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The 509 Series skyscraper is one of
‘s bestsellers and offers you the most amazing and advanced features you will fall in love with with
. It differs in all respects, especially with regard to the four basic principles of the
helmet: Performance, style, shape and safety.

The helmet’s extravagant design provides a perfect fit for the
, and its shiny contours are almost superior to any other
on the market. It is also equipped with the revolutionary
ventilation technology, which provides all-day comfort for the aggressive driver.

The 509 headset is equipped with several features to ensure the best possible experience.

  509 Premium Headset
Hardware Lightweight polycarbonate casing
Configuration levels Three configurations
Includes Double scratch protection plate
Design Retractable internal blinds
Weight 2 books
Size XS to XXXXL
Colours 14 different colors
Locks Fidlock magnetic lock
Shooters DOT approved
Prices See the current price.

509 Overview of high altitude helmets

I have often admitted that 509 helmets are best for a snowmobile. You can choose between a helmet for an altitude of 509 metres, a tactical helmet or a Delta-R3 helmet, because it’s all great for snowmobiles.

Since we are only talking about the amount of 509, we would like to give you a short overview.

This video doesn’t contain a lot of information about this headset, but it’s fun, so I’ll share it with you.

There are 8 oversized air inlet/outlet openings to ensure maximum ventilation.

If you look at the
design of this headset, you will love it. The looks are the first thing you notice about the
, and with this headset you can’t ignore the attractive

The outer jacket is made of a layered thermoplastic alloy, which makes it resistant to any type of impact.

Another important point is optimal peripheral vision. Actually, it’s more important than the look of our helmet. The 509 helmets, whether they are height helmets, tactical helmets or Delta R3s, all have optimal peripheral visibility.

The top of the series 509 helmets is DOT and ECE 2205 certified, so you can be sure of its safety.

The advantage of the 509 helmets is that they are all compatible with your glasses. For example, the 509 helmet is compatible with the 509 Sinister X5, 509 Kingpin and other popular snowmobile goggles. These glasses fit perfectly on your helmet without making you feel uncomfortable.

I suggest you take a good look at the 509 helmet, check its price and see what other snowmobiles say about it before you make a final decision.

Helmet 509 HeightShort video review

If you want to know the current price of this helmet, you can take a look below.

Let’s break the ice

509 Snowmobile helmet

The 509 headset is equipped with a Fidlock
magnetic closure for easy one-handed operation. The
also has a number of features that can be customized, such as a removable cold weather breathing space
. The 509-high helmet has many such features, some of which are listed below.


The top-of-the-range 509 headset is equipped with
ventilation plugs, which are naturally removed for the individual
ventilation service. It comes with a standard universal camera mount, so
can mount any type of camera to capture your adventures.
also offers the new Pro Linear series and cheek guards for extra safety and

Ventilation at helmet height 509

This high-end helmet also includes a standard
cold weather breathing apparatus and is equipped with advanced air ducts and eight
vents for entry and exit. The helmet is available in eleven different sizes
with four different outer shell shapes to ensure an excellent fit on the
head. You can put the helmet on 509 to protect your eyes from the cold wind.

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The high-end 509 helmet features an innovative neckband that provides neck comfort and support when snowmobiling. It comes with a high quality lining, easy to remove and wash for later use. The helmet has a chin insert that has been specially treated with a stretch polyurethane material to ensure a perfect fit. The helmet weighs about 1380 grams.

Strength 509 Helmets


The high-end 509 helmet meets and exceeds the DOT
and ECE 2205 safety standards. It offers you the advanced dual density
function and the blocking EPS foam lining. These two helmets provide maximum protection against accidents in the event of a class accident. The only purpose of the helmet is to protect your head from serious
injuries during your time adventure.

Helmet Safety Standard 509

The helmet also comes with a chin insert that covers the front of the helmet chin. This chinstrap is specially designed with an expandable polyurethane material to protect the chin from frontal impact in case of an accident.

This increases the safety of the helmet and thus makes it more reliable at the time of purchase. The outer shell of the helmet is the most important part of the helmet, because it can provide the necessary protection against the helmet. It must therefore be strong and durable to withstand the strongest blows.

The outer shell of the helmet is made of
carbon fibre for maximum durability and
reduces the total weight. The reduced weight adds an extra bonus to the model, as the rider does not bear the weight of the helmet while wearing it.

Colour variants of the snowmobile helmet in 509 heights


During the development of the
helmet a lot of attention has been paid not only to the safety function, but also to the properties of the
helmet. The helmet features innovative aerodynamic
channels that extend throughout the helmet, particularly along the contours. These channels
in the helmet are directly combined in a scale that directs the airflow
into specially designed ventilation fins in the helmet.

The top-of-the-line 509 helmet comes with six integrated
vents that provide good ventilation through the
helmet for comfortable breathing while riding a snowmobile. The high-end
helmet also features eight inlet/outlet ports that give the
helmet rider extra comfort and breathability to prevent choking.

The cold weather device included with the
509 can be used on cool days when the
prevents your mouth from freezing while you breathe comfortably. The helmet is equipped with a unique aerodynamic visor, with a lockable central top support that keeps the visor in place and prevents unwanted movement of the visor.


The height of the helmet 509 is designed with two important adjustment parameters in mind: one for the rider and one for the goggles. The high helmet is made of two different materials for the outer shell. These are thermoplastic safety helmets and helmets made of carbon fibre
. The
carbon fibre helmet is available in eight different sizes, from XS to 4XL, while the
high performance thermoplastic helmet is available in eleven different sizes, from small teen to adult 4XL.

