Best Snowmobile Loading Ramps in 2024: Tried & Tested

You’re lucky to live nearby

Otherwise you need a driveway to load a
snowmobile into your truck.

But the question is this,

What are the best loading platforms for pick-up snowmobiles?

Well, let’s see.

My personal recommendation

Snowmobile ramps are used to bring the car into the truck for transport. The best I can recommend is a snowmobile with three layers of ice.

When purchasing a snowmobile slope, there are a number of important characteristics that must be taken into account. Maximum load capacity, construction and materials used and their compactness.

The Black Ice triple-folding snowmobile has a maximum carrying capacity of 1500 pounds. It is also made of lightweight and highly resistant aluminium, which is perfect for transporting and carrying a snowmobile. Finally, it can be folded up to a width of 17-1/2 inch for easy transport and storage.

The system consists of two outer slopes for low strength slopes, equipped with extra wide polyethylene ski rails, and a central slope with open bars for excellent grip on the toboggan run.

This ramp also offers you different options depending on your needs. The Black Ice Snowmobile Triple Ramp is available with or without mid-height control and provides extra traction when loading on the street, on ice or in high trucks.

I urge you to look at the reports on the triple slope for snowmobiles made of black ice and see what other snowmobiles say about it.

Comparison of snowmobiles

  A three-speed snowmobile for black ice CalibrePro Universal snow clearance range Rev Arc Bosski triple fold ski lift for snowmobiles
Weight capacity 1,500 pounds 1,500 pounds 1,500 pounds
Hardware Lightweight and highly resistant aluminium Lightweight, high strength aluminium with vertical bar for extra support Lightweight and highly resistant aluminium
Dimensions 7′ 10 D x 54 W 7′ 6 D x 52 B 7-1/2 D x 49 B
Security Rubber coated attachment points and two cam straps with a buckle. Self-locking ramp strip and rubberized fingers Edge for panel mounting
Foldable dimensions 17-1/2 Width 26 wide 22 wide-ranging
Our result 96/100 95/100 93/100
Prices See the Amazon See the Amazon See the Amazon
  Discount cheque Discount cheque Discount cheque

Better frames for snowmobiles
for trucks

The best loading platforms for snowmobiles

Pro Universal Snowmobile Platform

The meter is 90 inches long and can be bent up to about 27 inches. When unfolded, it is about 52 inches long, which is ideal for storing a snowmobile.

It has a payload of about 1500 pounds and can easily carry the weight of a snowmobile, even though it is quite heavy.

However, a payload of 1500 pounds is a ramp, not a tailgate. It is therefore advisable not to load the tailgates with a heavy snowmobile.

This snowmobile slope weighs only about 52 pounds
. It is light in nature and can be worn by you to land on the
without extra help from another person.

The ramp is built on an aluminium base, which gives it a low weight. It is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions in snowy areas and to corrosion.

It is equipped with a lock that keeps the different parts of the boom firmly and securely in place. They are also equipped with slide bearings to prevent the tungsten carbide runners from crumbling when loading and unloading the sleds.

These gliders also give
a handhold when taking off and descending and thus prevent slipping.

It also comes with a retractable strap that can be used to attach the ramp to the truck. The different parts are detachable, but you need to assemble them correctly to achieve the desired performance.

The legs of the ramp are also equipped with slightly inclined handles to allow perfect positioning of the ramp to facilitate loading and unloading of the sled.

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This way you can load and unload the
with the highest quality wind from your snowmobile.

There is no doubt that this is one of the best truck ramps this year.

Black and ice loading platform for snowmobiles

The Black Ice snowmobile is the ideal solution for one person to load and unload a snowmobile in and out of the truck body.

It is about 94 inches long and can be folded to a compact size, i.e. it can be folded three times, thanks to the triple folding function. So you can easily store it in your garage when you’re not using it, without it taking up a lot of space.

Black ice snowmobile driveway for pickups.

The Black Ice slope is made of aluminium, which is non-aggressive and also withstands extreme cold. These foldable ramps are lightweight and easy to move, install or store.

