number on their website.

Prices start at $9.98, but you can also choose a free trial to test your servers. You will enjoy the instant installation and you can easily switch between the games.

Top Hosting

Apex Minecraft Hosting - Hosting of the best Feed The Beast (FTB) server. Apex Minecraft Hosting

➕ For

  • Reliable uptime
  • FTP access
  • Free subdomain
  • Modpack’s support
  • 24/7 live customer support

➖ Disadvantages

  • Absence of multiple languages
  • Gaps in functionality such as dedicated VPS servers

Starting price : 4.49 | Instant Installation : Available with DDoS protection: Available under | : Unlimited | Free trial : K.A.


Apex hosting is another affordable option starting at $4.49 per 1GB RAM for basic servers.  Your server has unlimited disks, full DDoS protection, free dedicated IP subdomain, instant configuration, automatic backup, dedicated live chat support and much more.

All packages have these features, but you can upgrade to a more powerful package that suits your game. If you are more interested in safety, you can choose the most expensive package because it covers your safety issues.

Your biggest advantage is the 24/7 customer service available to you in case of problems with your server or your gaming experience.

Which server hosts the Best Feed for the Beast (FTB)?

It depends on what you want. For example, if you prefer a free trial before deciding on a server, Nodecraft is a good choice. If you prefer to work with a company that offers 24/7 customer support, choose Apex hosting.

Each of these servers has its own flaws, so you have to decide which one of them does not affect your performance and gaming experience.

Can you host your Feeding Beast Server (FTB)?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You can run it on your computer, which is not recommended, especially if you have no technical skills. It is best to choose a server host, as the three above described in detail.

You need the backups offered by the server hosts and their hardware can meet your storage needs. Your computer will not respond to requests and will soon overheat and fall behind. It is therefore advisable to use host servers as they offer an affordable but powerful alternative.

How much RAM does the AS server need?

Minecraft is a memory intensive game, which means that the RAM you choose will affect your gaming experience. If you choose the smallest amount of RAM, you can expect latency and performance problems.

If you choose a small vanilla server without plug-ins or mods, you can enjoy good gameplay with 512 MB to 2 GB RAM. However, if you want to play with mod packs like Feed the Beast, you need more memory. At least 4 GB, which is enough for eight good friends.

If you plan to expand your servers, you will need to update the specifications.

What is the amount of feeds on the Beast Server (FTB)?

You can obtain FTB servers from hosting companies such as the three mentioned above. The price of each server depends on the hosting company and the functionalities it offers. The price also depends on the number of slots needed, the location of the server, RAM, etc.

What to look for to get the best server flow for Beast Hosting (FTB)

Before you accept one of the above mentioned servers, you should take the following characteristics into account:

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The connection is complex and does not let ISPs believe that their connection speed and bandwidth are sufficient. Speed is affected by the location of the data center, the variety of media offerings, etc.

Location of the game server

Ideally, you would like to have the servers closer to you to bypass the boundaries of physics. For example, if you choose a server in a country far away from your country, the data will generally travel longer from the server to you. This means you have to expect a longer delay.

It is preferable to choose the server location with less delay, as this ensures faster processing time. This means fewer delays, better game performance and a better overall experience.

Speed is important in games, so priority should be given to the location of the server.

This site will also have a huge impact on safety, productivity, compliance and reliability. As you can see, if the server is located in a remote area where power and network failures occur, this means downtime for you as a client.

So you need a server location where you can be sure of 100% availability and the best connection speed.

Permitted modes

If you know the right server plan, it is easy to create a server. You can consider options such as mods, especially if you want to change the way you view the game. When you become the owner of a large community, most of those players will want to use mods.

This becomes a problem if you have a limited number of mods, so you have to take the number of allowed mods into account when making your selection.


Ideally, you should settle down immediately, because then you will be ready to start playing in a few minutes. However, make sure there is room for scaling before joining the direct installation winch.

This is because the snapshot configuration usually uses pre-configured packages that may have fixed functions. This may cause problems if you try to increase the amount of RAM or other functions.

Don’t forget that not all hosting companies that offer an immediate installation will be bypassed. Some keep their promises, but you can check if they have room for scaling up or function settings.

Multiple Actors

You need to take into account the person you are playing with, as this determines the type of server you choose. For example, if you are creating a community of several hundred players, you will need a server that has enough slots for your use.

You can choose servers with an unlimited number of slots, because they allow you to build a community the size you want.

If you are alone with a few friends, a server with a smaller slot capacity is sufficient. You can also opt for dedicated servers.

So you can enjoy impeccable gameplay, especially when playing complex games such as Minecraft.

Dedicated servers also give you more control over the games you play and the players who join you. You mainly determine the rules and whether you want to limit the game to your friends or whether you prefer a more open approach in which everyone can participate.

In addition, dedicated servers provide greater reliability for multi-user users by providing uninterrupted operation and 24/7 video surveillance to ensure uninterrupted server operation.

It also means that your gaming experience will not be affected, as the servers are configured to provide you with an exceptional gaming experience and you will not share it.

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DDoS protection

DDoS attacks have been observed in recent years and their frequency continues to increase. Hosting companies are used to constant DDoS attacks and have decided to implement DDoS protection to protect their servers.

As a player, you want to enjoy maximum uptime, and a DDoS attack will affect this. You cannot access your server and the company loses its reputation and the trust of its customers. As the situation worsens, these hosting companies need the strongest DDoS protection they can use.

You can also check that the company’s servers are geographically dispersed and are not all located in the same data center. This ensures that data centres are not connected to the same internet provider.

Calculation cycle or duration

The price of server hosting is important, but it should not be the only decisive factor. You need to take into account factors such as the billing cycle. Most of the hosting companies described above have a monthly billing cycle.


Do not underestimate the importance of customer support, regardless of your technical expertise. The hosting company you choose may be the best server provider, but what happens if you encounter a problem?

You want to have help available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of an emergency. Don’t forget to ask the host company how long it will take to respond and solve the problem. Also check your feedback, as you will surely find users who appreciate or criticize the support team.

It is just as important to have direct contact with technical support who can help you. This can be direct support, a toll-free phone number, email, forums or even their social media accounts.

Reliable support is necessary because it frees you from the technical burden and allows you to focus on the main task, namely gaming.


The best food for the beast should be a reliable hosting server, and in case of a problem, the hosting company should be easily contacted.

You expect your servers to be efficient, secure, scalable and cost-effective. This is exactly what you get when you choose the hosting services above.

Now, if you’re playing other games as well, such as Rust or Conan Exiles, you would also have a wide range of options on which server hosting provider to use. It can be tricky to pick which one to pay for though, as not all providers are reliable. In that case, make sure to do your research and read credible reviews like the ones on this site –


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