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Isn’t it wonderful to go snowmobiling in starlight on a moonlit night? A gentle cool breeze blows through your hair and the sound of nature is fascinating. The excitement that comes with it is immeasurable for any adventure in your life.

Although it can be dangerous to operate a snowmobile on winter nights because visibility becomes incomplete and this can eventually lead to an accident. It’s stupid and naive to risk your life for an exciting and exciting race.

That’s why many companies have come up with the idea of using snowmobile headlights to provide drivers with a view even on the darkest nights, so that they can drive fascinatingly under the stars and the moon.

Best LED headlights for snowmobiles

The best LED lighting for snowmobiles

Sixty61 LED headlight
for Ski-Doo

Sixty61 LEDs are preferred because they consume less energy and are environmentally friendly. The sixty-six61 model is known for the production of headlights for various vehicles, from motorcycles to cars to snowmobiles.

These LED bulbs have an output of 35W and
produce a yellow light because they are available in white. The kit comes with two bulbs and bulb holders for customer convenience. The LED lamp for Ski-Doo comes with CREE-LEDs, which need to be replaced by old

These old OEM lamps have a low wattage of
and consume a lot of electricity. The 35W lights are equipped with 16
LEDs, four of which are mounted at the top and twelve at the sides to give the
an innovative look and give the drivers a good view at night.

These Sixty61 LED headlights are specially designed for snowmobiles and fit any type of snowmobile. They are also resistant to the elements of a snowmobile. They are extremely waterproof, which is a necessary feature of snowmobiles, as they can withstand the harsh and humid climate of snow-covered areas.

They can easily be installed in your
snowmobile to connect it and play at night. The best feature of the
of these headlights is that it is not necessary to cut the wires or use a
conversion kit to install the headlights on a snowmobile.

Also included are sixty-one stickers with two bulbs and their holders. They are considered the best equipment for night-time motorcyclists because they are known for their bright lighting technology and the extra protection they give motorcyclists on the road to prevent accidents and fatalities.

Auxito H4 9003 LED headlights

With the Auxito H4 9003 headlights you can enjoy snowmobiles at night. It is one of the best snowmobile headlights on the market and offers a wider, wider field of vision without dazzling other snowmobiles, and a lot of interesting features to enjoy.

These fixtures use individual ZES chips of 12,000 lumens, 52 W per set. It is known to be 200% brighter than halogen headlights. The 12,000 lumens of LEDs provide high brightness, making the road almost as bright as daylight for maximum visibility.

It has an LED interval of about 0.08 inches, an ultra-thin design and 360 degree backlighting for better visibility and a perfect beam for nighttime snowmobile rides. The headlights have a 6,500 K super bright cool white color that eliminates dark spots or fog lights at night.

The Auxito H4 9003 is manufactured in an aluminum alloy housing and uses IP65 waterproof technology to protect against snow and rain to ensure efficiency and durability even in extreme weather conditions. It has a powerful built-in fan that transfers heat and cools the LED chips to ensure high and consistent light output. It also guarantees more than 30,000 operating hours with constant optimum brightness.

The headlights have an all-in-one wireless design that does not require any external drivers or connectors. It is a plug-and-play projector that is very easy to install and has a non-polarised power outlet. If you are looking for LED headlights for Ski-Doo, Polaris and other snowmobile models, you should take a look at these headlights as they are 99% guaranteed in cars and snowmobiles.

It is constructed with a double beam, which is suitable for both high and low beam. However, few people have noticed that high intensity beams give a more diffuse brightness and can have an irregular beam shape. Others also noted that she could give feedback over the radio.

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The advantages of

  • Single ZES chips with 12,000 lumens brightness
  • 360-degree illumination
  • 6,500K Color cool white
  • Aluminium alloy sinks with IP65 sealing technology
  • Over 30,000 hours.
  • Wireless, plug-and-play design


  • High beam can be improved
  • Gives feedback to the radio

Vehicle Cabinet H4 LED Headlights

The Car Work Box H4 LED headlight is one of the brightest headlights on the market. It has 20,000 lumens per pair of LEDs, which provide very high brightness to illuminate the track like a snowmobile ride at night.

It has a cool white light of 6000k, 120W/damp, which is 300% brighter than a conventional halogen lamp, eliminating all dark spots for clearer vision.

The centre of the LED chip illumination ensures an even radiation pattern without astigmatism and with less load. The backlight area is wider and further away for maximum snowmobile experience.

