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10 Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen Protectors

DisplayMate has ranked the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra as the best display in the world. It features a 6.9-inch OLED panel with flexible 3K resolution and supports a 120 Hz repetition rate. Crazy glasses. So when you buy the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you need to pay close attention to the display. In this article we have carefully selected the top 10 screens of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which are also scratch and drop resistant. We also offer TPU film and tempered glass that is compatible with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the display. Finally, you can rest assured that the screen protectors below work with the best Galaxy S20 Ultra case available on the market. In short, we have to keep looking for the best screen saver for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

1. Points

Bulletin Source : Amazon

Pods is the best choice for our best Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protector in this list. Like other screen protectors, Pulen also offers a flexible TPU film that protects your screen from scratches and dust. The company claims that its LiquidSkin screen protector is highly transparent and self-healing. In addition, the screen protector retains touch sensitivity and has a special coating that prevents various oil, water and dust residues. This allows you to use the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S20 Ultra screen freely until the screen protector is damaged. If other screen savers don’t suit you, generally choose coils.

Buy on the Amazon: $9.99

2. FilmHu

FilmHu Source : Amazon

If you want to protect your Galaxy S20 Ultra screen from unnecessary wear and tear, we recommend using the FilmHoo screen protector. It is made of a soft TPU material, so the screen looks very bright and stain free. It also provides a degree of protection against falls. The company also claims that TPU film has a special coating that is resistant to yellowing, scratching and fingerprints. In addition, the unit is equipped with a special adhesive that blocks various air bubbles, dust and seams. So just buy a FilmHoo protective film and you won’t be disappointed.

Buy on the Amazon: $12.99

3. IQ screen

IQ shield Source : Amazon

IQ Shield gives the Galaxy S20 Ultra its own screen protector, which is highly resistant to scratches. The company claims that the screen protector is made of high quality TPU so that it can be fully integrated into the screen and provides a clear field of view. More importantly, the screen protector still supports the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s high refresh rate and touch sensitivity, which is simply amazing. Not to mention that the screen protector supports an on-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and is compatible with most situations. If you want maximum experience, even after installing a screen protector on the S20 Ultra, the IQ screen is usually one of them.

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Buy on the Amazon: $8.95

4. White stone dome glass

Glass with white dome Source : Amazon

The white stone dome glass is another toughened glass that can be used with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It is a curved 3D glass that claims to be very transparent and without visible defects. In addition, glass is toughened in a complex process so that it can be properly classified in terms of fall protection. Plus, you don’t have to worry about ultrasonic fingerprint sensors because Dome Glass uses liquid dispersion technology that works with Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensors. Please note, however, that the installation process is somewhat complicated, so please read the instructions carefully before using tempered glass.

Buy on the Amazon: $69.99

5. ESR Toughened glass

ESR Toughened glass Source : Amazon

If you are looking for products that offer more protection and durability, I suggest you use tempered glass instead of TPU film. In this case you can use Ultra ESR tempered glass for the Galaxy S20. The screen protector is made of tempered glass and can withstand up to 11 pounds of pressure without damaging the flexible OLED screen. Essentially, ESR tempered glass offers three times the protection of plastic film. That’s all you need to protect yourself, but with ESR tempered glass you also have a fingerprint coating that removes oil and dust residues. Finally, the tempered glass of the ESR covers the entire 6.9-inch screen. So if you need Galaxy S20 Ultra tempered glass, use the ESR. You won’t be disappointed.

Buy on the Amazon: $13.99

6. Screens

Films Source : Amazon

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Skinomi is another popular manufacturer of screen protection films, which launched the S10 series of widescreen protection films last year. And this time you also have an optically pure TPU film for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The screen protector has been developed with precise laser cutting technology, so you don’t have to worry about installation and polishing. The screen protector makes it possible to cover the entire screen without blocking the case or lid. In addition, the screen protector has a self-healing coating that absorbs even the smallest scratches on the screen. Best of all, it is UV resistant and will not fade or yellow over time. Skinomi is one of the best protective films for the screen of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, thanks to the quality of the film and its advanced coating.

Buy on the Amazon: $8.95

7. LK Screen protector

LK Screen protector Source : Amazon

LK is a popular manufacturer of screen protectors, and you should definitely try their flexible film on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The TPU is scratch resistant and claims to maintain a touch sensitivity of 240 Hz, even after using a screen protector. In addition, the screen protector covers the entire screen on all sides and is compatible with the raised lip housing. The best part of the LK screen protector is that it is very thin, so you can see the screen clearly without bubbles or stains. In short, if you are looking for a thin screen protector to protect the S20 Ultra against scratches and dust, then the LK is a good choice.

Buy on the Amazon: $9.99

8. MP-Mall

MP-Mall Source : Amazon

Now let’s talk about our third screen protector, the MP Mall, which has made some of the best screen protections for Samsung devices in the past. Like Spigen and Caseology, it’s a flexible TPU film, and the company says it can give you the widest coverage on screen. In addition, the top of the screen protector has an oleophobic coating, which means that the surface is smooth and does not leave any oil stains. Not to mention the fact that the screen protector is compatible with almost all housings and with the fingerprint sensor on the screen. In short, if Spigen and Caselogy let you down, try the MP-Mall screen protector on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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Buy on the Amazon: $9.99

9. Fallological film

Caseological film Source : Amazon

The Caseology film is our second choice on the Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protector list. As mentioned before, it is a plastic plate instead of tempered glass, which protects you well against scratches on keys, coins and dust. I especially like the caseology, the very clear field of vision and the great sensory sensitivity. You won’t even feel like the screen protector is installed on the flexible OLED display. In addition, the Caseology film has a self-healing coating that cleans the screen of small scratches and stains. If you want to equip the Galaxy S20 Ultra with advanced screen saver, Caseology Film is worth it.

Buy on the Amazon: $10.99

10. NeoFlex Backs

Source traces NeoFlex : Amazon

Although the Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a thin plastic running grid from a cardboard box, you should use a specially designed running grid to prevent scratches and small drops. That’s why our first choice is Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector – a plastic film, but more durable and scratch resistant. Of course, it won’t protect you from a fall, but if you’ve used a protective pouch that lifts your lips around the screen, it will still protect you. Moreover, the quality of the Spigen NeoFlex screen protector is really good and the screen can stay clean without glare or rainbow effect. In addition, the screen protector is compatible with the fingerprint sensor of the S20 Ultra ultrasonic display. So if you want the best screen protector for your Galaxy S20 Ultra, buy a Spigen NeoFlex.

Buy on the Amazon: $8.99


So here’s a selection of our top 10 Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors you can buy now. If you find this article useful, please let us know in the comment section below.

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