All You Need To Know About Webcams

The fact that we can see and communicate with people from all over the world without being physically in the same place shows how advanced our technology is.

Webcams are devices that help you do the same. These are camcorders that transfer video and images in real time via your computer/laptop and a reliable internet connection.

Usually these are small video cameras that can be placed anywhere near the desktop computer after it is connected to the specified desktop. They are also built into the hardware of most laptops.

A webcam can be used by anyone with a computer and an internet connection to talk to one or more people.

Nowadays, companies even make webcam calls and educational institutions use webcams to teach distance learning courses. There are several other ways to use a webcam. Event managers, for example, also use a webcam to broadcast live events so that people everywhere can watch and feel part of the event.

Of course, before one of the live events is broadcast, a test with webcam and microphone is performed to ensure that everything is perfectly visible and audible.

The earliest types of webcams were small in size, and the videos and images they shot were of low resolution. One of the reasons for this is that the transfer speed was not as good as it is now. They came with a connecting cable and a small focus device and had a small carrying system to hold them in place. It was very necessary to place the old webcams in the right place to guarantee good image and video quality.

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In addition, older versions of webcams were not equipped with a microphone, but had to use a separate microphone.

The webcams you are currently receiving are of the best quality and resolution and have a built-in microphone.

Webcams were originally designed as a means of videoconferencing, and they weren’t designed to take high-resolution photos and videos; if they could make faces and gestures, that was more than enough. Unlike today’s webcams, they are not designed to capture complicated details.

Webcam types

The types of webcams are listed below

Integrated webcam

They are also known as embedded or embedded webcams and are usually included in the hardware of laptops and other handheld computers. They are not designed for mobility, but for comfort. The quality of these webcams depends mainly on the quality of the laptops. High-end laptops are equipped with a high quality webcam, but have limitations. Some models are also equipped with two webcams, also known as double webcams, one designed for video and the other for capturing still images.

You don’t have the ability to place these webcams in the right corner in front of you, you have to configure yourself if you want to be seen or heard clearly.

Standalone webcam

These are external webcams that were used before the integrated webcams. As mentioned above, they come with a cable connection that you must use to connect to your computer or laptop. One of the great qualities of external webcams is that you can place them wherever you want. You don’t have to adjust your position to get the best video or image on you, you can adjust the position of the webcam. Although it is usually placed at the top of the screen or near the desktop.

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The image and video quality you get from external webcams is much better than that of integrated webcams. Although the quality of the image/video depends on the model of webcam you want to buy.

A few extra cables on your desktop and a webcam can be a bit uncomfortable, but don’t forget that an external webcam has more advantages than disadvantages.

And, as said, the latest webcam models also have a built-in microphone.

But as always, it is preferable to have a separate external microphone (headset).

Network cameras

Network cameras are just like ordinary webcams, the main difference is that the data is transmitted over a wireless or Ethernet network. They are mainly used with a closed circuit television and are ideal for first class video conferencing.

With these high specifications they can cost more than a regular webcam, but they do cost money, and you also need a good internet connection to make them work properly.

Buying a webcam

It goes without saying that a thorough test on a webcam is necessary for the purchase. But you also need to know certain specifications before making a decision about a webcam.

For good picture quality, choose a webcam with a resolution of 320X240 or 640X480 pixels, while 1280X720 pixels is considered the best choice for the best picture quality.

Also make sure your webcam has a frame rate of 30 frames per second. This frame rate determines the speed at which the frames in your video move. All of the following means that your webcam may be outdated and your videos may look suspicious and weird.

Make sure you also invest in glass lenses. Most webcams are equipped with plastic lenses, but with glass lenses you can make better quality photos and videos.

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