Computer Monitor: Which HZ Frequency is Best?

With the tons of jargon associated with computer screens, you may have speculated about the frequency of updates in the past. What does this actually mean, how important and influential is the purchase of a display? Do you have any idea what to look out for when considering buying a new computer monitor?

What is Hertz (Hz)?

The update rate of your PC screen limits the time per second that your PC screen is updated. The update rate is measured in Hz (Hertz). Hertz (called Heinrich Hertz) is a unit of frequency that determines the number of cycles per second.

On computer screens it’s one frame per second. The higher the update rate, the higher the number of screen updates per second. When you buy a new computer monitor, for work or play, you can check the recommended HZ frequency on the VSS screen to evaluate your options and find the best conditions that meet your needs. Each number of Hz varies depending on individual preferences and sources.

Depending on the images and screen settings, you can change the refresh rate. Thanks to technology and innovation, you can even adjust the refresh rate of your monitor.

How much Hertz do you really need?

Technically, the 60Hz is ideal for a great experience and a good quality computer screen. However, if you are a player, you can find a higher update rate the better. The update rate can be up to 240Hz. This is best for the players, because it is very important to have a fast refresh rate to keep everything as sharp as possible and to have a higher reaction time. Higher frame rates mean that the game becomes smoother.

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Whether you’re a gamer or not, anything below 60 Hz will affect your overall experience. The best thing is that almost all computer screens currently have a 60 Hz frequency and that it is difficult to get a good quality screen without breaking the bank.

On the contrary, please note that increasing the panel resolution decreases the refresh rate. You cannot find a computer screen with a 4k with a refresh rate of 240 Hz, but you will find one with 60 Hz.

  • The frequency of 144 Hz is ideal for computer players.
  • 60 Hz for the average computer or console user
  • 240 Hz, which is faster than speed means.

Advantages of a higher upgrade price

They say it’s not always good until you need more. The following applies to computer monitors: The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video, the less strain on the eyes and the better the performance, especially if you are a gamer. If you think 60 Hz and 75 Hz are almost identical, you will find guaranteed media quality and improvements. If you need help click for more information.

Video cleaners

If you have a high refresh rate, you’ll enjoy a smooth and realistic display on your screen. Increasing the number of frames per second significantly reduces motion blur. This makes a big difference in the quality of the video or gaming experience.

Smooth scrolling

A higher refresh rate provides a better screen experience by reducing motion blur in data, images, text and cursors. This improves the quality of the display and makes a big difference to your understanding and the health of your eyes.

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Excellent game performance

Although specialized monitors are available to improve the game, it is not always possible to obtain such a monitor for entertainment purposes only. Instead, you can increase the conventional frequency from 60 Hz to 75 Hz, improving the resolution and responsiveness of your PC and reducing the chance of gaps and halos. For more info about monitors for gaming check on

Protects eye

With more natural and transparent movements, it can improve eye health and the visual experience. If you have a low refresh rate, you may flicker, leading to various eye problems and phone calls.

An essential part of effective ergonomics is the high quality of the display. A high refresh rate can protect your eyes over time.


The fact is that you have to learn how the refresh rate affects your viewing experience. Whether you’re looking for a computer monitor for gaming or everyday use, it’s important to switch to something 60 Hz or higher. 60 Hz is the minimum required for good monitor quality, and anything beyond that is an excellent choice.

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