[Ultimate Guide] Install macOS Big Sur on VMware on Windows PC

In this article I will show you how to install [the latest instructions] macOS Big Sur on VMware on your Windows PC. Unlike every time Apple has kept the WWDC online. Did we talk about what WWDC is in this article? How do you follow WWDC 2024? What did Apple bring to market in 2024? What wasn’t Apple doing at WWDC?  Why Apple changed the WWDC format and everything you may not have known before. We’ve answered all these questions and mentioned a lot of useful information about WWDC 2024, Big Sur macOS, iOS 14, and everything Apple has covered in WWDC.

What happened at WWDC.

WWDC is an annual event organized by Apple, also known as the Apple World Developer Conference. The WWDC is an incredibly important event for Apple, Apple’s developers and its users. At WWDC, Apple’s developers bring some of the greatest innovations to life. Some innovations are even better than our imagination.

Every year Apple hosts the WWDC and, more importantly, Apple presents all the work done in a year. The first WCCM was held in 1987 in Santa Clara and is still ongoing. Although the time and place of WWDC has changed over the years, the quality of products and software has improved. This year, Apple launched the WWDC on Monday, June 22, 2024 and completed its work on Friday, June 26. June 2024, from. The event was broadcast live from Apple Park and can be followed online.

This year Apple changed the format of the WWDC, and this year it was a live show. Many people have followed the WWDC live, but there are still people who want to see the WWDC for the first or second time. The Apple WWDC 2024 can be viewed and read at any time. And a few hours later, more than 1.8 million people followed the WWDC 2024 conference live. Through Apple.com, Apple Developer, the Apple Developers website and Apple TV you can watch and play on Apple TV. You can also follow WWDC on the world’s largest and easiest platform, YouTube. By following these instructions we will install macOS Big Sur on VMware on a Windows computer.

What did Apple bring to market in 2024?

Apple has released many new software changes and updates for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and iPadOS. At this year’s WWDC event, however, neither the processors nor the hardware were presented. We all hope Apple brings new hardware updates and changes, including iOS 14, Widgets, iPadOS, WatchOS, TvOS, MacOS and more.

What wasn’t presented by Apple at WWDC 2024?

An important point that we noticed among Apple fans is that Apple had no hardware this year. Instead, Apple has released many new software and operating system updates.

Some fans were a little upset because Apple didn’t say anything about this year’s new hardware products. And many users have many questions, for example, where was the AirPod studio? Is the iMac update coming? What about AirTags? Apple didn’t mention any of these gadgets to WWDC this year. And fans are still waiting for an acceptable reason from Apple. This year, Apple made significant changes to iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, TVOS and MacOS, which we explained. Don’t be confused, the purpose of this article is to learn how to install MacOS Big Sur on VMware on a Windows computer.

The Apple watch not only helps us stay in touch and active, it’s also become a smart guardian of our health. The App Store was launched with WatchOS 6 and now has more than 20,000 applications that help us in our daily lives. And in WatchOS 6 it’s even better. WatchOS users can now create their own faces according to their needs. This allows a mother to design the dial of the herOS watch according to the needs and work schedule of her child. On the other hand, an athlete can also design his or her WatchOS dial according to his or her work schedule. Users can also share the dials they have made with other people or their friends. And you can discover the faces you’re looking at with third-party applications in the App Store.

Apple cards in WatchOS are one of the most popular applications. WatchOS 6 did not have the bicycle function in Maps. So this year, WatchOS users can also use the maps on their cycles. The training application in WatchOS is one of the most widely used applications in Apple watches, and new types of training are added every year. This year, the type of training that Apple has added is amazing. It’s a dance. According to Apple, dance is a whole-body workout that’s good for the heart and makes you more prepared and flexible. You can have fun, too. And we all agree. But no matter how much it helps us, we won’t know until we try to monitor OS 7. And to see all the summaries of your iOS forms, the activity has been moved to fitness. WatchOS helps you for your health and with features like bicycle tracking, application breathing and audible alerts we have helped, but with WatchOS 7 we have even more of these applications. For example, Dream Tracking, Wind Down function, automatic detection that gives you a countdown timer while you wash your hands, and automatic detection of water sounds are just some of the great features of WatchOS 7 this year.

