4 Battery Life Saving Tips For Your Electric Bike

Electric bikes are the perfect way to commute or use environmentally friendly alternatives for exercising. It is the best way to reduce one’s carbon footprint. But maintaining them requires complete care of the bike as well as of the battery.

The battery life of an electric bike needs to be taken care of so that you can get the most of your money. The lithium ion batteries are comparatively more affordable than other alternatives but one still needs to take good care of it. This article will include some tips to keep the cell in a good condition as you use your electric bike.

1. Charge it Right

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Charging right can increase the life to a great degree which is why you should always use the charger provided by the manufacturer. Keeping the cell somewhat charged is better than having it drain to zero percent. Recharging it as soon as possible is the best way to ensure a long life.

Even if you have used the bike for a short duration, make sure to plug it as soon as you come back home. Never use the charger from any other manufacturer because it can damage the battery or even cause an explosion. If you pick up the user manual it is recommended to charge the cell to 100% before riding it for the first time.

A full recharge can take anywhere above 7 hours depending on the type of cell and the charging power. Apart from charging it right, the area for charging should also be well prepared. This is always a risk of explosion or fire when it comes to the charging of lithium ion batteries. Simple methods of keeping the pack in a good condition is always looking at the charging level to see that it is not left plugged in for longer than necessary.

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Usually the battery will come with the smart charger that will automatically stop the charging when the level reaches 100%. The best approach is to plug in the battery after every use. In case the electric bike is not in use and the battery needs to be stored, one should still plug it periodically. It should be 100% at least once a month while not in use. The battery loses its credibility if it is not used in a while. If the cell is not charging or showing no signs of life after a while, do not engage with it and replace it as soon as possible.

2. Do Not Discharge it All The Way

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This trip is applicable for all lithium ion batteries whether it is for your phone charger or electric bike. It is of utmost importance that you do not discharge the battery completely after a full charge. Always replug the battery when it reaches 20 to 30%. The best case scenario is recharge in the cell when it reaches 50%.

According to Scooteretti, the best way to prolong life is by topping up the juice frequently, after each ride on electric bikes. The lithium ion cells do not have a charge memory so you are not helping by letting it discharge completely. That being said, you should not panic if it is discharging 20% for a few times based on higher use. It is alright if it happens once in a while, but make sure to not make it a habit.

3. Create Ideal Conditions

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The batteries will function the best if they are in an environment which does not temper with their quality. The most obvious prerequisite for good care of your electric bike and the charging station is that the environment should be dry. The moment you see water nearby unplug the charging and fix the issue. Another ideal condition is to keep the temperature cool wherever you keep the bike and wherever you charge it.

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High temperatures would only add to your inconvenience. Batteries anyway get very heated at the time of charging and keeping it in a hot environment will only increase chances of explosion. Additionally, the cell will lose electrical resistance and it will also discharge faster. All of this will lead to significant reduction in life which is exactly what we are trying to prevent here. So, whenever possible, do the charging in the shade and preferably in a room which has air conditioning.

You should not keep it eno fridge but look for an environment which is comparatively cooler. When it comes to long term storage which can range from a few weeks to months, the right area becomes even more important. Screen the storing area to see if it is not a fire hazard. The storage of the cell should not be at 0% because then it is difficult to bring it back to life. Store it anywhere between 30 to 80% and charge it periodically.

4. Read the User Manual

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If there is one thing which should not be neglected, it is reading the user manual to know all the tips the manufacturers give. Follow the charging tips and also go with the recommendations that manufacturers specifically talk about. There might be some care tips that one can practice regularly in order to prolong the battery life. Typically a pack can support up to 30 miles on an electric bike. This performance will be consistent if and only if the battery is well maintained.

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The Takeaway

Ask any expert or biker and they will tell you to top up frequently and never discharge until 0%. Reading the user manual is essential in understanding the maintenance tips for both the electric bike and its batteries.

Understand that high temperatures are not good for the life of the battery and it will die sooner than expected in summers. Whenever possible keep everything in a cool room to maintain a stable temperature. Do not swap the charger and always use one manufactured by the same company. Do not forget to replug even if it is in storage so that you can ride whenever you want.