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Google issued more than 33,000 alerts to its users in the first three quarters of 2024 to warn of attacks by nation-state actors.

In the first three quarters of 2024, Google issued 33,015 alerts to its users to warn them of phishing attacks by national government agencies targeting their accounts.

Google sent 11,856 government-backed phishing alerts in the first quarter of 2024, 11,023 in the second quarter of 2024 and 10,136 in the third quarter of 2024.

Shane Huntley, director of Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), said his group shared its findings with election campaigns and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The computer giant pointed out that major events such as elections and COWID-19 are possibilities to threaten the players.

The pattern of attacks on the nation-state is in line with what others later reported.

Google TAG reports on national government units

On the whole, we have noted that there is more attention for the PTA threats in the context of the US elections. U.S. government agencies have issued alerts about various threats, and we have worked closely with these agencies and other members of the technology industry to share clues and information about what we see throughout the ecosystem.

Since last summer, the TAG team has been tracking an extensive spam network connected to China and running on multiple platforms, including YouTube. The threat actor behind this campaign mainly acquired or hacked existing accounts and used them to distribute content created for them.

According to Google, alerts are displayed for up to 0.1% of all Gmail accounts. In the company notice, Gmail users are advised to take a number of steps to secure their accounts, including B. Sign up for Advanced Security, keep the software up-to-date, enable two-factor Gmail authentication, and use the Google Authenticator and/or Physical Security Key for two-factor authentication.

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As the COWID 19 pandemic develops, Google experts warn that threatening actors are also improving their tactics. Last summer, Google observed threats from China, Russia and Iran against pharmaceutical companies and researchers involved in vaccine development.

In September, Google experts began monitoring attacks by many North Korean PTA groups on KOVID-19 researchers and pharmaceutical companies, particularly in South Korea.

This week, the Google Cloud team reported that it mitigated a DDoS attack in September 2017 that reached 2.54 Tbps, the largest DDoS attack ever.

This attack is the largest DDoS attack registered to date, and according to a report by the Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG), it was carried out by a government threat player.

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