For many people, Apple TV is the best way to have fun with family and friends or to watch their favorite movies or shows. With 4k, HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atoms users can enjoy theatre in their home. You sing and watch every song, play all the games you want. The games were even more amazing with TVOS, and now you can pick up where you left off. Apple has also added Xbox Elitw2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller to its list of supported controllers, and Apple now supports them. TVOS helps you stay active at home with a wide range of fitness applications. The picture-in-picture function is now also available on TVOS and you can enjoy 2 things at the same time. And now the whole family can watch their beautiful videos on iPhone in full 4K resolution on tvOS. Apple has a new project called The Foundations, and you can watch it on tvOS. With Apple TV, your home has never been more entertaining. With the right lighting, facial recognition for the cameras and a lot of interesting features, Apple tv(tvOS) will be beautiful.

macOS Big Sur News and Features

The WWDC 2024 took place on Monday 22 June, and one of the biggest announcements made there was that of macOS Big Sur. MacOS Big Sur is one of the great updates for Apple. It was presented and given a completely new format at the WWDC 2024 conference. People appreciate WWDC’s new macro and new method. We have a full article that explains everything about WWDC 2024, why the format has changed and how they got through WWDC this year. At the WWDC 2024 conference, Apple presented many important software changes for iOS, MacOS and other applications, but also discussed hardware updates that will soon be available.

We’re waiting for new hardware updates from Apple, but let’s talk about MacOS Big Sur or MacOS 2024. First of all, we need to know the name Macos 2024. This year the name of the new macro was chosen after the coastal area of Big Sur, on the central coast of California. Big is a beautiful, rugged piece of central California between Carmel and San Simeon. And Big Sur de Maco is as beautiful as Big Sur, California.

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Big Sur offers new and wonderful possibilities. And among Big Sur’s biggest updates are new control centers, alarms, safaris, news, maps and many other major changes. Apple has updated its menu bar and now has more space with more photo and video editing tools. The new menu bar has also improved the cluster configuration, and you can now edit your images as a Pro. With all these features, we are now looking at installing MacOS Big Sur on VMware on a Windows computer.

Mac with MacOS Big Sursupport

Because Apple limits the number and models of supported Macs that can be installed on MacOS Big Sur. This time Apple has taken the same step and published a compatibility list that includes only supported Macs, meaning those who are not on the list are definitely unlucky enough to have a Big Sur MacOS.

  • 2015 or later MacBook
  • 2013 and beyond MacBook Air
  • End of 2013 or later MacBook Pro
  • iMac 2014 and beyond
  • 2017 or later iMac Pro
  • 2014 and beyond Mac mini
  • 2013 and beyond Mac Pro

Therefore, the following models, which can work with MacOS Catalina, cannot be upgraded to MacOS Big Sur :

  • 2012 and early 2013 MacBook Pro
  • 2012 MacBook Air
  • iMac 2012 and 2013
  • 2012 Mac mini

Don’t worry, we won’t. This means that this list and policy applies only to those who install on a Mac and not on a PC, and since we install on VMware or even VirtualBox, it does not apply, and you can install MacOS Big Sur on VMware on any Windows PC, regardless of the PC you have or the version of Windows you have, as long as you follow the steps correctly.

How do I install MacOS Big Sur on VMware on a WindowsPC?

All right! So there’s MacOS Big Sur, even if it hasn’t been fully released yet, it’s safe enough to install and try. Who doesn’t want to get their hands on it? So I’m sure everyone will have the answer. To install it, it’s normal to find or get a Mac somewhere, then download Big Sur and start customizing it, which is not as easy as installing the full version of another MacOS.

From this point of view everything looks beautiful, like a rainbow and sunlight, but in reality it is not. Especially with a Mac, everything is fine, but it is not very typical and controversial to install MacOS Big Sur or previous versions under Windows. In short, even if Apple has decided to leave Intel, this never means that installing hackintosh or MacOS on Windows will die. That’s not gonna happen. In fact, the installation of versions other than the old one may require a few more steps, or it may not be possible at all, which has not yet been confirmed. So let’s start by installing Big Sur macOS on VMware on a Windows computer.

Step 1 – Create or download MacOS Big Sur ISO

Whatever version of MacOS you want to install, even if it’s not MacOS, you’ll need an installation file first. It’s the same thing. You now need MacOS Big Sur ISO to install MacOS Big Sur. Before it is fully released, you can download it from the Apple Development Program. But unfortunately this is not the format of the installation file we want to install. However, the file you get from Apple’s website is the MacOS Developer’s Beta Access Utility.

