How To Easily Fix Your Laptop If The Screen Is Black????

The laptop is an important part of our work and private lives, but if it starts to cause problems, it certainly annoys us, especially when the screen is turned off and hung up. At this point you can think about what to do, but you don’t have to worry, because the next checkpoints will allow you to sort it.

However, if you are usually faced with a power failure on your laptop screen, you should fix it here.  Here we will try to find the possible causes of the screen deflashing of the mobile phone. Once we’ve found the reason, we’ll also tell you the best way to repair your laptop if the screen is black.

It is not necessary to be a professional or an expert to solve a problem with the screen.

Normally the notebook screen does not turn off, but if you are using Windows 10, this problem is common and very frustrating for you. Moreover, the error code may appear on the screen, which is not very useful, and it will be difficult to solve the real problem, which in turn annoys you.

Why does the notebook screen turn black?

There are many possible reasons, such as the need to update the drivers for the graphics, or maybe you have updated the drivers, but incompatible updates have been downloaded and can be installed correctly. So it’s not just a matter of updating the graphics, but maybe other updates can cause problems.

There is also a good chance that there is a hardware or video adapter problem, a connection problem, or perhaps a playback problem.

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Whatever the reason, there are many ways to help you solve this problem.

You must first check if there is a connection problem. If you are using the notebook and the screen detects that the screen is black, the problem may be related to the connection you need to check, as this is one of the most common causes of the screen shutdown.

In this case, you can use the Windows + Ctrl + Shift and B keys for about two or three seconds and repeat if it does not start. You may hear a beep and the display may also blink, indicating that the installed Windows operating system is trying to update the display settings.

At the same time, the display should start working normally, but if it still doesn’t work, you can press and hold the power button for about 10-15 seconds, then remove the battery and wait a few seconds for the laptop to restart.

Check for other connection problems with.

Check if there are any other connection problems with the laptop.

You can try to locate the connection problem again by disconnecting it from the docking station if the docking station is installed on the notebook and ensuring that the notebook cover is open. If you are also using an external monitor, make sure it is turned on. If, after trying these steps, the screen still does not work, you may want to consider increasing the screen brightness, as we sometimes do not know whether the minimum screen brightness has been set or if third-party software has been installed automatically.

It is also recommended to check the various cable connections such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port, etc. to ensure that they are secure and that the adapter can be checked for any interference.

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Third party antivirus software

Third party antivirus software

If you are using unauthorized third-party antivirus software, your notebook’s screen is likely to darken. It is therefore advisable to immediately remove all third-party antivirus software.

You can remove all third party software, including antivirus software, by logging into Safe Mode, clicking the Start button and selecting Apps and Features.

A list of programs will appear, then select a program and click on the uninstall option.

After uninstalling the program, restart the notebook and check that the screen is working properly.

System Reboot

Reboot the system

If you have tried the above methods and it still doesn’t work, you can restart your laptop. If you use a laptop, many applications run automatically in the background. This is perfectly normal, but it is also possible that a program or service causes a malfunction on the screen. This way you can try to restart Windows with a minimum of drivers and solve the problem with the software.

Don’t worry, you can also reboot the system by following these steps:

  • Step one: Log in to Windows as an administrator and create a new account if you have not created an administrator account.
  • Step two: After a successful login, you can use the search field and enter MSConfig, which will show you how to select the system configuration.
  • Step three: After typing the above command, you must select the Hide all Microsoft services option and then disable all services.
  • Step four: Now go to the Boot System Configuration tab and open the Task Manager.
  • Step five: After opening Task Manager, a list of startup programs and services that can be turned off and closed appears.
  • Step 6 : Once you have completed the above steps, simply restart your laptop and check the backlight of the display. It has to work.
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Video card output

Graphics card output

Check whether the schedule you set is the cause of the problem. The easiest way to find out if a graphics card is compatible with a laptop is to check its information online.

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Overheating of the laptop

Laptop overheating problem

You should also check if the notebook has overheated. Normally this fact is ignored and the laptop is automatically turned off. So you can let it cool down for a while and then let it run again, the screen can start working.

You can check the steps above to make your notebook screen work. If it still doesn’t work, the last option is to search for a damaged operating system. You can reinstall the real operating system.

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