12 Amazing Facts About Catherine Bell

If you are a fan of “Army Wives” and “JAG”, you may already be familiar with Catherine Bell. She is an amazing actress, model, and entrepreneur who has gotten famous for various reasons.

She has a captivating beauty and awe-inspiring acting skills. Go to this website to see her stunning beauty. You may know the actress by face, but you know nothing about her on different levels. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some interesting facts about this actress.

It will let you know about the various layers of her personality. So, let’s dive into some awesome facts.

Amazing Facts About Catherine Bell

Have a Rich Ancestral Background

Catherine Bell’s father, Peter Bell, was Scottish. And her mother, Mina Bell, is Iranian. So, she has a rich ancestral background having the mix of these two descents.

Defeat Thyroid Cancer

She was twenty when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She defeated the cancer by removing her thyroid. She never concealed the scar of that operation, thinking that it was cool.

She also served as a spokesperson for the Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association (ThyCa).

Has Medical Education

Bell has a medical educational background. She studied biomedical engineering at UCLA.

She wished to be a surgeon or a biomedical engineer at that time. Then, she changed her mind and went for modeling.


Bell can speak two languages fluently. That’s why she is bilingual. She knows English because she lives in America, and she can also speak Farsi fluently because of her Persian background.

She is a Mom

She has two kids. The first one is the daughter Gemma to whom she gave birth on April 16, 2003. The second one is the son Ronan whom she gave birth to on August 21, 2010.

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Has Different Tattoos on Body

She has numerous tattoos on different parts of her body. The cutest ones are the two tattoos that contain her kids’ names.

She has the tattoo of Gemma’s name in ancient Persian on her left wrist. The son’s name is in an ancient Celtic script on her right inner forearm.

Moreover, she has a heart tattoo with “love” written on the inside of her right ankle.

She Loves Sports

She Loves Sports

Source: hallmarkchannel.com

She is physically fit and indulges in different types of sports. Some famous ones are skiing, riding motorcycles, snowboarding, and kickboxing.

She was also a contestant on the March Game in 1990 and introduced herself as a massage therapist there. She won $900 from the game.

She also believes in the importance of fitness. And, has released a DVD known as “The Bell Workout”.

She is an Activist

She is a philanthropist and supports a lot of organizations which are of different types. She supports those organizations that protect natural resources and promote sustainable living.

She also supports those organizations that protect animal rights. She is also with those organizations which are working on thyroid cancer, and focus on children’s education and welfare.

Voice Over Artist

She is also a voice-over artist and has shown her skills in different animation dubbing. Her main dubbing project is Sheba in “The Howling: New Moon Rising”.


She is not only an artist but is also an entrepreneur. She has a line of jewelry that is famous and gives her a bunch of money and fame.

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Different Hobbies

The actress has various interesting hobbies which a lot of people don’t know. She loves cooking, making model cars, and cross-stitching.

Also, she loves to play piano and creates a lot of interesting rhymes from it.

She also has different outdoor activities which mostly include playing different sports. Even, she sprained her ankle once while playing golf.

Social Media Presence

She is highly active on social media where she shares different types of information with her fans.

She shares a few precious moments of her personal life and different upcoming projects. Moreover, she also shares motivational quotes on her social media.

These motivational quotes help her spread love and positivity among people.


Catherine Bell

Source: thepcprinciple.com

So, these are twelve interesting facts about Catherine Bell about whom no one knows. These facts tell us how loving, caring, and stunning the actress is.

She has a prominent and strong place in Hollywood because of her acting skills and charming personality. We hope this article has helped you in knowing about this actress on another level.

These facts about Catherine Bell provides a fascinating glimpse into the life and career of a versatile and accomplished actress.

From her early beginnings as a model to her breakout role in “JAG” and subsequent success in “Army Wives,” Bell’s journey in the entertainment industry is characterized by talent, dedication, and a commitment to diverse and impactful storytelling.

This overview highlights lesser-known aspects of Catherine Bell’s life, offering insights into her multicultural background, educational pursuits, and the range of roles she has taken on throughout her career.

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As a skilled actress, she has demonstrated her ability to portray characters with depth and nuance, captivating audiences in both television and film.

Moreover, the inclusion of intriguing facts about Catherine Bell, such as her interest in aviation and her dedication to philanthropic endeavors, adds a personal dimension to her public persona.

It becomes evident that Bell is not only a talented performer but also an individual with a broader range of interests and a genuine desire to make a positive impact in various spheres of life.

As readers navigate through the facts about Catherine Bell, they gain a well-rounded perspective on the actress beyond her on-screen roles. Her story emerges as one of resilience, passion, and a commitment to both her craft and the betterment of the world around her.

Her narrative becomes one of resilience, talent, and a genuine connection with both her audience and the world at large. Catherine Bell’s facts stands as a testament to the richness of her experiences and the admirable balance she maintains between her successful career and her broader contributions to society.