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AI vs Human Intelligence: Is all that fear worth it? Everything You Should Know!

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? What is AI?

How does AI work? How does AI work?

People have a growing and unfamiliar fear of what AI can bring. It often comes from rather imaginary Hollywood stories. Is Al going to steal my job? Are robots going to hurt people? Or will cars conquer the world? These are some of the common issues which have led to a major debate and which are even more confusing.

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What kind of fear?

A latent fear is that AI systems become more powerful than human intelligence and abilities, and that they create a new order of government in which the machine systems determine the plan and lead or force a person to make decisions, to act and to act.

The concept of singularity (i.e. a fully unified, integrated, meta-intellectual and meta-functional, cyber-connected system), which acquires the sum of all recorded human knowledge, all human information, and which has access to and control over all human technologies and thus all human instruments, tasks and capabilities, raises fears of subordination and slavery of a human being in different machine-like development scenarios.

AI against the human mind:

The properties, functions and capabilities of AI can be similar (if not identical) or different from those of the human intellect (AI). There are often differences in the type and size of data that AI and HI can process and integrate. Currently, for example, artificial intelligence has demonstrated its ability to process and analyse vast amounts and types of data to produce predictive algorithms that are relevant to decision making and reliable for results at scales and speeds that exceed those of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) versus human intelligence.

On the other hand, AI is more effective than ATI in demonstrating inductive and deductive discrimination (knowledge/recognition of object and subject; semantic inference in tone – the so-called content of the verse; and implicit meaning and evaluation). In an ideal HI-AI system interface, the different capabilities of the two subjects compensate and complement each other, delimiting or delimiting the relative capabilities and weaknesses of the other, resulting in a coherent operating system that is truly synergistic (and not just complementary).

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For the human intellect, logic is simple, while AI expresses itself well. Expression Draw the details of a building based on the image, the logical scheme and the statistical state of the building. For AI, the expression is a simple question.

From a management perspective, people can perform many tasks and process many signals. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is programmed to perform a fixed task and process a small number of signals. Artificial intelligence, however, has a longer time horizon than humans to predict.

Is AI smarter than people?

AI works with certain limitations, which are defined by algorithms that determine its behaviour. Certain types of problems fall well within the capabilities of the AI, making it relatively easy for the AI to perform certain tasks. But most things have nothing to do with it, and they don’t apply.

By feeding huge amounts of data (usually hundreds of thousands or millions of examples) AI can use this model to achieve an extraordinary effect by doing some things much better than humans.  For example, he can recognise millions of faces, not the few hundred we can recognise.  He can compose original music that sounds good. It can work in growing conditions. But most things require human involvement to make the algorithm work. AI can achieve impressive results, but within well-defined limits.

But despite the abundance of human capacity in many narrow fields of application, there is no common intelligence about the world that we possess.

Why are men afraid?

Fear comes from the media, science fiction books, movies and some important voices like Elon Mask, Stephen Hawking, expressing concern about AI. So people are afraid that AI will become conscious and overthrow humanity. Fear comes from misconceptions about what AI is.

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It’s like finding out the alien race is on its way here.  We don’t know when they get here, what they look like or if they’re friendly.  But we think they’ve exceeded our capabilities in many ways.  The AI is on its way to becoming this alien race.

Is it worth being afraid?

All fear lies in General Artificial Intelligence (GAI), i.e. the artificial intelligence that can possibly work with a petaflop watch. If we add quantum computing, the possibilities of AI become unimaginable. Capable of a global understanding of the real world that man possesses.  Many studies show that if we had AGI, it would be difficult to prevent it from becoming an artificial super-intellect (ASI) if it is much smarter than Einstein.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is at an unknown distance in the future. To be honest, I can’t predict that this will happen any time soon, so until then AI will limit itself to a data based model of the environment. There has been absolutely no progress in the AI study that has regained consciousness. And the fear isn’t worth it.


AI’s great, but it doesn’t replace human intelligence. No matter how good AI is, it still can’t add the depth of emotion and talent that leads to real creativity. Although AI is an excellent tool for building the human capacity to act. Although MS will undoubtedly make progress in jumping over the next five to ten years, the skills and qualities that are unique to humans will continue to be in demand.


1# Professor James Giordano, PhD, Director of Biotechnology, Biosafety and Ethics at Cyber-SMART Center, Georgetown University, Washington DC.

2# Peter Scott is a futurist who writes, speaks and learns about the influence of exponential technologies. He gave a presentation on how to protect against AI and informed the committee in the British Parliament. His AI podcast and you develop these topics in exciting dialogues with expert guests.

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3# Mikhail Yurushkin P.H.D. on applied mathematics and computer science. Expert n In-depth learning, in particular its application in computer vision, NLP, reinforcement learning. Lecturer at SFEDU and founder and technical director of broutonlab.com.

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