How Can Your Car’s Vin Help You Get Car Insurance – 2024 Guide

Getting a new vehicle is said to be a pure moment of joy, and upgrading to a newer model, and getting the much-desired freedom is always a good choice. When purchasing a new auto we are focused on the big things, we think about the make, model, the budget we have, as well as the additional features we look for in a vehicle.

All of these things can make us forget about the part that comes later – getting an insurance policy, and even prior to that, checking if the used model we want to purchase has a clean history. In this article, we are going to talk about the VIN, and how it can help you get the insurance policy you want.

What is VIN and why do you need it?

VIN or vehicle identification number are the digits to identify every car on the road, and this code serves as a social security number for an auto. Every vehicle has a different code, and with it, you can find anything you need about the model you want to purchase and all about its history.

With your vehicle identification number, the insurance company of your choosing will be able to identify your car in case if it is stolen or damaged.


Note that they will also be able to check if your vehicle is suspicious and if it has been stolen before. This helps customers, especially those who choose to purchase used autos, make sure they are purchasing a clean automobile, that hasn’t been stolen before and that has not been used in any crime.

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It is said that this number is going to show the history of your vehicle, all the reparations that have been done to it, if it has been involved in any accidents, and if there is something you need to worry about.

Note that without knowing this number before purchasing an auto, you risk getting tricked, you risk spending more money, and ultimately getting a terrible deal.

When it comes to insurance and insurance policies, the VIN is used to review all the features that come with the auto, and ultimately, you may be able to get a better deal and spend less money before you sign the policy. You will receive discounts in case there are anti-theft features, or if you have installed any types of additional safety devices. Sometimes investing in these features is far better than paying triple for expensive policies, so explore all your options before signing the contract.

Where can you find it?

Now let’s talk a bit about the location of these digits. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle you should be able to locate it near the wheel. On most cars, you can find it in the lower-left corner of the dashboard.


In case you are planning on buying a used auto, and you want to check the history of the vehicle, then you can easily see the digits if you approach the car from the driver’s side and look through the windshield.

Other places that you can see this number are in the documents for the automobile, the car’s engine, underneath the spare tire, as well as inside the driver’s doorjamb. There are several other places where it could be located and it all depends on the type and model.

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Note that conducting your own research before you take your vehicle to the insurance company is always recommended so that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you decide to get a policy for it.

You can check the history of your auto on websites like, and find out if there is something suspicious about the vehicle you are planning to purchase, even before you get to sign the documents.

In case you cannot locate the VIN on your own, you can always talk to a mechanic, and ask them to check and read the number for you. In case you are collaborating with a dealership, you can also ask the seller for these digits.

Can you get car insurance without it?


The last thing we are going to talk about is the policy and how you can acquire it. Depending on the company you choose to collaborate with, you are going to need to provide information about yourself, including your full name, address, social security number, and driver’s license number. When it comes to your vehicle, you will need to provide information including the make and model of the auto, the mileage reading, information about safety features and anti-theft devices, as well as the VIN.

Some people are wondering if they can start this process without the code, and this is a valid question especially if you want to get the policy even before you take the car on the road. Well, there is no short answer to this, and you should know that it all depends on the company you choose to collaborate with, as well as your location.

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In most places, you will be able to start the procedure, and you can definitely get a quote without providing the digits, but for finishing the whole process, and getting the policy, you are going to need to provide the VIN. Note that the companies are not going to give you a policy before checking the history of the unit, and before seeing if there are things that are going to affect the overall costs.


As you can see these digits are some of the most important information you will need to share with the insurance company if you want to get a policy on your new automobile. You cannot finish the process without providing this info, and you should not try to find a way around it because you need to know if your auto is in good condition. If it had any major breaks you should know about, and if there is a way for you to get a better policy for less money.

Talk to the provider about the time you have to provide them with the code, and if you are going to get a discount depending on the features your automobile has. Don’t forget to check the history before you purchase a new car, and talk to your mechanic about how to locate the number.