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Many companies have been passive social media for a while now, which means I haven’t used Facebook in the last five years. My tweets aren’t really appreciated or staged. Every now and then I get a little hungry for the Instagram. That’s all I’m saying. Even many modest attempts to learn how to be good at building a society have failed.

Nevertheless, for about 3 weeks active on the internet, we managed to consult about 20,000 views. Honestly, it’s not about the numbers. I call it a success in every respect – especially because my starting point was only 100 opinions, but also because I had no marketing goals, deadlines or results regarding this parallel project. Troll wanted it to be easy and fun.

What is Instagram Growth?

If someone has questions like – How do you choose a co-founder? How do you select a talented professional? How is the social capital distributed? How can the turnover be increased? How can I stop the customer migration? And many similar starting questions, visit our site. Instagram is a guided knowledge base for start-ups / professionals that can shorten the training path and adjust the knowledge level specifically for start-ups. This is an extra learning tool for almost everything you are currently looking for.


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Now, let’s talk about some of our lessons.

1. Plus.

In the modern world of the Internet, entrepreneurial efforts are to some extent reflected in preferences/advertisements/comments on social networking accounts. If you don’t calculate enough, that’s a problem, especially in the B2C/D2C domain. This is an inevitable disadvantage if you start in regions/countries where people are very limited in their social accounting.

Compare the social power of some US venture capital funds with that of Europe. You’ll understand what I mean. Without making generalizations, I just want to encourage users to play the game and help the early founders to lend a helping hand. Even if you are not a fan of what someone is doing, you can always comment and mention how things can be improved, what you can add or offer your support.

2. Read installation page.

The company has its main project product + impact (#Idea2Growth) Since our main product is still in stealth mode, the language of the site is deliberately a bit vague, because we do not want to reveal all the details of our product yet. Although we clearly expressed our emotions and our position (that we stood on our own), it was not clear to everyone. No one wants to waste time trying to understand your website. People couldn’t even link GrowNord to #Idea2Growth. You really need to soften the content to make it nude and simple, and then repeat the process until it’s easier for everyone.

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3. Keep the profile easily digestible – but not too light.

Since many pages are currently dedicated to #Idea2Growth, we thought two pages would be enough for visitors. Within an hour after the launch we were wrong, because a lot of people came back and said there wasn’t enough to read, and didn’t know if it was a real website. Being simple has become a burden.

4. Technical naivety management.

When the public visits your Insta site, they automatically retrieve my emails. This prompted me to discuss the evolution of the technical landscape in the recent past in the next 5 to 10 minutes. Although everyone nowadays uses analysis tools for websites, I don’t think there is an automatic collection of e-mails.

As a product manufacturer, you are responsible for training customers on topics not related to your product. Confidentiality and security are now the most important issues that can best be addressed by additional information on the website.

5. Avoid conservative traps.

When marketing your products/services, many channels will be focused on the internal market, conservative and very inert. For us it was a conversation in which we heard – …couldn’t understand how #Idea2Growth would fit into the curriculum?

Sometimes these questions are sincere and you need to understand the text on your website better; in other cases people don’t want to understand it for fear of self-destruction. Make your life easier by avoiding or bypassing these channels first, otherwise you will be very disappointed.

#Idea2Growth is not a lecture, course or slide. It is simply a database of important learning materials that complement all forms of learning. You don’t have to think about it, just pass on the link to anyone who can benefit from this knowledge!

6. Interaction with respect.

Deal more with people who like or share your content to build prestige and trust. Answer me when they give you a hand.

We were very accommodating and responded to everyone who approached us (even though it had nothing to do with our launch), offered to plan conversations and much more.

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7. Comment gracefully on item

Somebody asked straight away: You’re doing this for marketing? When you create a profile for such people on Facebook – you advertise your private life, on Insta – your photographic skills, on LinkedIn – your professional life and the list goes on. If you don’t like these rules, there’s nothing you can do about it.  Whatever action (or inaction) you take, it is attributed to your product/service. How you answer these direct questions determines what your brand will eventually become.

8. People always want their spam

We have expressly decided in advance that a person who signs up for updates on our website will not receive a confirmation email stating: welcome and blah, blah, blah. We thought it was useless and it was spam.

However, this was not a good sign for the visitors. Teaching: Play and give people what they want by taking the easy way out.

9. mistrust.

Why are you doing this for nothing? What’s in it for you? It is a difficult attempt to obtain non-commercial benefits that are accepted by the population. Many people wouldn’t have thought of signing up twice to get a 10% discount on their email, but we had problems when we asked people to email us to remove this article.

Many criticize the rise of the big technologists in general, but it is easy for us to live our daily lives on these big platforms without thinking about what happens behind their backs. On the other hand, start-ups that need more love (customer data) to produce better products/services have to take distrust into account.

Understand these behavioral aspects better, and if you can use this knowledge, you will win gold.

10. Creating a brand takes time.

It’s expensive to be outside the professional world. For the past two years, I’ve usually been a full-time father. Not working means losing contact on a daily basis, and people don’t respond to you by posting something on social networks. In hindsight, founders have to start very early, even before they have any ideas. You need to raise your voice. Everyone loves artists, so don’t be someone who only broadcasts news or novelties, but someone who has an opinion.

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What worked for us?

Experts like things that don’t evolve and like to work with a long tail. We looked up (through various channels) the relevant people working in the ecosystem and contacted them (directly). We talked to them or left a message about what we were doing.

These amazing things are already in our database. Training – When the early founders outsourced these marketing tasks in the beginning, chances were it didn’t work. The words you say and the tone you write should convey emotions. Only the founders can do this because they spent a lot of time thinking about the problem.

Complete – for everyone – Being less well known in social networks does not mean that a project is not worth supporting or that it is not a good or a nice product. The original founders need your support to extend their efforts to as many people as possible! For the founders – social networks are the main marketing channel; however, there are about a billion relationships/discussions on the sidelines.

Remember, keep doing what you believe in and love. We believe that it is not so much about reaching agreement, but about the long-term impact of the project, the positive feedback from users and the ongoing commitment. Many others did much better and even registered millions of visits in the first days of the launch. Moreover, not all instruments provide the same statistical results.

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