Top 10 Free Office Suite Software for Linux –

In this overview I present a general list of free office programs for Linux as an alternative to MS-Office. By way of clarification: All functions and tools described here are from the official website and are not included. This list is not an exact order.

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1. FreeOffice

LibreOffice is the most popular and well known free desktop package in the Linux community. LibreOffice is derived from the famous but no longer existing Apache OpenOffice Office suite. LibreOffice is now the standard free desktop package for many Linux environments.

LibreOffice 2

In addition, LibreOffice is a cross-platform, open source alternative to Microsoft’s best free office suite for Windows and Mac OS. It has a large community to help you solve any problem in any office environment. It supports various file formats, including the open document format and Ms.

Download LibreOffice

2. Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is one of the best free office software available in the Linux community. It offers many options and features for creating documents, presentations, navigation, etc. and can be used as an excellent alternative to MS Office for all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows and MacOS. In addition to the standard OpenDocument format, Apache OpenOffice also supports the MS Office file format.

Apache OpenOffice

Download Apache OpenOffice

3. WPS Desktop for Linux

WPS Office is one of the best free office software available to the Linux community worldwide. It is beautiful, fast, light and offers a modern and smooth user interface.

WPS Desktop for Linux

The WPS office has all the necessary tools to carry out office tasks. There is a free version for Linux with word processor, spreadsheet, PowerPoint application as in MS Office.

WPS Desktop for Linux-1

WPS Desktop for Linux-2

WPS desktop output documents are fully compatible with other file formats of the office software. It supports all major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu Linux, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE and others.

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Download WPS Office free of charge

4. onlyOffice – Your personal office package in the clouds

OnlyOffice is an open source, cloud-based office software, just like Google’s G-suite. With this office suite you can create and manage projects and documents for teams and clients in one place.

Desktop only - your personal office kit in the clouds

In this best free desktop package you get all functions and tools with a simple, modern and sleek design. It creates workplaces for companies and guarantees security and confidentiality. You can use the OnlyOffice office suite for free or on your own server.

Download onlyOffice

5. Support office – Project management

Feng Office – Formerly known as OpenGoo, this is an open source office suite with a free version for Linux as the best alternative to Microsoft Office. It is one of the most powerful business platforms for project management and collaboration for teams and organisations.

Support agency - Project management

This absolutely free office software allows you to create and manage projects, clients, reports, workstations, documents, workflows and more. This office suite is best suited for collaboration between companies and teams and enables you to ensure customer satisfaction, save time and money and increase productivity with a high return on investment.

Download the Feng Office community version

6. Kit Gfrom Google

The Google G Suite is a very powerful and versatile online office suite for creating and sharing text documents, statements, presentations, drawings, forms, calculations and much more. Many of us are already familiar with this web application, but may hesitate to use it because it loses basic functionality when moving to the cloud.

The Google G-Suite

But believe me, Google’s G Suite is a robust application suite with a lot of great features that many of us don’t know. The Google G-Suite is suitable for professionals and students as well as for private use.

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So it takes courage to take the plunge and leave office applications offline to take advantage of Google’s G-Suite Cloud, and you’ll be amazed to see tons of powerful tools to get the job done.

7. SoftMaker FreeOffice

SoftMaker FreeOffice is a completely free office software for private and professional use on your Linux system. It is the best competitor to the MS Office suite with the best alternative to word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs.

SoftMaker FreeOffice

SoftMaker FreeOffice-1

In addition, FreeOffice supports all MS Office and OpenDocument files. Don’t forget to download and test this best free office package for Linux.

Download SoftMaker FreeOffice

8. Calligraphy Suite

The Calligra suite – formerly known as KOffice – is one of the most actively developed and open source office software for Linux. Although it was initially developed for the KDE desktop environment based on the Qt Office solution, you can still use it in any desktop environment or Linux platform.

Calligraphy suite

The Calligra performance package includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, flowchart designer, drawing program, etc.

Download Calligra software package

9. GNOME control

GNOME Office is another free office software for Linux, especially for GNOME office environments with GTK technology. It supports all major file formats you can imagine with MS Office, LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice, etc.

AbiWord Word document program : Word documentation program

GNOME Office offers a range of powerful, user-friendly, efficient, lightweight and economical software.

  • It’s simple: Software for presentations
  • AbiWord: Word documentation program
  • Gnumerical: Spreadsheet application
  • Ink in landscape format : Drawing software
  • GnuCash – Financial management application
  • Evolution – Thin Linux Mail Client
  • Evince – Linux PDF viewer
  • And what’s more.

10. Siag Office – Free office suite for Unix

Siag Office is an extremely lightweight, free office software for Unix-based systems. It is so thin and clean that you can install it on an old laptop or system. It can even run on a system with 16 MB RAM.

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Siag Office - Free Office Suite for Unix

It consists of several simple Office packages, namely : SIAG spreadsheet, Egon Animator animation software, XedPlus word processor, Gvu Viewer and Xfiler file manager. Although it lacks some basic office programs and functionality, it can still be useful and meet the minimum requirements of all users of lightweight Linux distributions.

So in the end you can understand that the Microsoft Office suite is not only an option, but that it also offers a lot of possibilities in the Linux world. This list of Linux Office suites saves you money and replaces them as an alternative to MS Office.

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