Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat or a Benefit?

Artificial intelligence is developing.  This should not be a frightening thought for a generation growing up with him in the background. Its development has expanded considerably and it is no longer restricted or confined to research laboratories. Artificial intelligence develops in different sectors, including business, thanks to innovations that make it possible to study specific tasks with a minimum of teams or contributions. The companies have taken note of this.

Taking advantage of AI’s attractiveness, companies have begun to invest in research and development to improve AI’s capabilities. Optimize it to focus on the task at hand and see the benefits AI brings to your industries both locally and globally.

Artificial intelligence is the development of computer systems capable of performing tasks that require intelligence. These tasks include making decisions, recognizing speech and emotions, and visual perception. These are just the essential things an AI can do. We’re talking about computer systems and algorithms capable of replicating human capabilities.

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Artificial intelligence as well as machine learning and in-depth knowledge are able to recognize different patterns and create the necessary algorithms to reproduce human behavior. These technologies can perform these tasks with large amounts of data based on what people think and how they perform the tasks.

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The influence of artificial intelligence

Workshop changes

Whether large or small, the workplace is influenced by artificial intelligence. One of the clear advantages of AI for companies is the ability to improve the quality and accuracy of production results by performing tasks faster. With the enormous amount of data an RN can use for training, decisions are made with greater accuracy. As the amount and speed of information and data processing increases, manual decisions are then processed and surpassed by real-time digital decision-making. These benefits include workplace traditions, practices and customs that may prevent the use of AI in the workplace.

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AI has been used in the human resources department to reduce repetitive tasks, reduce manual work and speed up processes. AI-based job tracking systems are available to support job search development, view multiple CVs, select the right candidate for the job and conduct the first interview with your human colleagues before approving it. This facet of AI-based systems removes barriers in the recruitment process and ensures that the candidate benefits from an impartial, objective and egalitarian selection system.

AI somehow interferes with the work by making changes. We humans are creatures of habit and we tend to be afraid of what we don’t understand, especially if it leads to the fact that it can be replaced by a machine, a program or even an application. To a certain extent, this concept is based on and benefits from trust, as machines designed to improve the efficiency of production and services have replaced workers. But the jobs and skills for which AI is used are designed to eliminate a peaceful and uniform part of the workplace, taking human resources to a higher level. When we fear AI, we underestimate by far who we are and what we are really capable of.

Changes in customer service

It is expected that RNs will change customer service even more over time. The customer experience (CX) is essential for any business. The AI was initially used to sort customer complaints, queries and service requests before the customer was referred to the appropriate department to handle his or her needs. But the AI continues to grow. The customer support software will be expanded to include mood analysis technology, allowing requests and complaints to be handled efficiently. AI-compatible customer support software effectively helps you to respond quickly and accurately to your customers and build a closer relationship with your target audience. And because an AI can study vast amounts of data, it can effectively serve its customers and develop opportunities that benefit the company.

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Changes in communication

The development of communication technologies and the integration of AI in communication systems have led to progress in speech recognition and translation. Data access and computing power are available for your communication needs. Applications equipped with powerful microchips can hear and translate words from another dialect or language during a conversation. The development of even more advanced and intelligent algorithms enables companies (B2B) to exchange relevant data and information between the participating organisations much faster. Indeed, information and statistics are available in real time to make complex decisions. It also enables the company to have a global presence and become competitive on the global market. Thanks to the good real-time transfer of the required data, companies can adapt and optimize according to the different trends of the target market.

Safety changes

Whether you’re part of a large company or an individual, cyber security is an important issue today. And Ay is an important factor on both sides of the spectrum in terms of cyber security. Hackers are notorious for their ruthlessness. They attack every 39 seconds, an average of 2,244 times a day. An estimated 24,000 malicious applications are blocked every day. The attacks are significant and are likely to be carried out using artificial intelligence. Among the new attacks are deep-seated counterfeiting technologies that initially pose a challenge to content marketers and cyber security experts. But in the same way, the other side of the spectrum depends on the applications, software and programs that support AI. AI software helps identify network vulnerabilities, effectively adapt to attacks, and provide solutions to counter attacks with appropriate protection strategies. The role of artificial intelligence in cyber security is also very extensive in ensuring your security and that of your systems. Read more about the causes of cybercrime and prevention measures.

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Conclusion: CEW tools for improving life

We’ve only just scratched the surface of what artificial intelligence can achieve. But it is important to realize that AI is meant to improve our lives. It can be seen as an instrument that helps us to rise above our circumstances. With the advent of AI technology, we may need to adapt and re-evaluate. We must have the skills and knowledge to manage and flourish in a world that is constantly changing and improving over time.