5 Tips for Buying Your First Welder – 2024 Guide

Welding is a process that can be used for processing different types of materials. With this process, you can create many things, including household items, decoration pieces, and even security things. It is said that you don’t have to be a professional welder to be able to use the equipment, and you only need some skills, patience, and the desire to create items with your own two hands.

No matter if you want to start this as a hobby, or if you plan on increasing your skills to become a professional, you need to have the right tools for the job. In this article, we are going to talk about buying your first welder, and what you need to know about these tools.

Continue reading if you want to check our tips for your first purchase, and how to choose the best equipment for your needs.

1. What do you need to use it for?

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The first question you should ask yourself when purchasing this piece of equipment is what you are going to use it for. There are so many different projects that you can tackle with this tool, so you need to consider if you need it for work, or if you just want to use it at home.

You should also consider if you want to purchase something that will help you create a lot of small details, or if you need it just for rough processes that will be finished additionally later on.

In case you don’t know what you are going to use it for, then you should look for the best of all worlds, and use an item that is made for MIG or TIG welding. If you still have a hard time deciding, then the best thing you can do is talk to the seller and ask them for a recommendation.

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2. Always stick to your budget

When choosing the right unit for you, you need to have a budget in mind. Note that depending on the type of tool you choose, the materials it can work on, as well as the quality of the piece, the price is going to vary.

Experts suggest that you should always leave some room to spend a little extra, especially if you are not yet set on what type of tool you are looking for.

If you are looking to buy a high-quality unit, then you should be ready to spend between 500 and two thousand dollars, but it all depends on your personal preferences and budgets. There are some tools that won’t cost more than 400 dollars, but as you already know, the higher the price is, the better the equipment is going to be.

3. Choose a good shop

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Now let’s talk about how important is the place you choose to purchase this tool from. You should know right from the start that the shop is probably one of the biggest things you should consider, just because there are so many different manufacturers and sellers of this type of equipment.

As you can see on websites like welding.com.au, a good seller will be able to offer you a huge array of products, they can guide you into choosing the right type for you, and they will offer you a warranty of the items you are purchasing.

Look for a store with good ratings, and a place that is recommended by their clients. You should also check the customer support, and see if they are going to be available to help you out with anything you need.

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4. Do you know what materials you are going to weld?

This is probably the most important part you should think about when choosing the best unit for your needs. Depending on the materials you want to process, you will need to give the equipment some thought.

The MIG units are the best when it comes to processing steel and aluminum, and when it comes to flux-cored items, they can only process steel. The stick type is great for processing steel and iron, and it can also be used on aluminum, but it may have some issues doing this.

The type that is considered heavy-duty, and that is the best, but also the most professional and most expensive one is TIG. These units can process different types of metals including steel and titanium, and they can also be used for copper, brass, and bronze.

If you are not sure what you are going to process, you should choose something that won’t limit your needs, and at the same time, that won’t cost too much if you end up using it only for basic tasks.

5. How comfortable are you using a welder?

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The last thing we are going to talk about is ease of use, comfortability, and transportation. Some of the units can be used pretty much anywhere, you can use them both inside and out and you can transport them when needed.

On the same note, there are tools that you will need to set up once, and you will have to use them only at that location. The MIG tool is definitely the easiest one to learn how to use, so if you are looking for something that will help you start with ease in this industry, then this is the one you should go for.

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The TIG tools are made for those who want to have a lot of control when using the device, and the Stick type is the best for outdoor activities. Note that the four main types of tools are used for different purposes, and when it comes to portability, the stick and the flux-cored machines are the most portable ones, whereas the TIG and the MIG ones are somewhat portable, but you may experience some trouble if you try to move them from one place to another.

Follow our tips, and if you are still not sure what you should get, then you should talk to your peers, your mentor, and the seller to help you pick the right tool. Since this can be a big investment, you should consider all the options, see what you need, and depending on that, pick the best welder for you.