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How to track a UPS package online?

UPS (United Parcel Service), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the oldest and largest names in the global logistics ecosystem. If you’re expecting or have already shipped a UPS package and don’t know how to track it, or if you have other questions about tracking a UPS package, we’ll let you know here.

Learn how to track your UPS with answers to frequently asked questions, including error messages and a list of all UPS locations in the United States.

Follow these steps to track your UPS package from anywhere in the world in two easy steps. You can also track UPS shipments using this method.

Step one: Click here and you will be redirected to a global UPS page (see screenshot below) where you can select your location.

Step two: On the next page, click on the Track button in the options at the top of the page. Then enter the track number in the field below and click on Track.

You can enter up to 50 control numbers, each on a separate line.

If this doesn’t work for you, use the three links on the right to explore additional tracking options for UPS packages – Reference Number Tracking, Import Number Tracking (which requires logging in), and other tracking services such as UPS My Choice, Quantum View, and Flex Global View.

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How long does it usually take to deliver the UPS?

UPS usually delivers every day at 8pm. However, during the holiday season, UPS carriers are available until late at night and can deliver your package later in the night, after 8pm.

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If your package has traveled and you do not receive it the same day, UPS will try to redeliver it the next business day.

What is SurePost and Mail Innovations UPS?

These are two UPS contract services, where UPS delivers a parcel to its destination and then hands it over to the USPS (US Postal Service), which delivers it to its final destination.

What happens if the tracker does not provide information or provides an invalid number?

If you do not see any information or an invalid number when you enter the tracking number, the shipper has not yet sent your information to UPS or the package has not yet been delivered to UPS. The third scenario could be that your sender gave you the wrong tracking number.

In this case, only the sender can help you find the location of the parcel or forward the shipment.

In general, once the shipper has created a label for your order, UPS will provide a tracking number that you will receive from the shipper before sending your information to UPS. Once the shipper has delivered the UPS package, you will see the message Ship ready for UPS pick-up when you try to track the package. Upon receipt, UPS updates the status in Pickup Scan or Origin Scan, which are used to calculate delivery dates.

You did not receive the package? That’s all you need to apply.

If you have not received the package, you or the sender can request it here. You can learn how to prepare a claim or watch this video.

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Please note that if shippers are able to make claims, UPS recommends they do so because they have a copy of the invoice, receipts, product description, and tracking numbers to help them locate the package more quickly.

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How do I find UPS stores nearby?

If the package doesn’t show up at your door and you can’t find out where it’s online, you can also visit one of the UPS offices available at the following locations in the United States. Click on the location for more information.

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