It comes with two cam straps that help secure the driveway to the van.

The foldable ramp comes with six
rubber fingers that hold the ramp on the rear wheel of your truck. These
rubber tines have the ideal distance between the fingers to prevent the boom from getting stuck between the
rail and the rear door.

The extra 12-inch ski runs prevent the
carbide from destroying the aluminium ramp.

These sleds are made of polyurethane, which conducts your sled in such a way that it slides with low resistance directly onto the truck body. The maximum power is about 1500 pounds. It also has a central section to give you an optimal grip on the rails.

Tailgate for swing sledge Moto Sky

Moto heaven’s new and improved Revarc cantilever loading flap is a foldable flap that provides excellent traction control when loading snowmobiles. Heavy ratchet tires keep it strong and vertical and help the driveway withstand the weight of snowmobiles.

Moto Heaven has made efforts to improve the quality of the ski slopes so that snowmobiles can be unloaded more easily. When unloading a snowmobile, the tiller must remain under the slope so that the process runs smoothly. When the snowmobile is loaded onto the truck body, the tiller is extended.

Pandus Revark works with snowmobiles with ski areas between 32 and 47 inches. The skid lifter, which is integrated in the tailgates, helps take the load off the track from the tailgate and also takes the load from the rear door and the lines upwards to unload the snowmobile. Ski lifts also prevent snowmobiles from sliding off the ramp.

The curve of the ramp reduces the speed required when loading the snowmobile. This one-piece aluminium railing is easy to install and remove and takes up little storage space, up to 22 mm wide x 10 mm high x 90 mm long. The aluminium used to build the ramp is exceptionally light, strong and durable.

It weighs about 44 pounds with a payload of about 1500 pounds and is the easiest and safest way to load and unload a snowmobile.

The advantages of

  • Strong and light.
  • Cantilever
  • monoblock aluminium construction
  • Compactness and durability
  • Easy portability


  • Loose hinges
  • You can’t hold a big sled…

RevSled three-layer snowmobile slopeRevA9 Rev Arc Bosski

Arc Bosski’s RevSled snowmobile slope is specially designed for snowmobile loading, ideal for pick-up truck and trail owners. These snowmobile ramps are larger to ensure stability and traction control during loading and unloading in all conditions. The raised rails on this model prevent the skis from sliding off the ramp.

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The design of the three-layer boom allows easy storage of data without taking up a lot of space as it can be folded up to 21 widths. The loading ramp weighs approximately 44 lbs and can load a snowmobile with a capacity of up to 1,500 lbs, which is ideal for larger, heavier snowmobile models. The maximum usable height of the truck ramp is 42 inches and the minimum height is 12 inches.

This truck body slope is equipped with three ratchet tyres that keep it straight and stable when loading and unloading a snowmobile to prevent accidents. The Rev Arc Bosski snowmobile slope for trucks offers its customers a lifetime warranty.

The advantages of

  • 1,500 pounds
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Triple design
  • Integrated traction control
  • Hoisting the ski guides


  • Free welding
  • Pretty fragile.

EricksonCombined loading ramp

Erickson introduced a long aluminum suit with a triple ramp design of about 84 by 54 inches, weighing about 68 pounds. The construction is light and strong enough to carry about 1500 pounds on a truck.

They are extremely versatile and offer great comfort and a sleeping surface for snowmobiles to transport a sled on a lost truck. The boom connection plates are very robust and extend to the end of the boom to ensure a stable connection.

The surface of the walker consists of raised notches with an anti-slip handle that prevents the ramp from moving when loading or unloading the sled. The three-layer construction and carrying handle allow easy folding and provide space-saving storage and convenient transport.

The checkered fingers on the boom ensure a good grip on the boom during assembly and prevent scratches on the boom and skids. The wear-resistant sides of this boom allow the operator to use it in all weather conditions and all seasons.

The advantages of

  • Aluminium buildings
  • Light and strong
  • Raised neckline
  • Triple design and carrying handle
  • ragged fingers


  • Pretty fragile.
  • The inlays aren’t long enough.

