6 Benefits of Buying Upcycled Furniture

When you buy your home the first thing you can and have to do is run your imagination wild. Think about the walls, about the room space, about the colours and most importantly about the furniture.

Now what hurts us the most is the fact that new furniture is somewhat bland and it doesn’t bring any happiness or colour into our homes. No matter how expensive or prestigious it may be it is all somehow all seen. To cut down on some of your cost you can always go with second-hand furniture that you can spruce up by yourself or go and buy it already done at a local Bazar or a thrift shop.

Those are the places to find pretty unique pieces of furniture that will always make people stop, admire, awe and talk about it. Places like local bazaars and thrifts shops are a good start but a place like kalustofurniture.co.uk also has a great choice of both new and interesting as well as upcycled furniture.

Now today’s article will revolve around the benefits that buying this type of furniture brings you, and we will not procrastinate anymore. We are diving in!

1. Save money

Source: pexels.com

Yes, we know that IKEA and similar places have a lot of cheap and solid furniture, but is that what you want and need. Do you want the same dresser as your neighbour or friend? Do you want the same coffee table or sofa as your first cousin, but only in a different colour? We don’t think so. Doing your furniture should be an expression of who you are and if you are a person that loves history, quality, older materials then upcycled furniture is your thing. Go out visit a thrift shop, Bazar or anything similar and see what you can find. You would be amazed at what people give away and how quality those pieces can be and usually are. This way you will buy something you like, for a fraction of the cost of a new thing, and most definitely owe something that no one else has.

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2. Personal twist

A positive thing about upcycled furniture is that you can redo it whatever you like. Imagine getting a new dresser and thinking how it doesn’t fit in with the colours of something. Could you use a sander, sand down something brand new and repaint it the way you like? I don’t think so. What upcycled furniture allows you is to express yourself in many ways and one of those is creativity. A dresser that was only $10 on a Bazar needs and will receive a new coat of paint and lacquer without even thinking twice. You would rather potentially destroy something that cheap than a $330 or $400 dresser, right? Plus, these pieces have a history. If you like that rustic style then most things bought like this will probably retain their originality with you repairing or patching up a few things. It would make more sense.

3. History

Source: homewings.co.uk

Old furniture always has a story behind it and that story can be a great opener for everyone admiring it. Imagine buying a coffee table that was in someone’s home 50 or 60 years before. Imagine the stories and memories. Upcycled furniture has a soul, has a story to tell and if you manage to get a hold of some stories from whoever you buy it from, prepare a night for your friends that will blow their minds.

4. Originality

Just like history these furniture pieces are original. They will be a talking point of any guest you have and you will be proud of that. In a world where we lost our personal touch in some things and where creativity has gone way down for the sake of functionality your furniture will have a soul and will make a statement of your persona every time. These furniture pieces will be a reflection of you, your feelings and your thoughts which is why each upcycled furniture bit will not fit just about everywhere and with everyone. Choose yours carefully and don’t buy something because it’s old and cheap, buy it because you see a piece of yourself in it.

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5. Colours and mods

Source: loveproperty.com

What most people that buy this furniture do today is make it even more personal, with either colour or with intended usage. Colours are the easier way to get the attention of your friends and making something colourful will make it even more interesting, besides simply being an upcycled piece of furniture. Modifications are also a thing that will make them pop. If you buy a bedside table for instance with drawers and doors what you easily can do is take out the doors and make a small little bookshelf for your magazines, books, comics while leaving drawers to do their purpose. Old wine cabinets and dish cabinets were modded to infinity and they make a huge central point in anyone’s living room.

6. Bonding

If you are one of those that will buy the upcycled furniture to give it your twist then this point will be a strong one. Yes, we know that there are people who like to do things by themselves and there are people that like to do this with a company but both of those people get the benefit of bonding. If you are doing this as a project for your home you can do this with your better halves or with your kids, it will be fun because you will do something with your own hands which is a bonus on its own, but you will also bond with your closest and have a piece of furniture that will remind you on that bond. If you like things done by yourself then this is a great bonding moment with, you guessed it, yourself. A calm surrounding with nothing but your mind and a physical effort to create something unique should be a definition of serenity. Most creators did things on their own and became famous, why wouldn’t the same happen to you.

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After reading this, we think that you have a wish growing in you. We believe that you want to run down to your local Bazar or a thrift store and buy your first upcycled piece of furniture and try all of this. Do you want to know how we know that? We feel the same. It has been a while since I or anyone from my family did his kind of project, and after writing this I believe it’s time I go and find one for us. Happy hunting people and best of luck!