Comfortable installation 509 Helmet

These eight different sizes are carefully produced by
on three different outer housing shapes, while other
companies use two different outer housing shapes. This allows a perfect and tight fit of the
helmet, reducing the total weight of the helmet.

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The helmet offers a comfortable, good fit and the
prevents unwanted movements of the helmet when riding a snowmobile.
The neck strap and the profiled shell base give the
helmet unparalleled comfort and fit perfectly on the head. The eyepiece, which comes with a
helmet, is ideal for 509 spectacles.

The high-end 509 helmet and 509 goggles, when the
is used in combination, offer you a perfect fit and an excellent performance level of
. The total weight of carbon fibre is less than 1100 g, whereas it starts at 1260 g for thermoplastics.


The style factor is just as important as the performance and safety of the model, because the beauty of the model attracts the attention of the buyer. That’s why the style factor was decisive in the development of the helmet. The outer shell of the helmet is smooth with aggressive lines up to
creating the perfect combination of sophisticated and unparalleled appearance.

All the features of the helmet, from the integrated
front ventilation to the modern ventilation ducts, give the helmet the appearance of a
box. A wide, upward-facing visor gives the helmet a smooth, seamless

The helmet also comes with an advanced mounting bracket for the
camera on the upper visor of the helmet, which can be securely attached to any
camera as it is universal. Now you can show off your skills with the
snowmobile and even create a blog about it.

Popular helmet models
with height

509 Height of the carbon fibre helmet

The flagship, the 509 carbon fibre helmet, has a
bearing with the introduction of a new high fibre helmet. The
carbon fibre helmets have been a success for many years and have enabled the manufacturers of
to develop a new 509 carbon fibre helmet. This helmet will be released in the winter of 2014 with many new features.

The carbon fibre helmet combines an incredibly lightweight and durable
carbon fibre with a proven housing design. The 509
carbon fiber height helmet is available in eight different sizes, from XS to
4XL, to perfectly and precisely fit different age groups.

Inside the hull is a double layer of EPS foam with a density of
, which is used with a high-quality removable lining. This gives the number
sufficient distance between the head and the helmet to avoid the feeling of suffocation and compression of the number
. Safety and helmet design were central to the development process and have been thoroughly tested by the CT DOT and ECS 2205 certification standards.

Innovative aerodynamic channels run through the entire helmet, especially along the contours. These ducts are integrated in the
housing and ensure that enough air is fed into the specially designed ventilation fins of the

The helmet is equipped with ventilation plugs and the
breathing protection box, which is supplied separately and can be attached to the helmet if necessary. The
Respirator is used in extremely cold and windy conditions to prevent the
from freezing your mouth. The aerodynamic visor is adjustable and has a
attachment in the middle to hold the visor in place and

The helmet also comes with a
universal camera holder on top of the visor to record your adventures and save them as
memory. The eyepiece hole of the helmet has been carefully and precisely designed to fit the
509 perfectly.

Fluid-sealed carbon-fibre helmet

The carbon fiber helmet 509 was introduced in the winter of 2014 and has many new features added to the old version, making it highly technological and modern. The introduction of this helmet mount is linked to the popularity and success of carbon fiber helmets.
509 carbon fibre helmets are made of strong and durable
carbon fibre, which also reduces the total weight.

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The High Headset also includes the proven
body design, available in eight different sizes from XS to 4XL to fit the
heads of people of different ages. The
helmet also features an advanced dual-density foam liner with EPS closure and a detachable
line to ensure sufficient space between head and helmet.

The helmet also contains a polyurethane chin pad, which can expand in nature, and the front of the helmet, which can be damaged in the event of a severe impact during an accident. The aerodynamic visor is adjustable up to
and has a central crane mount. This allows the visor to be fixed in position
and prevents unwanted movements.

The 509 carbon fibre helmet features innovative aerodynamic channels that run through all contours of the helmet and are directly connected to the helmet shell. These ducts allow the required amount of air to pass through the ventilation slats, which are specially designed to increase air permeability inside the helmet. The helmet is equipped with eight vents in the helmet to ensure adequate air circulation and ventilation.

The uniqueness of the carbon fibre helmet is that it is equipped with a magnetic fidlock-like clasp, whereby the clasp and self-locking mechanism are attracted towards each other, creating a self-locking mechanism. This makes it easier to put the helmet on and off.

Hunter with high performance helmet

The 509 Helm Chaser has taken the
snowmobile barrier to new heights with its modern and improved
features. The helmet is superior in all the features of the
– safety, performance, comfort and style. The design has taken these four key parameters
into account to give it a solid and homogeneous appearance.

The helmet has been thoroughly tested in accordance with DOT
and ECE 2205 safety standards. The youth bin weighs about 1260 grams
and is available in different sizes, so ideal for people in the age group
. It comes with the innovative
neckband that balances and supports your neck while you enjoy your
wilderness adventure.

also comes with a breathing filter, which can be installed in extremely cold weather to prevent the
from freezing your mouth and at the same time ensure air circulation. The aerodynamic visor is adjustable and has a locking system in the upper center to keep the visor in place and prevent unwanted movement of the visor.

The helmet also comes with an expandable
polyurethane chin insert to protect the front of the helmet from a strong
impact in an accident.

needs to buy a 509 helmet?

The 509 helmet is designed for the wild and intrepid
high altitude snowmobile that has the passion and love for the
adventure in the snow. They want to prove their talents and abilities in a class of snowmobiles and need a helmet of the class that is highly protective and durable.


With the high-end 509 helmet you can enjoy the
snowmobile adventure and offer
protection on the go. With the helmet 509 above sea level you can also ride the
snowmobile safely at high altitudes.

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