The H4 headlights are manufactured with a high quality aluminium housing with a copper core for maximum heat dissipation, keeping the H4 LED lamp in good condition for a long time. These headlights can operate for up to 50,000 hours without interruption and at optimum brightness.

It is waterproof and heat-resistant to IP68, with an integrated cooling chip and a heat dissipation fan that works efficiently even in extreme snow and rain.

These H4 LED headlights work perfectly with most of the car’s computer systems. It is equipped with a plug-and-play system that promises easy installation in just 15 minutes. However, some people find the wires a bit uncomfortable and need extra installation work.

The advantages of

  • 20,000 lumens per pair
  • 6000k cold white light, 120 watt per pair
  • High quality aluminium housing with copper core
  • Operating time up to 50 000
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Integrated cooling chip and fan


  • Cables require additional installation work

Li Lead H4 9003 LED bulbs for motorcycle headlights

Li Lead has developed the H4 9003 LED headlight to provide better visibility, adjustable light distribution and versatile light colours.

These headlights have 5000 lumens to illuminate the road at night when snowmobiles are in motion, which is sufficient for most motorcyclists. It has a lighter, high-intensity beam for effective track lighting. Low frequency light has a better directional characteristic that directs the light to the road for safe use of the snowmobile. It provides sufficient light for safe riding without glare to protect other cyclists. These lighthouses have a long lifespan of more than 30,000 years.

It comes with four filters, 3.000K (amber), 4.300K (yellow), 6.000K (cool white), 8.000K (light blue) and 10.000K (ice blue), to make your own headlights and give your snowmobile more difference.

The Li Lead headlights feature a universal equipment package with an H4 and 6-outlet connection, making them suitable for almost all motorcycles and snowmobiles. If you’re looking for headlights to match your Polaris snowmobile, this headlight can be integrated into your car.

The installation process is quite quick and easy, but others have discovered that the wires can cause problems during installation, so more work is needed to install them properly.

The advantages of

  • 5000 lumens
  • It takes over 30,000 hours.
  • High quality lighting with double beam
  • Supplied with four filters
  • Universal connection package
  • High quality lighting with double beam


  • Cables require additional installation work

LED floodlightH4/9003/HB2 SEA-LED

Sealight H4/9003/HB2 headlamps provide better visibility, more light output and better low beam for protection when using snowmobiles at night.

The improved beam structure directs light to the road, eliminating dark spots and shadows and protecting other riders on the track. Ultra-directional, bright 6000K LED headlamps offer the widest, most comprehensive view with cooler white.

It features the latest fanless, compact and silent non-integrated design. It uses an advanced 1.48-inch cooler and driver for better performance. These headlights have an extended lifespan of up to 50,000 hours for longer illumination.

These headlights are easy to install and require no additional wiring. The fanless design also makes it very compact. However, some have noticed that it is not as brilliant as they expected.

The advantages of

  • Improvement of the support structure
  • 6000K LED lighting
  • Non-integrated fanless design
  • Lifespan extension up to 50,000 hours.
  • Easy installation and compact design
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  • Clarity can be improved

Sixty-one LED lights DN

The Sixty61 brand has invented a whole range of LED headlights for snowmobiles with different specifications and features. This LED floodlight has several additional functions and different power or energy consumption.

The Ski-Doo MXZ Gen 4 LED headlights come with two lights. These lights come with bulb holders to attach them to the headlights of the snowmobile. They have a voltage between 9 and 16 volts. The power consumption of these LED headlights varies between 25 and 26 Watt. The fibers are white and give a yellow light for good visibility in the dark for runners.

These LED lamps have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours and are the brightest light on the market. These lamps have about 3000 lumens, which makes the headlights shine brighter than all the others. The headlight is fitted with 12 LEDs on each bulb and emits super white. They are specially designed for snowmobile headlights and fit easily in the cockpit of any snowmobile headlight.

They are extremely easy to install, without cable cross-section or conversion kit and 100% plug and play. You can cool down automatically when the lamp reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sixty61 stickers come with the complete set.

How to select the headlights of a snowmobile

Snowmobiles are associated with the highest number of accidents in all popular winter sports. Because of its speed and size, it has become popular not only with teenagers, but also with adults, which inspires the riders and makes them feel young and wild.

