Is Kentucky Derby the Biggest Horse Race in the World

Today, there are many sports out there that we can all enjoy. A lot of them involve some type of requisites, like a football, and almost all of them are about human prowess. That is what separates something like horse racing and what makes it so different. Ever since we have started using horses for various purposes, we have admired these noble creatures and their speed. They call it a sport of kings for a reason, and it is part of our culture for a long time. So if you are also an admirer of this sport, and you would like to make the races even more interesting to you, just check out TwinSpires. It doesn’t matter what horse race is happening, as it is always interesting to watch and have a bet on your favorite. A lot of people have heard only about Kentucky Derby and consider it the biggest horse race in the world. But the problem is that there is no one way to measure these races to each other. The size of the prize fund is the first thing that comes to our mind, but there are other factors to consider as well. The interest of people around the world, the journalists, and even interest from people who don’t usually follow these races is another important factor. And then we have the history and renown of these tournaments. So if you would like to learn more about the most significant horse races in the world, continue reading.

Epson Derby


When it comes to the history and tradition of a horse race, Epson Derby is considered one of the most important in the world. The prize money that can be won is not the largest in the world, but with over two million dollars, it is the largest prize pool in Britain. June is the most for horseracing lowers, and for over 240 years now, people gather around to witness some of the fastest horses and enjoy this spectacle. In the Epson Derby, they can be remarkably traditional when it comes to which horses are allowed to compete. Every horse is purebred, almost like a noble among horses. So we guess no one is surprised that it is normal to see royalty among the attendance. With this combination of history, tradition, and prize money, it is perfectly clear why Epson Derby is considered a spectacle in this sport.

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Dubai World Cup


If you thought that horse racing is something that is only interesting to Europeans, you would be wrong. Held in March every year since 1996, the Dubai World Cup is an event that is of great renown in this part of the world. As most of us would expect, prize money here is quite large, with over twelve million dollars in its pool. Horses older than three years can apply for this race held on dirt. Although most of the horses that compete here are from the region, some come from Britain, the United States, and parts of East Asia. Together with the Sheema Classic, Dubai World Cup is evidence that this sport has a bright future in the region since it has captured the hearts of local people and the Sheikhs. Anyone interested in horse racing should definitely pay attention to some of the tournaments held in the Middle East.

The Everest


We mentioned the Epson Derby and the long history and proud tradition that the tournament has. But that doesn’t mean that any new race that appears is insignificant. Take The Everest, for example. While only a few years old, it has already become a tournament of great importance. Held in October every year, this Australian race is held on turf. The prize money is actually among the largest in the world and can pass fourteen million dollars. Their limitations on the horses are not as thorough as some, but if you want to secure a place for your horse in this race, the entry fee is six hundred thousand dollars. That means that only the best horses get to compete in The Everest. The prize is already large, but the glory of winning this race is still not matching some of the other races, but that is only a matter of time, so keep your eyes on this competition.

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Kentucky Derby


And then we have the Kentucky Derby. Perhaps it doesn’t have the largest prize pool in the world, but it is still one of the most famous and popular tournaments in the world. It is held every May, and the total prize money is over three million dollars. The history of this race is also quite long, only a couple of years shorter from the Epson Derby, and they have their own little rituals. For example, they cover the champions in flowers. It is, without a doubt, the most important race in America and some of the most exciting couple of minutes in a sport that we can watch. The attendance is high every year, with obvious exceptions of the last one, because of the Pandemic. But that is not stopping the popularity of the Kentucky Derby to continue growing. No other event attracts so much attention from people that want to place bets on horse races. And while it is not possible to say is Kentucky Derby the most prominent horse race in the world, it is also hard to think of any other race that could claim that title. So if we have to only select some horse race as the most important one, we might as well select this one.

The bottom line

As we have seen, there are several factors that everyone needs to consider when thinking about what horse race is the biggest one in the world. Some of them might have the richest history, other the largest pool prizes, and there isn’t any objective equation to pick a final winner, but if you would have to choose one tournament, Kentucky Derby would likely be the most famous horse race in the world.

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