Super Creative Online Date Night Ideas

Ten years ago, online dating would have looked like a work of fiction. But here we are today, living in the web of technology, gadgets, and online dating apps. This has crossed boundaries to make lovers meet and also made neighbors realize that their special one is just living next door. Distance and compassion now know no limitations.

Often the absence of the warmth of a cuddle and the inability to live together may make you sad. And this is where we come to your rescue. Here is a list of super creative date night ideas that can be easily executed on a video call.

1. A virtual tour to your favorite destination


Traveling together has always been on the top of a couple’s bucket list. Let technology be the vehicle that makes you roam places. First, schedule a date night with this idea. Then, select a place or maybe more than one destination where you have always wanted to go with your precious one. Do not reveal the details to the partner.

Surprise them with your choice. Use Google Maps and Google Earth tools to have a view of places from multiple angles to enrich your experience. Ask each other about the activities they would do together there and share the feeling of being side by side.

In case you have earlier been to the place, share the funny memories to add hilarity to the date night and also tell about your thrilling incidents to make the conversation going.

2. Music jam sessions

As they say, you can know a person by his/her playlist. So, allow music to be the reason for the talk of the night. Plan a jam session together while also having a full stock of ice creams because you never know which song takes you to the meltdown.

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Every song is associated with memory; share it. Tell them when did you first hear it, when do you listen to it on the loop, and who are your favorite artists. Sing each other to sleep and maybe all this while you end up deciding that one song which is your couple song.

Music makes you speak from the soul. Try this idea and unlock the hidden stories from each other’s past. Let rhythm do its magic, and lyrics make you fall even more for each other.

3. Reel remix marathons


Instagram is the real entertainer nowadays. From amazing photo filters to reels that become famous worldwide on the day of their release, the social media app has it all. The latest feature of the reel remix offers you a perfect fun-packed date night idea.

Get your rooms lightened up with disco lights and set the music system to the best of its sound. Then, select random reels and shake your feet to sync with each other. Initially, it could be a little shy thing to do, but once you are in the mood, there will be no going back.

4. Binge that rom-com together

It’s a fun moment to see your partner teary-eyed with a burst of stomach-aching laughter. Rom-coms provide you the best opportunity to have such a romantic moment. Set up those fairy lights and organize a movie night or binge-watch a rom-com web series to have the time of your life.

This way, you have so many things to talk about during the date night, and also, you get the chance to show off your classic humor skills.

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5. Recipe crossover you both never expected


A lot of people gamble that cooking is one of the best online date night ideas. This time we are leveling it up with a recipe crossover. You both decide on a few common ingredients of the recipe and then put out an expectation of the final dish.

Then, both of you can cook together on a video call sharing all the suspense about the taste and peculiarities of your cooking style. A dish assessment for the recipe crossover winner can be done based on certain score points.

This is a very excitement-enriched activity as it counts making things from scratch and then expecting the best out of the unknown.

6. Just a talk night with wine

Each one of us has a personal space where we are most vulnerable. Vulnerability brings strength, trust, and compassion to a relationship. Sometimes it’s nice to have a simple talk night as a date where you share about your goals, your memory from the past, and small details about each other.

Let this date night be the most memorable one where you find comfort in each other’s life’s episodes where they were broken, happy, or somewhere in between. A bottle of wine can help you add a vibe to the conversation, and cheers across screens be the toast to your togetherness.

7. A virtual stand-up or a concert together


Tons of laughter together or the feel of romantic Livestream, the choice is yours, and the idea is ours. Book a night show and get ready as if it was a real event. Take on your best clothes and style accordingly.

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Be careful while selecting an artist. It should match the taste of both people. With stand-ups comes lightness and comedy into the bond that makes it more open to conversation. Romantic concerts again fill in the gaps of physical intimacy and make a date cuddlesome and lovable.

8. The 200 stroke painting

Colors bring in positivity and comfort. Bring in the paintbox, paint board, and brushes to fill your canvas with the ideas you share. The twist here will be that you both will be allowed 200 strokes only to illustrate the final picture.

Painting together is therapy, curative, and often considered an intimate affair. So, arrange your board and colors, begin with a video call using platforms like, and set your strokes straight.

All the activities, which are a kind of game, also help you know about the competitive side of your partner because you need to know them truly a hundred percent before they crack Monica’s joke of stealing their thunder.