Open it and install it, which the MacOS Big Sur will download, but it won’t be an ISO file when it’s finished. It will be a .DMG file that can only be used on a Mac. Since we install Big Sur on Windows, it will be useless, so we will have to convert it in this case.

For independent creation and downloading, on the other hand, it’s a bit. So it’s pretty simple and straightforward. The reason is quite simple, because we’ve already done most of the work and it requires no extra work, so just download it and it’s ready to use.

macOS Big Sur Beta 11.0 Developer Beta 2 (20A4300b) 7. July 2024.

Apple wants to make it easy for users to download and install Big Sur. But it wasn’t easy and Apple failed. That’s why more and more users are now trying to get MacOS from the App Store. Don’t worry, we’ve done a better job for you than Apple, not only listening, but giving you the valuable content you deserve. Here is the latest version of Big Sur ISO macOS.

Step 2 – Installing VMware Workstation Player on Windows

Installing Big Sur takes more than a few clicks. For this procedure we need a number of things, first of all VMware Workstation or Player. Unlike the previous one, this time we will download, install and use VMware Player, which is completely free and easy to use. It is not only as important as free, but it has almost the same features and things, except for a few small changes and things that do not affect the use or performance or anything else on the machine. Now think about how to install MacOS Big Sur on VMware on your Windows computer.

With this in mind, our next step is to download and install VMware Workstation or Player. Pick one, because there’s not much difference between them, and you get what’s important.

Once you have it in your hands, you can now start the installation file.

VMware installation wizard

Once the installation is complete, you can start as easily as it sounds.

VMware installation wizard

When everything is ready, open the document and press Done.

Complete the installation

VMware is now installed and there is more to do than just installing macOS Big Sur on VMware on your Windows PC.

Step 3– Installing and starting the release for VMware

Like its name, an unlocker is something that unlocks something, and in this case what we called for VMware is a kind of unlocker that specifically unlocks VMware and allows us to install any version of MacOS on VMware. In other words, it allowed us to install MacOS Big Sur on VMware on a Windows computer, which gave us these and other options and features. This is only possible with this special release, which removes the limitation of what we can do on VMware.

Although we have done this before and in depth, we will make a link for those who don’t know or have never done it before. If you’re wondering why we don’t do it, it’s because it takes a little longer and it will make this article quite long, even if some time has passed. So here’s how to download and install the MacOS Unlocker Do it!

In short, open it after downloading, right-click win-install.cmd and start it as administrator.

Pay attention: Before you do this, make sure you shut down VMware or experience a malfunction.

Install and run Unlock for VMware

You can then proceed to the next step of installing Big Sur macOS on VMware on a Windows computer.

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Step four – Creating a brand new virtual machine

At this point, when you have completed the unlocking installation, you are halfway there. We will start with this article and then proceed to the creation, configuration and installation of the virtual machine. Now we will first create a virtual machine in which we will specify most of the parameters and things, and then we are done with it. There’s no way this is taking us to the next step. So let’s start by installing MacOS Big Sur on VMware on a Windows PC.

Start VMware Player and click Create New Virtual Machine.

Create a new virtual machine

In this window, select the option I will install the operating system later and click Next.

I’ll install the operating system later.

At this point, select Apple Mac OS X, choose 10.16 from the drop-down menu and click Next.

Apple Mac OS X

The next window should be there now, so choose a name like macOS Big Sur and choose a fixed place where it is trusted and safe. Note that you’ll have to adjust it later. So keep him somewhere familiar.

Titles machine

We now recommend assigning 100 GB or more, not less, to your hard drive. Select the option Save Virtual Disk as File below. It will be easier to store and understand. Press the Next button at the end.

Hard Disk Drive

And that’s where it ends, there’s no reason to change anything, just end it. If you want to change something, click Configure or go back.

Get out of here.

Step 5 – Setting virtual machine parameters

Let’s go to the next point, and one of the simplest but most important parts is the configuration of the virtual machine parameters. Once you have completed the steps that should be successful, it is time to adjust the machine settings. Without this step, which may not seem as important as it should be, you’ll definitely be out of installation, so let’s get to work. This will happen after we have installed macOS Big Sur on VMware on a Windows PC.

After creating the device, click Change virtual machine settings.

