What is the best platform for starting a Personal blog

Since we live in a modern and digital world, it is nothing unusual that most of the things we do are based online, no matter if it is work-related or simply for fun. Throughout history, advertising has been important, and although signs and terms like “On sale” or “40% discount” seems funny, they work, and as many studies have shown, people are trained to be drawn to them. For quite some time now, although still relatively new, one type of advertising is taking over, and that’s digital marketing, and today, it participates in more than 70% of all advertising. Of course, since it is so widespread, it’s no wonder that there are also many specialists in charge of creating digital marketing campaigns, and since that whole area is constantly expanding, there are always new ways to achieve desired marketing goals. But, even though there are so many ways one can join the online community, one type has always been relevant, and yes, we are talking about blogging.

Namely, writing a blog has, for almost two decades, been crucial for anyone with enough passion and desire to share their opinion, and no matter if your blog is about cooking, sport, politics, or things we deal with daily, if written in the right manner, there will always be followers who would like to hear what someone who shares or have a similar look at life thinks. That is why the Internet is so great, as it offers every single individual numerous way and opportunities to express themselves. Even so, with new things like social networks, podcasts, and much more, many thought that blogging would lose its popularity. Boy, they were wrong.

Even though there was a slight drop in the number of blogging enthusiasts and people who read them, today, blogging is yet again reaching new highs, popularity-wise. Since that’s the case, there is only one thing to think about before you start with your own blog, and that is which platform to use. Making that choice is not an easy decision, as there are many platforms with various different features and advantages, but there is no need to worry, as we will present you with the top three platforms to start and base the blog, so let’s begin.

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Source: strikingly.com

Strikingly is perhaps the best platform for those who want to make a creative personal blog in less than an hour. It is pretty simple to use, so even beginners can make a creative website or page without too much effort, and because of amazing templates, this platform is ideal for every creative soul. Another great benefit is the fact that coding is not necessary since Strikingly is hosting the website on their own once it is created, which makes the whole process much easier and, what’s even more important, much more manageable. Since Strikingly is hosting the website, there is no need to worry about technical things, so you will have more time to focus on the website look. Templates allow us to edit pictures, and it is possible to add everything we need, from text, buttons, and stickers, to a fully functionally online store, and we can put them wherever we want on a page. If you choose to go with a free blog, you will have their subdomain, and upgrading to some of the three paid plans will remove it. It is possible to choose from the limited one, which costs $8 per month, pro, which costs $16 per month, or VIP, with a price of $49 per month. The higher plan you choose, the more benefits you will have, and it will be much easier to create what you imagined.


Source: 99designs.pt

Sometimes building a website can be a real nightmare for those people who are not good with computers because they choose some hard platform as their first one. Luckily, today we have Wix, which can help us create whatever we want with drag-and-drop editor, which is that simple that even beginners can use it. By using the AI tool, we can create a website in less than 30 minutes, and the best part is that there is no coding or complicated tools that we need to learn how to use properly. Wix platform is well connected with social media, and it allows us to easily create, edit and share posts on them, but also to manage comments, and using the mobile app is making that even easier. Since there are many templates, it is fun to create a blog, and if you cannot find a template you like, there is a possibility to create your own. For those who do not mind having a Wix subdomain, this platform offers a free plan, but if you want to erase it, it is necessary to choose from one of the paid plans and use all the benefits.

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Source: blogger.com

The people who were active on the Internet in 1999 probably still remember the Blogger platform, which was the pioneer of blogs and blogging. Luckily for those nostalgic, this platform is still active, and because of its simplicity, it is still one of the best choices for those who want to start a personal blog. Maybe the best thing about this platform is the fact that it is free, and besides that, we can make money from using it by using Google AdSense. With custom templates and a possibility to add pictures, text, and stickers and easily navigate through posts and comments, this platform is one of the most popular even after more than 20 years. There is no coding, the use of the platform is free, and we can earn money out of posts with Google AdSense, but also to check the traffic with Google Analytics. Because of that, it is clear that this platform is worth considering once you decide to start with a personal blog.

Summing up

These are the top three platforms suitable for everyone, no matter how much experience they have in doing such a thing, and the only remaining thing to do is choose the one that suits your personal preferences the most. Think carefully, as each platform offers something different, and the more you use one, the more sense you will get of what all the possibilities are and how to use them to your advantage. After that, all you need to do is advertise the blog properly, create an online community, share opinions, listen to constructive critics and grow because, who knows, maybe you are the next Brian Clark or Arianna Huffington. Don’t know how to make the most of advertising on social networks? Once again, there is no need to worry as reputable and trustworthy companies like Famoid will do all the work for you. Now, when you have everything needed, focus on the writing and share your views with the whole world.

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