How To Untangle A Chainsaw Chain – 2024 Beginners Guide

Chainsaws have made cutting quite easy. With a chain of sharp teeth, it will cut down hard wooden materials in a short time. However, this is the chain that might cause problems for you. After all, the chainsaw is a mechanical tool and needs proper and timely maintenance. If you cannot provide proper services, the chain will get entangled.

So if you have encountered such a situation, you might not know what to do. And that’s what we are going to tell you here. Chains are made from iron and therefore, they are highly prone to getting rust. So if you see any such signs, you have to oil it. You can use any lubricator or machine oil. This will loosen up the joints and will make it easier for you to detangle them.

However, this is not all. You need more than lubricating oil. For example, the equipment that you should wear, your gloves and things that you need. You can read more about these things at

So, if you are going to detangle the chain of your chainsaw, you need to follow the steps. Otherwise, you will make the situation worse.

1 – Your safety equipment


You have to pay attention to your safety. There is always a risk of getting hurt through sharp things like blades. And while working with a chainsaw, you will encounter many situations that will leave you with an injury.
So before getting in contact with the sharp blades, you need to prepare your protective gear.

This includes your gloves and protective goggles. Your gloves should be tough and durable and must be capable of protecting your hands. Usually, there are leather gloves that are used for mechanical jobs. They keep your hands safe against cuts and abrasions.

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Likewise, there is also a risk of getting something in your eyes. Therefore, you should also use protective goggles. Usually, there are rust grains and allergic germs on chains that will get into your eyes. So when you are using goggles, they will protect your eyes from all such particles.

Furthermore, there is also a chance of oil splashing. The splashes will also hurt your eyes if they get in. Therefore, you have to eliminate all such possibilities of getting hurt.

2 – Things you need


You will need;

A tough surface to work on

You need a strong table that can bear the weight while you are detangling the chain. Furthermore, the table should be tough enough to resist any scratches. Or you can use an old one. And if you do not have any such table to use, you can simply do it on the ground. But remove any expensive item from the surroundings. Because it might get damaged.

Lubricating oil

Another thing that you will definitely need is lubricating oil. If the chain is dirty and corroded, the best solution is to use lubricating oil. If the chain of your chainsaw is old and badly entangled, it will also have a lot of dust and rust. Therefore, you will need any engine oil and lubricating oil. This will make the chain smooth and easy to untangle.


You will also need all the necessary tools. So if you are untangling the chainsaw, keep your toolbox near you. Sometimes, the chain gets entrapped in the chainsaw and you need a screwdriver, a wrench and some other tools to remove it.

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3 – Untangle the chain now


You are all done with your equipment, now is the time for you to start detangling the chain.

1. Prepare the chain

Your chain might be jammed, old and rust or a new one. Therefore, the treatment varies with the type. If you have a new chain, you won’t have to lubricate it. However, it will have sharp edges, so you will need gloves for that.

Likewise, if you have an old chain, lubricating oil is a must. It will make it smooth. The amount of oil depends upon the condition of the chain.

If the condition of the chain is good, you only need to sprinkle some oil on it. However, if the rust is too much, give it an oil bath. Furthermore, in the case of a jammed chain, you need to open the gasoline to separate it from the chainsaw.

2. Find the 2 loops

There isn’t much science here. All you need to do is to grab it from 2 opposite sides and pull them apart from each other. Pulling the two loops against each other will open up the chain. However, if the chain is in a complicated situation, you have to make some effort. Make a single loop out of it. Now the chain will have fewer complications.

3. Untangle it

The one single loop is easier to untangle. But you need to keep it in a straight and vertical position. So grab the 2 ends, make it single and gradually drop it so the distortions get away through gravitational pull. But this will only deal with the major distortions.

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You will still have many other complications in the chain, you can straighten it gradually. Therefore, you have to repeat the process twice or 3 times. While you are doing it, you will see small distortions in blades. You can straighten them one by one. Eventually, you will have a straight chain to use.

Before further use

After detangling the chain of the chainsaw, you can use it conveniently. However, to prevent any future complications, you must take care of a few things. These include;

  • Make sure to lubricate all the parts before using it
  • Maintain correct tension in the chain
  • If the teeth are losing their sharpness, sharpen them again
  • Do not let any parts or bolts loose
  • Do regular maintenance, which also include lubrication and cleaning
  • Use safety equipment and devices