7 Reasons a Mobile Mechanic is Just as Good as a Dealership Mechanic in 2024

No matter if you own a vintage vehicle or if you own the latest and most expensive model out there, caring for and maintaining your car is, perhaps, one of the most important things that you could do. Although a lot of people still depend on the services traditional mechanics provide, more and more individuals are discovering the perks of hiring mobile mechanics.

If you’re thinking about hiring such services, you might also be wondering – what are the reasons why a mobile mechanic is just as good as one coming from a dealership? Luckily, you’ll be capable of finding an answer to this question in the article below, so, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the list:

1. The Vehicle Will Remain With You

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One of the most significant advantages that you could gain from opting for such services is that they’ll arrive at your location with all of their equipment and tools in order to work on the car. This means that you’ll be capable of avoiding paying for a tow truck and you also won’t need to leave your vehicle in the garage until it gets fixed.

Now, keep in mind, besides calling them in emergency situations, you could also call them to fix an issue that you’re aware of, meaning that they can operate on the car in, for example, your driveway. Mobile mechanics most commonly use vans that are completely equipped with the tools they need, hence, they’ll be ready to repair almost anything on site.

If they discover that there is a larger issue with the automobile, they may need to take it to their or their partner’s workshop. However, in most situations, they won’t charge you a fee for this, which means that you won’t need to worry about paying extra for the towing of your car.

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2. Immediate Help in Emergency Situations

A mechanic that works for a traditional shop might not be able to arrive at your location as soon as they can, mostly because they’re restricted by the fixed schedules they have in the shops. Hence, if you find yourself in an emergency situation of, for example, your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere you may end up waiting for hours for help to arrive.

But, if you choose to call a qualified mobile mechanic such as the ones working for www.mot-centre.com, they’ll be ready to come immediately after you call them and they’ll also work on your car as soon as they get there. Additionally, they’ll probably give your some directions on how to remain safe while waiting for them, hence, ensure that you ask them about what you should do.

3. They Have The Same Experience

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You might come across some information that mobile mechanics aren’t as skillful and experienced as someone working in a repair shop, however, this is something that isn’t true. The real truth is that the mobile mechanic you call will probably be quite skilled, and as mentioned, they’ll also be fully equipped for the job.

Some of the regular things that they could help you with include changing your oil and fluids, checking the transmission, repairing your brakes, changing the battery, and so on. Additionally, since they’ll come to you, you’ll be capable of seeing what they’re doing, meaning that you can ask all the questions you want.

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4. It’s Less Expensive

As you already know, taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop will result in you paying a lot for the services. However, with a mobile mechanic, this completely changes. How are they able to offer a lower fee? Well, they won’t have any expenses of running a physical shop, meaning that they don’t have rent or utilities to pay, nor are there staff members that they need to pay.

Hence, since they don’t have their expenses and they drive their ‘garage’ in their vans, the services of a mobile mechanic are quite cheaper than traditional ones. You won’t also have to worry about providing supplies, equipment, and materials to them, mostly because they’ll already have it.

5. You’ll Get a Warranty And a Quote

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Before the expert you called starts working on your car, they’ll first give you a written quote for their services. You should know that it’s a common misunderstanding that only dealerships could provide a warranty, however, as long as the person working on your car is licensed to repair vehicles, your warranty won’t be impacted.

They’re experienced with repairing a wide range of vehicles by the manufacturers’ rules and guidelines, which means that they’ll use components that are suitable for your vehicle. Additionally, they’re also capable of stamping your logbook, hence, your warranty won’t be affected at all.

6. It’s Simpler to Book And Pay For The Services

These mechanics most commonly have online platforms where you’ll be capable of booking and paying for the services you need, and you’ll also be able to see your receipts and records online. In some cases, you’ll even be able to download a smartphone application, which means that you can do the same aforementioned things by accessing the app, and with the app, you might even get useful advice and tips for maintaining your car.

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7. They Can Handle Larger Jobs As Well

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Although they won’t tow your vehicle to a shop in order to fix the issue, they’ll still be capable of fixing your car, even if the problem is more serious than you initially thought. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about the condition of your car once they’re done repairing it.


Hiring a mobile mechanic might prove to be extremely beneficial for you. Besides coming to your location whenever there is a problem with your car, they’ll also be able to fix your vehicle for a lower price, and more importantly, they’re just as experienced as a professional working in a repair shop.

So, now that you have learned that it can be quite beneficial for you to opt for such services, you might not want to waste any more of your time. Instead, open up a new search tab, and start looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced mobile mechanic that will help you with your car problems.