Best Budget RGB Fans for 2024 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

There is nothing to suck your computer and then add a fan with a simple RBG configuration. By rotating the colors your computer can stand out. If you want the best lighting, look for RGB fans.

Although you may think that RGB fans are expensive, they are actually quite affordable. The good news is that you have a wide choice.

The designers of RBG fans have one goal: Offer the best performance and a great light show at the same time.


Below are step-by-step instructions.

In this article we look at some possibilities to purchase RGB fans at reasonable prices.

Feedback and comparison from our top RGB budget specialists

1. Buccaneers LL120RGB

Main product characteristics

Corsair has long been a leader in computer cooling systems, so it’s no surprise that Corsair’s RGB fan is one of the market leaders.


  • High level RGB illumination
  • Quiet, even at full speed.
  • Lighting is provided by both the rotor and a separate light ring.

What we like about the Corsaire LL120RGB

It’s quiet. Even at full speed there is no sound from this fan.

This fan even exceeds the speeds of its nearest competitor, Noctua.

What we don’t like about the Corsaire LL120RGB.

Compared to other fans in this category, it is much more expensive. The resale kit contains three fans, and you need to buy all three to get the Corsair Lighting Node Pro kit, which allows you to control the light patterns and improve the visual effects of the fan.


  • Take it easy. Take it easy.
  • Stellar lighting results
  • at 300 rpm more than the next competitor.
  • The included Corsair Lighting Node Pro lighting unit makes the experience even more amazing.


  • You agree to the purchase of 3 pieces that will be included in the Pro-Kit of the node.
  • Additional fans are expensive
  • Compared to competitors, the price of the first fan recruitment is quite high.

2. Main Cooler MF120R A-RGB

Main product characteristics

Another well-known manufacturer of cooling systems, Cooler Master, brings us this clean fan, which has many functions.


  • Another well-known manufacturer of cooling systems, Cooler Master, brings us this elegant fan, which is equipped with
  • Quiet cooling technology
  • Hybrid construction
  • Pinch protection

What we like about the MF120R A-RGB Main cooler

This device has an adjustable illumination, i.e. you can choose how the light is displayed and which colours are displayed.

The transitions are pleasant and very smooth. The light is also bright and makes the game fun.

What we don’t like about the designationA-RGBP Product Master MF120R Cooler

Out loud. Very, very strong. At a maximum speed of 2000 rpm this fan is really heavy to carry. To have fun, you have to speed up the fan to a maximum of 1500 rpm.


  • Numerous functions are integrated in this device
  • You can save up to $100 by choosing this fan over the Corsair LL120RGB.
  • A strong depth is the dream of every player to cool his suitcase and processor properly.


  • Very noisy when working at high speed.
  • The speed must be reduced to reduce noise.

3. NZXT Aer RGB 2 120 mm

Main product characteristics

This RGB fan has a unique design and features and is much cheaper than any other fan we have considered.


  • Static pressure fans
  • Tips on the wings to minimize resistance
  • Hydrodynamic bearings

What we like about the NZXT Aer RGB 2 120mm

This fan has a unique design that distributes the air perfectly and creates amazing visual effects.

The design of the winglet tip increases overall productivity and minimizes resistance, which increases productivity.

This fan comes with hydrodynamic bearings. Unlike other fans that run on ball bearings, this fan is equipped with a special copper bearing. This ensures constant lubrication, which reduces the noise level.

What we don’t like about the NZXT Aer RGB 2 120mm

Although a certain amount of noise was associated with the fans discussed above, the noise aspect was only noticeable at peak speeds. However, this fan is also noisy at low speeds, even though it is equipped with hydrodynamic bearings.


  • A stunning visual presentation
  • The controller visible through the hull window is much more attractive.
  • Hydrodynamic bearings reduce bearing noise


  • Fan and controller available separately
  • Noise, even at low speeds.

4. Piracy ML140 Pro RGB

Main product characteristics

Once again, Corsair is an attractive but very functional fan. With powerful lighting, four centre lights provide the upper edge when you want your computer to shine.

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  • Dynamic RGB lighting
  • Included with Corsair Pro light node
  • Allows precise control of the fans
  • Magnetic levitation bearings

What we like about Corsair ML140 Pro RGB.

This product is simply fantastic and has many features.

Although most maglev fans are a bit noisy, this particular fan has no noise factor. This is influenced by the fact that it is placed in the fan filter next to the blades. Tests have shown that this fan produces only 32 dB of noise at maximum speed.

The vibration of the fan is also improved, especially because magnetically-lifted fans tend to vibrate more than ball-bearing fans.

