Adopting a Child in Alberta: A Handbook for Prospective Parents

You decided to expand your family and adopt a child. However, before you enter the process, it is essential that you contact an adoption attorney to guide you till the end. Adoptions can often be complex, and there could be many legalities involved, making it nearly impossible for one person to handle without professional help. Adopting a child is not something you should take on without proper guidance and knowledge.

The process is not always the simplest one. However, legal representatives will ensure you get through each step safely without mistakes. Adoption Attorneys can help finalize an adoption, understand the legalities involved, draw up documents for adoptions, including stepparent adoptions, resolve adoption issues such as past criminal records, file necessary documents, and much more. Adopting a child is not an effortless process so being guided by adoption attorneys certainly makes things easier. If you need more information on adoption law, visit

The Adoption Process in Alberta


There are various motives why many people choose to adopt a child. Adoption is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Nonetheless, adoption can be advantageous, and children tend to have higher self-esteem and excel in life with positive support systems around them. If you are considering adoption for whatever reason, it may be beneficial to know the state of adoptions in Alberta.

The legal process for adopting children begins with a court application in the province, and an adoption attorney can assist you with this process. In addition, prospective parents can expect adoption attorneys to help represent their best interests, application filing, appropriate consents, and other legal documents that may be required during the course of your case.

An attorney will appear in court on your behalf when necessary, in addition to preparing the files. Adopting a child in Alberta is meant to be less complicated than it may seem. Still, you should never engage in these proceedings without an experienced adoption attorney on your side.

Adoptions are typically closed, meaning that birth parents’ identities or specific details about family members may not become known to you. To ensure that the process goes without difficulty for you and all parties involved, you will need an adoption attorney who is well-versed in the ins and outs of adoptions in Alberta.

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If you consider adopting a child to start your family, there are several things you should know first.

  • Adopting can be expensive; filing adoption with the court for one or more children is approximately $250.
  • The adoption process in Alberta can take nine months to nine years!

There are many steps you will need to take before adopting a child. But, there are ways that you can ensure that your adoption goes as smoothly as possible. Adoptions in Alberta can occur through various channels, but private adoption is the most common in the province. If you choose to go through adoption agencies, ensure that the Adoption Council of Canada accredits the particular one. Adopting families may also opt for direct placement with a child without using an agency.

Documents Required for Adoption in Alberta


There are several documents required for adoption in Alberta. Adopting parents will need to submit a series of papers. Depending on an individual case, these include:

  • Birth Certificates Adopted Child’s Records, Medical and Surgical
  • Medical history of the biological parents
  • Marriage certificate
  • References
  • Financial statements
  • Adoptive family criminal records
  • Home assessment report
  • Consent forms for adoption

Should you choose their services, these are all the documents that the adoption attorney fills in for you. Once the documents are complete, you must submit the original and one copy to the Adoptions Clerk at the Court of Queen’s Bench.

From there on, an adoption process representative will contact you or your attorney no sooner than eight weeks. That is the time it takes for papers to be reviewed. The response can contain either a deficiency checklist or if approved, a hearing date scheduled. You pay the filing fee at that point, and the application is submitted.

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Authorities in the process may also request a preliminary home study for your family. An adoption services worker conducts the home study. This person will visit your home and ask about your life experience, daily routines, and living conditions. Home study reports are expensive and can cost up to $3000.

Private Adoption Eligibility


The Adoption Act and Adoption Regulation govern adoption in Alberta. Adoptive parents must be adults and in a marital relationship. However, the court may waive this requirement depending on the circumstances.

A person who is 18 years of age or older and unrelated to the child, who meets other criteria set out in the Adoption Act and Regulations, can apply to become an adopting parent in Alberta. Adopting parents must be a resident of Alberta, or the adoption will occur in Alberta. Couples are required to consult an adoption attorney for legal advice before applying to adopt a child.

The Advantages of Using an Adoption Attorney to Assist in a Private Adoption

Attorneys in Alberta have a professional duty to remain objective and independent of the adoption agency. They are bound to act in the best interests of their clients. Adoptive parents will want an accurate, ethical representative and have no interest in the adoption agency. Adopting parents are responsible for making decisions about all aspects of the private adoption, including choosing an Adoptive Parent Representative.

The Adoption Agency must approve any consulting adoptive parent representative before acting as a representative for adopting parents or birth parents. An Adopting couple cannot hire anyone they please to assist them in completing legal paperwork before applying for adoption with Alberta’s Adoption agency. The adopters can only choose someone within this field and are deemed, adoption attorneys.

Since adopting parents cannot choose whom they want as their adoptive parent representative, it is advisable to consult an Adoption attorney with experience and expertise in adoption. An adoption attorney will not try to influence parents’ decision-making nor place pressure on them to make a choice either way. But instead, provide honest legal advice to help guard the interest of both adopting parents and birth parents involved in the private adoption process.

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How to Choose Adoption Attorney in Alberta


Finding an adoption attorney or Adoption lawyer with experience can be a challenge. Hiring the wrong Adoption attorney in Alberta could result in your case being delayed or even denied altogether. To ensure you hire the right Adoption attorney, follow this guide:

1. Ask your friends and family for recommendations

Asking for advice is probably the easiest way to get referrals since you have to ask around. Your good friends and family members may know an adoption attorney, adoption lawyer in Alberta who has helped them adopt a child.

2. Search adoption attorneys in Alberta on the internet


One of the great things about our time is that everything is just a click away. These days, you can find adoption attorneys near you by simply typing adoption attorney in Alberta on the Google search bar. Adoptions lawyer Alberta will provide you with a list of adoptions attorneys or adoption lawyers nearby your location.

However, its downside is that not all websites are updated or have accurate information. It would be best to be cautious of websites that offer adoptions attorneys for free since they may only be interested in building their clientele and then take advantage of adoptions.

3. Ask questions

To find out whether the selected adoption attorney is right for your case, make sure to ask questions about the process and possible outcomes. The more details you know, it can be helpful to decide whether this attorney will help you reach your goal – parenthood.

A suitably qualified adoption Attorney can help you make sense of the detailed legal guidelines governing your situation and guide you through the obstacles which may stand between you and the adopted. This time is regarded as the most vital moment in adoptive parents’ life when they anxiously require competent Adoption attorneys who could be of assistance during this challenging time.