Is the Grand National the Biggest Horse Race in the World

Grand National is among the top 5 greatest horse races in the world, with a long tradition, and plenty of people who enjoy watching it and betting on their favorites. When we talk about betting on horse races, many people find it more exciting than football, basketball, or tennis. Probably you’ve watched at least one movie when the bettors are putting money on their favorite horse (rarely on the rider), and wait for it to win the race. You’ve maybe questioning yourself how to bet on Grand National competitors, and for more details, click here, and find out the answers on everything that comes to your mind.

As we said, Grand National is a part of the top 5 biggest horse races around the globe, that are also popular in these modern times, and the bettors can bet on it online, or live, and track the performance of their favorite. Besides this one, there are Melbourne Cup, Kentucky Derby, Breeders’ Cup Classic, and Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, and all of them have a long tradition and rich history in organizing games and races.


In the year 2024, Grand National is scheduled for 10 April, at Aintree Resource in Liverpool. This race is based in the United Kingdom, but it’s popular worldwide. It was initially scheduled for March, but the organization had to postpone it a few weeks later, due to the national lockdown in the UK, as one of the measures to respond to the current pandemic. There will be more than 106 entries, and because of the coronavirus, there won’t be any excitement around, and the race will be held behind closed doors. The option for betting is still available.
Almost every citizen of the UK enjoys this race, even those who usually won’t bet on everyday sports. It will be streamed on ITV, and betting options will be available the same day. As we said, this year there will be more than 100 entries, but only 40 horses can go in one turn. The prize fund is around 1 million British pounds, and according to many people, this is the biggest value for a horse race in Europe, and among the most valuable ones in the world.

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The race will last three days, and every year someone is making history with their appearance there. Last year it was Tiger Roll. People really enjoy it, and that’s the reason why many of them are excited to watch the race at the stadium. Sadly, there is no option for that this year, and it will be streamed across a few platforms and on ITV, and also in the betting places all around the UK, so the bettors can follow the progress and bet on their favorite. Everywhere the protective measures will be respected, as demanded by the health authorities. The UK is one of the countries that is really affected by this pandemic, and the whole island was closed a few times during the last 12 months, but some events are very important to be skipped, and it’s completely possible to be held if every measure is respected.

Who enjoys this race most?


There is no age limit when it comes to watching Grand National, but underage persons aren’t allowed to bet. Anyway, that fact doesn’t make the race less interesting for them. Sometimes, their parents will ask the kids who they think will win, and they can put some money on their guess. The whole event has a competitive nature, and it’s normal and expected to have a favorite horse or rider. Even the British people who don’t usually bet on sports will do that for on

Grand National because the event by itself is important for them, and for all the people there.
Since all the animals are trained for it, surely you will be able to see a quality run, being aware that the riders and owners dedicated a lot of money, time, and effort to train the animal to run faster. Also, the whole process requires good behavior to the horse, and a lot of quality food, so they can be stronger and healthier.

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Following the information on the betting websites, here are the top 10 predictions for the 2024 race:

1. Cloth Cap and O’Neill – 4/1
2. Any Second Now – 10/1
3. Kimberlite Candy – 12/1
4. Minella Times – 12/1
5. Burrows Saint – 14/1
6. Secret Reprieve – 14/1
7. Santini – 14/1
8. Bristol De Mai – 20/1
9. Magic of Light – 20/1
10. The Storyteller – 20/1

The jockeys for these horses are still unknown for most of them, and sometimes that fact can have some influence over the odds, but it won’t change them much. Also, for some reason, 12 competitors gave up on this competition, and among them was Easysland, one of the top favorite runners. Also, Ajas and Articulum left the competition, and many others who usually have great results, and a long tradition in this race. The complete list of withdrawals looks like this: Easysland, Ajas, Articulum, Glen Forsa, Agusta Gold, Death Duty, Jerrysback, Saturnas, Storm Control, Fitzhenry, One Style, and Bellshill.


Every horse who is a part of this competition has some chance to win. Some of them have bigger chances, and some of them will make a miracle if they do that. The bigger the quotes and odds are, the competitor has fewer the chances to win. There are also some specific odds that depend on the rider too, and as we said, most of them are unknown right now. The good thing about the Grand National is that almost everyone has an equal chance to win, and it’s on the final performance to determine that. There are no “fixtures” because no one can tell the animal how to behave during the race. Some people still think there are some manipulations when it comes to winning the race, but besides that, one thing is for sure – many of them really enjoy watching and betting on Grand National every year.

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