Reviewing Apps for Meditation, Mindfulness, and Relax

A skill of full recovery is as essential as good work. Deepen your focus by reconsidering the way you switch from the study. These simple meditation apps and trackers will make your rest genuine and life conscious.

5 Apps for Immersive Study and Full Relaxation

Busy college life and tons of homework—so much to do, so low on time! And you’re jumping from one passage to another, exhausting your mental resources every single day. This won’t lead you anywhere except for chronic procrastination and anxiety.

No one taught us to manage our time. And we’re vaguely aware of what true leisure should look like. That is a serious failure because we need a good rest to improve the quality of our life and our projects.

Meditation is one of the ways out. You should not master it to feel its effect. Fencing off from your endless duties for at least five minutes per day will give your brain time to reboot and find ways to structure the mayhem around you. The following apps are targeted to make meditation your good habit. Your smartphone will become your best friend that helps to change your life.

1. Nature Sounds by Dream_Studio


The complete audio library of nature sounds. Twenty-four sceneries in total, including the thunder at a distance, soft bank waves, waterfall, ambient ice cave, fisherman’s morning, and even peaceful urban traffic. You will definitely find something beautiful.

If you’re lacking depth, add custom sounds. All tracks have a set of unique effects that get along with the vibe perfectly. Aether bells on the seashore, echo in snowy mountains, or creaky frogs on the swamp—just tap at the icon to turn them on and adjust the volume.

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Set how long the audio will be played. When it stops, you’ll know that it’s time to switch activities: from leisure to work or vice versa. Or leave the water flowing in the background for the whole day if you wish.

Nature Sounds cares if you sleep well. Set a specific hour, and it will remind you to leave your duties and go to bed.

2. Lojong


A collection of long and short meditation programs. This app has a couple of 21-days long meditation guides for beginners, perfect for rooting a healthy habit. If you’re withholding a blast of anger, trying to curb panic, or feel like crying, then 8 minutes of soothing affirmations might be your relieving remedy.

In Lojong, you will find calming recordings for issues such as anxiety, insomnia, lack of confidence, or sadness. It offers full guides on breathing techniques and a gratitude journal, where you collect every small thing that cheers you.

Customize your meditation, adding or removing ambient music and choosing the mentor whose voice you’d like to hear. The application has lots of free content and allows you to download destressing narrations for offline use.

3. Medito


Medito Foundation is a team of volunteers who spread mindfulness to everyone in need. Their app gives short meditations to fight stress, hate, fatigue, and anger completely for free. A 10-minutes session in the evening may be enough to ward worries away and easily fall asleep. Download your favorite narrations, so the quality of the internet connection won’t interrupt your mental growth.

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Also, you will find scientifically-based UCLA meditations, teacher Giovanni Dienstmann recordings, and relaxation sessions for classrooms. Novices can listen to introductory courses that tell how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and multiply the effect from the process.

You can listen to a mentor with no soundtrack or add soothing meandering instruments in the background. The app tracks what you have listened to and how many days in a row you keep up.

4. Atom: for Beginners

Source: unsplash

Atom is a tracker that softly pushes you towards establishing a beneficial habit of spiritual growth. It begins with a setup of personal preferences. For example, you state you wish to meditate in the bedroom around 8am after breakfast. Then, the smartphone will remind you to prepare for practice each day at the same time.

The session begins with only 4 minutes and gradually increases as you proceed. The app uses the newest research on establishing a habit without forcing yourself and breaking the usual schedule.

Read warm articles if you need the motivation to keep going. Swipe to the next tab and find your personal garden. There, your wonderful saplings grow after each performed meditation.

5. Daylio


Meditations won’t help if you don’t take steps to untangle difficult situations. If you’re feeling low and don’t understand what’s going on with you, think about keeping a diary. It allows you to rewind your memories and spot the problem that makes you feel bad.

Daylio is a digital diary just for mood tracking. You write down events that happened to you today, and the app processes the data to comfortable charts and suggestions. To understand how you’re feeling, it uses 5 emojis from worst to neutral to excellent. To bind emotions to events, it asks you specific questions on topics you choose: Have you slept well? How is your study going?

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Of course, you can write manual notes and have constant access to them. Compare new and earlier entries to find out what you must acquire or let go of for your own mental health.

Procrastination Has Deeper Roots

You’re not idle; first of all, you’re tired. Your brain must relax properly to continue the intellectual job. Meditation turns off outer lights, leaving you all alone with your identity. Work that has to be done stops existing, so do people you’re concerned about and problems that require your attention. To make your life easier and reduce stress, try writing service, for maximum results in creative and academic disciplines, and also this will help you reach calmness during stressful period. Not promptly, but when you reach inner stability, hardships won’t scare you anymore. So choose the application carefully, as it will be your backbone for the future transformation