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Today’s smartphones are as powerful as a computer or laptop, all thanks to smartphone manufacturers who produce devices with large displays and powerful hardware specifications that allow you to work professionally with applications that improve office productivity. Many mobile application developers have created desktop applications that allow us to easily create or edit powerful spreadsheets, documents and presentations on our smartphones.

And, of course, these applications helped us many times when we drove from one place to another. So let’s dive deeper and take a look at these top 10 Android desktop applications for your devices to increase your productivity.

Top 8 Android Office applications in 2024

1. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Starting in 2015, Microsoft Corporation has expanded its office suite for Android smartphone users. In 3 years it became one of the best Android office applications (500 million installations) because it was already popular among PC users.

Android office applications for smartphones

The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Most features of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available without you having to pay a penny.

Just like a PC, your Android smartphone lets you create, access, edit and save files on the go. It integrates with OneDrive, Microsoft Cloud Service and DropBox, where you can store these files to sync them with your desktop or laptop. You can also unlock some additional features with the Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint download

2. Polar Office

Polaris Office is a real competitor offering a slim and modern user interface. The lightweight application is presented in a 50 megabyte MOT file and offers a user-friendly menu and interesting features compared to other Android office applications.

Android office applications for smartphones

With its all-in-one functionality to view, edit, share and archive all types of documents, it can process Microsoft Office files (DOC/DOCX, HWP, PPT/PPTX, TEXT, XLS/XLSX) and view PDF files. In fact, it has better PowerPoint support, making it easier to add images, and you can even run your presentations from your smartphone.

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The application is equipped with a powerful search function, it can read different types of desktop folders in more than 15 different languages. It also allows you to share documents with friends or colleagues via your own hard drive (Polaris Drive), but also via Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon Cloud Drive, etc.

Download here.

3. Office WPS

WPS Office is another popular desktop application among 100 million Android users. Unlike MS Office applications, it is not necessary to install each application separately. You get it all in one MOT file, so you can create and edit presentations, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files or complex MS Word style documents from one place.

Android office applications for smartphones

Formerly known as Kingsoft Office, the WPS has a clean, easy-to-use interface that allows you to create complex presentations, Excel sheets, PDF files or MS Word documents. The application supports over forty languages, integrates seamlessly with EverNote, and enables wireless printing. You can open documents from many local sources and open and save files from other cloud storage providers. The application also makes it possible to encrypt your documents with a password.

There are many features we can talk about thanks to this application. However, it also has some drawbacks. If you don’t like the ads that appear on screen when you’re productive, you may find it hard to use them. The application is free and uses only 35 megabytes when you install it on your device.

Download here.

4. Docks for number

Docs2Go is much lighter than the Android Office application, which is only 6 megabytes, but it does not compensate for the functionality. The application allows you to create and edit files in a variety of formats, including DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPTX and PDF, as well as incredibly powerful editing tools. Allows you to login to multiple accounts in the cloud storage, sync files on the desktop, and access password-protected files with the purchase of an application.

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Android office applications for smartphones

The application has a file explorer interface that makes it easy to find and open documents. You can also bookmark and view a list of recently edited files. Docs2Go also allows you to download or import files on the DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box Cloud platforms.

Download here.

5. SmartOffice

SmartOffice is an impressive Android office application with an intuitive and user-friendly interface and some interesting features in a 15 MB MOTK file.

Android office applications for smartphones

Once an application is installed on your device, you can edit and share Microsoft documents efficiently. You can open and save documents online and access features such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also convert all files to PDF if needed.

SmartOffice supports over 37 different languages and numerous image formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP. Like WPS Office and others, SmartOffice supports wireless printing.

SmartOffice also offers password protection to help you keep your file safe when storing documents you have worked on. Previously, the company offered a paid version, but this is now available for free and has all the features needed to create a truly innovative application.

Download here.

6. AndrOpen office

The first Android Office port of the popular OpenOffice, Android Office comes with a full suite of applications, including word processing, spreadsheet functionality, presentation applications and more. You will also receive a drawing program and a comparison editor (for you) for spreadsheets).

Honestly, there’s nothing to tell. It supports most file types that you will use with a large number of niche file types in your average life. Editors and processors are more than powerful enough for most things. It is also completely open and free. If you have this support, Google Drive,, Dropbox, OneDrive and Cloud Storage will support your personal hardware. This is a very strong free option, although there are a few bugs here and there.

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7. Witness

Quip is one of the new desktop applications on the list of the best free Android desktop applications. It has a small but interesting set of features, including the ability to collaborate with others on documents. It comes in the form of a chat that allows you to communicate with people while editing documents. You also get support for spreadsheets, device synchronization, offline support and various export options.

Cloud storage is also supported. Quip may not exist as long as other desktop applications, but it’s better than many of them.

8. Google Drive

Google provides access to all Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on Google Drive. Once you have the Microsoft Office file on your Google Drive, you can use it in Office compatibility mode (OCM). OCM is included in the Goole Docs, Sheets and Slides.

The drive works like a hub. When you open a document in Google Drive, the corresponding application opens automatically and you can edit it. The Google Drive interface is simple and easy to use and the application is available free of charge.


Google’s office productivity tools built into Android, such as sheets and documents, take up less space, but lack advanced features. Some users may also be concerned about storing their documents in the cloud and may need an offline application. For them, the aforementioned Android Office application will be the best alternative to downloading from the Google Play Store.

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