The white slats offer an extra pleasant effect. This effect is further enhanced by the Node Pro lighting, which makes it possible to connect up to six fans to one controller. The LINK software, which can be downloaded from the Corsair website after installing the fans, allows you to select a colour or display all colours.

What we don’t like about Corsair ML140 Pro RGB.

Cost. This is indeed an important factor in the decision to purchase this fan.

If you want to equip your playground equipment with five of these fans, the purchase of a set of RGB fans is very expensive.

This fan also has a speed limit of 1200 rpm. While housing cooling seems to be effective, other fans in this category have much higher revs, in the 1500 to 2000 rpm range.


  • Advanced lighting control
  • The air flow rate has been increased
  • Magnetic bearings are more efficient than conventional ball bearings.
  • Very quiet for the Maglev.


  • Costs are the most important factor
  • The static pressure has been reduced compared to the previous models.

5. Buccaneer iCUE QL120 RGB

Main product characteristics

It is not surprising that of the different products that we have studied, the three best are produced by Corsair. The QL series is another winner of the RGB fan contest.


  • 34 separate RGB LEDs and four lighting zones
  • Up to 1500 rpm
  • Vibration damper
  • Knives are designed for quiet operation

What we like about the Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB

This fan offers a surprisingly high airflow compared to other fans in its class. The pressure is sufficient to maintain the airflow behind the filter.

This fan offers perhaps the best lighting when it comes to RBG fans.

What we don’t like about the Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB

Again, Corsair’s price is significantly higher than that of its competitor. In this case the price is much higher than that of Aer RGB 2.

There is also a noise problem when working at full speed. Despite the low noise design of the blades, this fan produces a noticeable noise at full speed.


  • Unprecedented control with NODE software
  • Multiple RGB and lighting devices can be connected via the supplied controller.
  • Very high airflow, but only the right pressure to work behind the distal filter.


  • He’s a very expensive fan.
  • Even with silent blades, this fan makes a noticeable noise.

6. Upper RGB LED 1206-5

Main product characteristics

This fan attracted our attention because of its volumetric functionality, which is extremely unique and at full load. The price of this functional load fan is also very attractive.


  • Wireless RF remote control to easily change fan speed and selected lighting effects
  • Due to the two-way installation, the fan can be used to extract cold air or blow out warm air.

What we want in the upper part of the RGB LED 1206-5

For a very reasonable price you pay, you get a great device.

The LEDs are very bright. The speed per minute is not great, and tests show that this fan delivers enough air at the right pressure to achieve high efficiency.

This fan is also silent. It’s very quiet. During the test, this fan produced a noise of only 14.8 dBA. Compared to other fans in this market, this is the lowest noise level we have ever seen.

The manufacturer has also done a lot of work to ensure that this fan has a long service life. The service life of the fan is further extended by the use of self-lubricating hydraulic bearings, which are set at a low operating volume.

What we don’t like about UpHere RGB LED 1206-5

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There’s not much you like about this fan. If we had to choose one disadvantage, it is that the fan only runs at 1100 rpm, compared to 1500 rpm or more for other fan models. But in this case there is no problem, because the fan works perfectly, even at low speed.


  • Designed to last. We have given a lot of thought to how we can make this fan work for the users.
  • This will not break the bank – you can buy several for the price of one for some other models.
  • Low noise level. Very low decibels, especially when compared to the other fans we examined here.


  • It’s not from any known company. In this case, it doesn’t matter.
  • The knives are a little fragile when touched. Visually, however, these blades function as designed and look good through a window in the hull.

7. Freezing RF120M 5IN1

Main product characteristics

Another cheap winner in the selection of cheap fans. This fan is easy to use, but has a considerable advantage over the competition.


  • Multiple control modes controlled by RGB SYNC motherboard software
  • The device is connected directly to the motherboard, a controller is not required.
  • The intelligent PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) function allows flexible adjustment of the cooling requirement.

What we want in the RF120M 5IN1gel

It’s a simple fan. But the motherboard’s RGB synchronization software speeds up the process and makes it special.

Intelligent PWM functions are also an added benefit for this fan. It makes it possible to adapt the fan to different operating conditions and ensures the right cooling required in every situation.

What we don’t like about the gel RF120M 5IN1

Users report that the loop-through circuit of the cables is extremely short compared to RGB cables. For users of large gaming facilities, it can be a big problem to connect a fan if the connector on the mainboard is not close to the fan seat. Some users also report that the cables do not seem to be well formed and that the closures are very weak.


  • Unique colour options, including purple and blue
  • Simply set the desired colours
  • Users report that silent operation continues even after long periods of use.


