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Best Evite Alternatives – Sites like Evite

If you are visiting alternative Evite sites or sites such as Evite, you have come to the right place. We have made a list of 10 websites similar to Evite yolu that you can consult.

Evite is a website for online invitations and was launched in 1998. This is a free advertising service. It has a simple interface to create an invitation to the website. The host only enters the email addresses of the expected guests and avoids sending out invitations to the guests. It is one of the best online mapping services for creativity.

Avoite not only provides and creates forums for talented people to discover their innovative talents, but also has a basis for generating ideas for groups. Anyway, this online invitation is called Evite. The process of sending the invitations was much simpler than before.

Avoidance benefits

One of the advantages of using Evite is that it is a free social planning platform that can be widely used by individuals to send invitations to individuals or groups. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it super easy to use. It uses a very simple method of sending invitation messages by placing the necessary email addresses for the guest and classifying the responses into four specific categories, namely one visit, no visit, possible response or no response to the invitation.

Websites like Evite

One of the advantages of organizing the event is that the money earned during the invitation process can be traced if a fee is charged for the event. In this way, guests can be reminded before the start of the event and the host’s wishes are taken into account when designing the ideal invitation. It is also an opportunity to inform guests of any changes to the event.

10 Best solutions for sending online invitations

  1. YEAR

This is the website of a card manufacturer that gives designers the freedom to create professional invitations using creative programs. Anyvite not only provides tools to create and use all forms of invitation cards, but also allows its users to share invitation cards with friends.

  1. Celebrations
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Celebration is an online website where you can find tools and ideas for creating invitation cards. Guests can be invited and the design can be used for events such as birthdays or weddings. You can select the right template according to your needs and create it easily. On one page you will find all steps and settings.

  1. PSP print
  2. demonstration alternatives

This is a place for the online design market. It offers invitation templates and customizable e-cards. If you are in a hurry to send your favorite invitation card, PsPrint is the best platform for this purpose. You will receive elegant and high-quality invitation templates.

  1. PINGGhttp://

Pingg is an online website for manufacturers of electronic cards and invitations. It falls into the category of those unique types of online services that provide their users with different ideas, such as the Party Ideas System, etc. To make your day special, you need to discover exclusive and trendy event ideas. This is a welcome place for invitations.


Like the other alternatives to Evite, Hobnob is a purely applied invitation service that moves away from the office premises. Invitations are sent by SMS to those who do not have the software on their mobile phone and can also be sent by e-mail.

The program is very intuitive, you can create individual videos that you can send to your guests. It is the ideal place to simplify communication and exchange photos after a case. You can also create communities to connect to your community in a closed forum next to a regular event.

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It is a forum where people communicate socially or professionally with each other. Thanks to the large number of users, Facebook is one of the best channels to promote a public or private event and attract the attention of the public. This makes it a strong online invitation platform compared to others, from the attractive features to the services offered by Facebook Options.

You can also join the party on Facebook. To do this, you need to create a new event from your Facebook account. Then fill in all the details and select your buddies for the session. You can also invite them publicly and privately on Facebook. All guests will be informed immediately by means of a note. The host and guests can also address the event by posting a message on the wall.

This is the most popular online invitation site because of its functionality. Many people find this event in their news feeds, and you have the opportunity to share it in your news feeds. Through explanation and the individual selection of invitations, it is possible to attract the attention of the audience concerned and to manage an event effectively when discussing and preparing information about the event.


Smilebox is a special invitation program because it allows the user to add music and animations to the maps. You can also create collages and slide shows. Smilebox offers the customer a special experience in sending out invitations that cannot be found on many other websites.

To get the most out of it, there are a number of formats, themes and styles. One of the useful features of the Smilebox is the ability to send messages to the specified email addresses, as well as the planning function that helps you stay informed about the event. Invitations can be published on Facebook and sent by email.

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Paperless mail offers a variety of design options. You can select a template and enter text if necessary. You can personalize the invitations to suit your needs with their customizable design.

You will see the RSVP guest status. In the free version you can invite up to 500 people and in the paid version up to 15,000 people. They also allow you to postpone or cancel an event. It is also possible to follow guests and communicate with RSVP by exchanging personal messages and public remarks. This allows the photo gallery to show images of the event.


It offers a rich set that can be customized in your style and it is easy to send requests directly to your loved ones. The offer is available for different events with different postcards. You can also add music, environments (via Google map), sports and photos. This is a paid service at the time of creation and dispatch; you can consult your registration file on their official website. By giving you the opportunity to send and collect highly visible responses, you can also send a single welcome message to the party.


This website is a site specially designed for wedding invitations, gift guides and to send them to friends, family and acquaintances.

There are special collections for everyone, which you can invite and share with clothing, home accessories, stationery and important party items that can also be used.


Whichever you choose, these online sites can easily be adapted to the needs of your session. With the above Evite alternatives you can easily send personalized invitations to your friends and family. You need to make your work more structured and less complex.