How do you choose a snowmobile slope for a truck?

snowmobile ramps are designed and constructed differently from other ramps available on the market. The slopes built for snowmobiles are based on snowmobiles.

They are designed to support a
snowmobile with a weight of at least 1500 pounds. There are many other factors to consider before buying a snowmobile slope.

Choice of ramp for snowmobiles for trucks

Some of the different factors are discussed in the sections below.

Boom dimensions

This is an important time to consider before buying a
ramp. The ramps are mainly designed to drill the
snowmobile into the body of the truck to facilitate transport.

If your snowmobile does not fit on a
truck platform, you may have donated your
sled to someone who was on the road before you arrived at your destination.

Dimensions loading platform for snowmobiles

You can even fall back on your
by moving the sledge from the rails to the driveway, because the
is the wrong size. It is therefore always advisable to calculate the length and width of a
snowmobile patiently before buying a

It is important that the length and width of the ramp on the truck body always match the length and width of the snowmobile. However, it is important to leave a little more space so that the sledge can be kept safely on the driveway without it being easy to get off.

However, for safe and protected transport you must also purchase a snowmobile deck with a snowmobile ramp.

The bottom line is that before you buy a launch pad for your trailer, you should check the size of your snowmobile and buy it accordingly.


As mentioned earlier, truck ramps are built for snowmobiles and are designed to work with the weight and structure of the snowmobile. Most of them can handle a snowmobile of at least 1500 pounds.

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However, there are slopes for heavy snowmobiles on the market. On the contrary, these slopes have a higher capacity than the conventional ones. The loading capacity of the driveway is therefore entirely dependent on your own snowmobile.

Platform equipment

Snowmobile ramps are designed to safely support the enormous weight of the truck body. They are loaded into the truck body and transported on it. They must be light so as not to increase the weight of the trailer or make its movement unstable.

They are therefore made of aluminium, which is very light and can be easily attached to the truck body. They can be easily loaded and unloaded on or off the truck body, depending on requirements.

The aluminium used for the slopes is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions in regions with a cold climate. They are even resistant to corrosion because they are constantly wet. The material used is incredibly durable, allowing it to carry the enormous weight of a sled or snowmobile without bending or being damaged.


Today, with the development of the design and structure of snowmobile ramps, there are many new and innovative features. These features make it more effective and interesting to buy.

The middle runners of the slopes must be type
, strong enough to give traction to your sled. This would help him get out of the truck body when loading and unloading the skids on

There are several slopes with ski guides on the market. These ski guides are mounted on slopes so that a sled or ski can lead directly to the slope. They are made of low strength PU.

Some slopes are also available with extensions. With these extensions you can easily load or unload your sled or skis. If you need to load a snowmobile from a slippery floor onto the bed of a truck, extensions can be useful. Extensions can also be useful if you have a higher track and need to reduce the angle to achieve a safe loading angle.

Remember one thing: You buy a driveway because it allows you to load your snowmobile into the truck. If the design is not compatible with your requirements, the situation becomes even more complicated.


This function in the ramp can be useful for storage when you don’t need it for work. There are various types of ramps on the market, including triple, foldable or collapsible ramps.

Of these, triple gradients are most suitable because of their flexibility, which facilitates storage and transport.

Disaster for snowmobiles

The three-storey ramps can be folded to compact dimensions and can easily be stored in your garage. This saves a lot of space. Three-layer sleds are also available with different straps to securely attach and carry them to the driveway.

The use of a boom is always recommended, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s safe for you, your sled, the driveway and the truck bed.

The best snowmobile slopes are foldable. It must therefore be ensured that the mounting plate of the truck/trailer has this function.

Final word

Snowmobile ramps are an essential part of your snowmobile equipment if you want to transport your sled safely. Transporting sleds independently of the truck body can be dangerous, which is why the use of a snowmobile ramp is suggested as an absolute necessity.

With this article you now have enough
knowledge to buy one.

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