  • To operate this fan, you need 4-pin 12V-RGB connectors on your motherboard or a 4-pin lighting control panel.
  • A few minor design flaws give the user the feeling that the fan is fragile and badly assembled.

8. Heat absorbing ring Plus 12 TT

Main product characteristics

A simple RGB fan with a few functions that will make you happy, and the software that comes with it is a bit conspicuous.


  • Complete with a controller that makes it possible to connect up to 5 fans, and even more if the cables are looped.
  • Downloadable software with a number of interesting parameters
  • The fan speed is between 500 and 1500 rpm.

What we like about the thermal plate plus 12 TT

It’s simple, but it’s made to look like it. With 12 individually addressable fan blades and 12 individually addressable lighting zones, they increase the use of otherwise tasteless products.

The software that works with this fan is one of the most important advantages. It offers many features such as lighting presets, fan speed options, and a very enjoyable feature – for iOS phone owners, Thermaltake enables voice commands.

What we don’t like about the thermal plate plus 12 TT.

It’s as simple as that. That’s all I’m saying. You pay the same price for this fan as for a comparable fan with two functions.

Although the RGB screen on this fan is bright, it’s no problem to hurry up and tell your friends. The design makes it possible to see the individual LEDs while turning, but also works perfectly behind the dust filter.


  • Working in full light
  • Quiet operation
  • The fan controller is supplied with the unit.
  • Cable production is well thought-out and includes various connection options and capacities.


  • The price is not high for a group of three fans.
  • The cables are well thought out, but there are so many that there can be too many in the small space of a small computer cupboard.


Main product characteristics

This fan comes from a lesser known manufacturer, but has many improvements to ensure a long service life.


  • 16.8 million colour LED allows unlimited colour conversion
  • Dynamic speed control in the range of 300 to 1600 rpm.
  • PWM control
  • 21 addressable LEDs with 16.8° colour distribution
  • Hydraulic load capacity
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What we like about EZDIY-FAB

The number of light combinations attracted our attention. This fan is equipped with 1.8 million coloured LEDs, which allow unlimited colour conversion. It’s pretty cool in our books.

Tests have also shown that this fan lives up to its promise of high performance. During the tests, this fan provided a high airflow, cooled a large volume and was very quiet, especially when compared to other fans.

What we don’t like about EZDIY-FAB.

A motherboard with an addressable RGB or controller is required to operate this fan. Unfortunately this limits the settings this fan can accept. Of course, if you buy the wrong motherboard for this fan, the only option is to buy another motherboard or fan or suffer from poor and disappointing performance.


  • Long lifespan: This fan is designed for 20,000 operating hours.
  • Up to 6 additional fans can be connected.
  • The 6-pin interface ensures safe and reliable fan shutdown and gives the lighting a bright and colorful appearance.


  • During installation, this fan must be connected in a special way to enable the RGB function.
  • Some users report that on arrival and straight out of the box the fans are working, but the LEDs are not.


There are many interesting options in this regard. Manufacturers of RGB fans spend a lot of time trying to make the best of their RGB solutions by investing in creating visual confectionery for their owners.

To be honest we are a bit surprised by the Thermaltake fan we saw above. Since Thermaltake is a renowned developer of cooling components, one would think that Riing 2 would be more exciting. We noted the ring 2 at the end of our selection. The most important requirement is the absence of features that could infect the fan and a relatively high price, because it does not show much to him. If Thermaltake had added another row of LEDs, the results would have been much more interesting.

A lot of Corsair fans are coming, which is no surprise. Corsair has been a leading manufacturer of fans for many years.

Slightly more surprising is the relatively good performance of NZXT Aer RGB 2 fans of 120 mm and higher. Two small, low-cost manufacturers have made a breakthrough in the market and have the potential to change things for fans, thanks to the exemplary product they produce.

In our opinion, UpHere fans have even surpassed Corsair fans and are at the top of the list of RBG fans, even at slightly lower revs than NXZT.

NXZT fans have reached second place.

Both have similar characteristics and work as advertised. Both fans are equipped with some serious jewellery, which makes them exciting and easy to operate. The price is good for the stomach and excellent compared to other Corsair fans.

These two fans come with everything you need to make your RGB fans work at their best.

We only estimate the NZXT in second place because of the noise factor. Noise can be heard even at low speeds, while the upHere fans are relatively quiet compared to the upHere fans. Even with this fan, speed control at lower speeds still ensures high product efficiency.

If you are looking for an affordable RGB fan for your gaming equipment or computer with a window in the housing, we believe that the NZXT Aer RGB 2 and following fans offer the best value for money, exemplary performance and promised results.

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