Changing the settings of the virtual machine

Then, in the first Memory tab, increase the amount of memory to 50% of your computer’s maximum memory. At most, you should increase the amount of memory to the maximum of what you have in your computer. It must be at least 4 GB or more.

Increase memory

The same must be done with transformers. If there are 8 cores on your computer, assign at least 4, which would be 50%. If there are others on your computer, be sure to assign them, as this makes the process smoother and more reliable.

Improved processor performance

Then go to the CD/DVD tab, click the Browse button and select macOS Big Sur ISO.

Choose Big MacOS on ISO

Then go to the next tab – USB Controller, select USB 3.0 and click OK. Sound and playback can be turned on by default.

Sixth Step– Modifying the VMXBig Sur File

It’s great you thought of that. They’re just a needle in the system.

As we said in the previous step, we are going to modify and edit the Big Sur VMX (Virtual Machine Configuration File) file at this point. To do this, search for the machine files you specified for storage. If you have not selected a location, it is saved in Document > Virtual Machine by default.

When you get there, right-click macOS Big Sur beta.vmx, which ends in .vmx, and open the file with Notepad. If Notepad is not present, just click Find another application on this PC and find Notepad from the C:/ drive. You can also open it with Sublime text, Notepad+ or another word processor.

Then scroll to the end of the page and add the orders. It had to look like this.

Enter the commands.

When you’re done, close it and click Save.


Step 7 – Installing Big Sur MacOS on VMware on Windows.

Congratulations on your graduation. The configuration process is complete and we are now ready to install Big Sur MacOS on VMware. So there’s no need to take any more steps, and all you have to do now is boot up and install the computer like on a real Mac. It’s pretty simple and fun. So let’s see how to install Big Sur macOS on VMware on a Windows computer.

Open VMware Workstation Player and click on Play Virtual Machine. Just click on it and wait for it to load. It will take some time to get started.

Play the virtual machine

Once the screen is displayed, select your language and press Next.

Select English

Now select Disk Utility and click on Next.

Go to Disk Utility

In this window, click on the Delete button in the upper right corner.

Removing the VMware Hard Disk Drive

When the window appears, give it a name and press the Delete button.

windscreen wipe

Click on Finish at the end and close both windows.

Close the dialog box

It’s time to install MacOS Big Sur under VMware immediately on your Windows PC. Just select Install MacOS and click Next.

Install MacOS

Click on the Next button in this window.

Continue with MacOS

Accept the terms and conditions by clicking the I Accept button and then click the I Accept button again. When the pop-up window appears, click the Accept button again.

General terms and conditions

Finally, click on Install on this screen.

Install MacOS

So the installation will work and take a lot of time if you don’t have as many resources allocated. If that’s the case, it has to be done quickly.

Definition of macros

The eighth step is to configure the Big Sur macOS settings on VMware.

Finally, the settings are simple enough to customize your Mac, create an account, select the settings you want, and that’s it. Once this step is complete, you will be in the main window of MacOS Big Sur, or what we can use as a desktop in Windows. It’s as simple as that. Now that MacOS Big Sur is half installed on VMware and we need a little more configuration, this is the way to do it.

After installation, it will restart after a certain time. As soon as he has done so and completed the installation section, you are on this screen.

Select your country and click Next.


In this window, select the written and spoken language you think is appropriate and then click Next.

Written and spoken language

Just as Windows has and is included in the Easy Access Availability section, Big Sur has its own availability and features, and because we don’t need them, we click Not Now. But if you need it, you can easily install it yourself.


Simply accept your details and privacy by clicking the Next button.

You don’t have to transfer anything from Windows. Because we don’t need to use it as a real operating system or computer, so just click Don’t do it now.

You can log in here or later with your Apple ID on your Mac, whichever you choose, so we can move on.

Registration with Apple ID

To complete the installation, you accept the terms and conditions, so click the I accept button and then click I accept again.

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General terms and conditions

So now you have to create an account. Enter your name and account name, then a strong password and re-enter it, then click Next.

Create a user account

Click on Next in this window.

Quick installation

You don’t have to make any changes, just click Next.


For now you can set a new screen time, but we prefer to do this later, which is also possible, so don’t click on Now.

Show time

Go on Siri, she can help you if you need her.

Apple wants to improve Siri by recording and sending recordings to Apple, so Apple can make Siri smarter and also improve its directions, maybe accents and things like that, so choose now and move on.


When you reach this point, select the desired view and click Next.

Choose your opinion

And boom! The installation is complete, have it set up according to your wishes and preferences, and will be ready soon.

Mac configuration

And yes, sir! We did it, you did it! The latest version of Big Sur macros, which is the latest version of all macros, is right in front of you. It’s the cleanest, most modern, most attractive and unique operating system you’ve ever seen. That’s why he has so many fans, so give it a try and see what you think.

Install macOS Big Sur on VMware on your Windows PC.

The last step is to install VMware tools on MacOS Big Sur.

Congratulations again and we are very happy for you. For those who have already installed and used macros, it is often the case that you cannot change the screen resolution. For example, if you enlarge it, it will not really respond and will remain in the same screen format as the installation. To get full screen resolution, we need to install VMware tools. Don’t worry, we’ll get you not only the file, but also the steps to install it very easily and without a headache. Don’t worry, it’s all part of installing Big Sur macOS on VMware on your Windows PC.

So, before I start, I try to tell you as soon as possible what VMware Tools is, what it does and how it improves the machine.

What are VMware tools?

VMware Tools is a set or we can also call it a collection of tools that are grouped or combined into one tool, called VMware Tools, that does different things and increases the overall speed and performance of the machine. Even if you use an operating system like Windows, we absolutely have to install drivers, and at some point there may not even be an Ethernet driver, so we have to install it to use it, and sometimes it is impossible to use it without drivers.

But that’s not true here, because we can use it, but it would certainly be much better. With VMware it’s like this. That’s why we install the VMware tools that come with VMware itself here, without you having to download them. But sometimes it’s not, so you have to download it, but it’s not a big problem and it’s not an installation.

VMware Tools offers a number of features, elements and enhancements, including screen resolution, sound, networking, graphics, speed, drag and drop, and more, including, but not limited to. From there we continue with the installation of VMware tools on MacOS Big Sur.

First, without doing anything, press the Apple logo at the top and then press the Shut Down button. Then turn it off again when a pop-up window appears on the screen.

Finish your work.

Connecting VMware Tools MacOS Big Sur software to the VMvirtual machine .

Now open the cab settings.

Changing the settings of the virtual machine

On the CD/DVD tab, click the Browse button and select Big Sur’s VMware Tools. Make sure you have checked the connection and the port when the device is turned on.

VMware tools

Click OK when you’re done.

VMware installation tools

Now, without doing anything, first turn on the machine, and when it is completely ready, click Player > Manage, and then install VMware Tools.

Open VM tools

Open the window shown.

Installing VMware tools

Then click on Next in the wizard.

Click Next.

Then click on Install.

Click on Install

Enter your username and password and click Install Software.

Enabling VMware tools via security settings

When this window appears, click Open Security Preferences.


As soon as it opens, unlock the window from below and log into your account.

Unlocking the window

Then click on the Allow button that is displayed in front of it.

Authorization for .

So, check VMware, Inc. and click OK. At the same time you may get a pop-up window with an error, but don’t click on it or don’t click the button, just follow what I’m doing here.

Authorization for .

If you are prompted to restart, just click Don’t now, and close the settings window.

Close the security window Privacy

Finally, click on the Restart button in the VMware Tools Wizard and you’re done.


If the error returns this way after a restart, you can reinstall the VMware tools by following the steps above to make them work properly.

Reinstalling VMware tools

Once the device is ready, you will notice a very smooth and responsive screen. Once logged in, click on the full-screen icon and it should allow you to switch to full-screen mode without any problem.

Full screen

And here we have the most beautiful and beautiful operating system with wallpaper. To check the size of the screen, go to the Apple icon in the top left corner and select System Details. It then appears, and then clicks on the ads.

At the same time, the whole installation comes to an end and nothing can be done about it. But it’s always possible to do more and improve things, like installing MacOS Big Sur on VirtualBox, changing the background image, and more.

Big Sur macOS on VMware Full Resolution


We hope this has been useful and has not disturbed you, and no matter what happens, we always do our best not only to give the best tutorial, but also to cover all aspects, including any problems, files or anything else you would like us to do. We would like to know how it went for you and if you have any problems you can easily contact us with your comments. If you have something to add or do, we’ll probably see if you’ll let us know. You can do this via the comment or contact form.

However, we are already familiar with some of the issues you have raised. We are working on it and will publish the decision soon.

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