Sometimes even snowmobiles get stuck in deep snow due to lack of visibility. Should this happen to you, you should have everything you need with you, such as emergency equipment in your bag and a good quality snow plough. If you want to know more about backpacks, I wrote an excellent article about snowmobile bags, you can read it.

To reduce the number of accidents, class
companies have developed a safety device that enables
night vision.

Snowmobile headlights are specially designed to be mounted on the front of the snowmobile to illuminate the tracks in front of you. Headlamps are also known as headlamps, but generally the term headlamp refers to the apparatus itself and is a word used to describe the beam produced and emitted by an apparatus.

Have you ever found out why a snowmobile has two headlights? It is indeed difficult to understand and calculate the distance, speed and total size of a snowmobile with a lighthouse. The two headlights make it possible to accurately estimate the range, speed and size of the approaching object so that we can adjust our vehicle accordingly.

The main task of the headlights on snowmobiles is to provide a fatigue-free and safe ride. They are called
Vehicle Safety Devices and must be type approved.

Shape (rectangular, rod-shaped, oval, square), technology (lamp, LED light, laser) and functionality (stop, direction indicator, rear light) The headlights can be used universally. They adapt easily to all models and types of snowmobiles and are largely waterproof.

There are different types of snowmobile headlights on the market, which can confuse the buyer with a variety of possibilities. By reading this article your search for a
snowmobile headlamp will be filtered and refined. Below you will find some
items you should take into account before you buy snowmobile headlights.

Types of incandescent lamps

Snowmobile headlights use many types of lamps to ensure the visibility of snowmobiles at night. The most popular headlamps for snowmobiles are LED headlamps because they consume less energy than conventional lamps. They also last longer and are more durable. They can emit large amounts of light from a small beam, giving the driver a wider field of vision.

Conventional incandescent lamps consume a lot of
energy and are therefore not considered to be environmentally friendly. They are not durable enough and therefore not permanent.

Halogen bulbs are preferred over xenon and
bulbs. Snowmobiles prefer
halogen lamps because of their standardization.

On the other hand xenon lamps produce the brightest
light of all. They are the strongest and brightest
with the strongest extra bonus feature. They use the
arc to produce light, just like the wire with which the
light is brightest.

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Headlight colour

In different states and countries there are different laws about which colours of headlights may be used and when they should be used. In most states, only white, yellow and amber are allowed on the front of the snowmobile.

Most snowmobiles use standard amber
bulbs for their
snowmobiling headlights for safety and legal reasons. However, many riders want to give their snowmobiles a cool and aggressive look with
accessories. They like to experiment with light colours in headlights.

However, before you buy headlights for your snowmobile, you should first enquire with your local residents about the laws relating to the use of coloured headlights. Bright and coloured headlights are banned in most states because they are considered dangerous by residents and the government. Eye vision is reduced if headlights other than yellow are used, and over time you become a cause of accidents.


Snowmobile headlights usually have different bells for the different lamps used in the headlights. Normally the headlights on snowmobiles last about 500 to 1000 hours, but they vary depending on the type of light used by the headlights. Different types of headlights have different durability, so halogen, xenon and other headlights have different durability.

You can’t expect them to last long or burn faster at the same speed. Tungsten-halogen lamps normally last between 500 and 1000 hours, while LED lamps last about 30,000 hours. Xenon lamps and HID lamps work around 10:00 and 2000 hours respectively.

LED bulbs are incredibly durable and consume the least electricity, making them the most popular headlights. However, these numbers are approximate averages and your headlights may last longer than these numbers or fail faster than indicated.

The service life of the headlights also depends on other factors, such as manufacturing defects and installation problems, which can significantly reduce the service life of the headlights.


The type and number of lumens in the headlight will determine the brightness of your headlight. LED fluorescent lamps replace conventional bulbs in your car. With these LEDs there is no complicated process to install the lighthouse. This is an important aspect to consider before buying snowmobile headlights.

How to install the headlights of a snowmobile

Buying headlights for your snowmobile is only one thing, after the purchase you have to install them as well. To attach the LED lights to your sled, you need a good tool kit for your snowmobile. Make sure you’ve got it.

It’s not enough to buy Polaris or Ski-Doo LED headlights, you have to be able to install them properly. This video shows you how to install LED lights in your Ski-Doo snowmobile. The basic concept is the same, i.e. you can mount the headlights on Polaris or Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

Last words

That’s why headlights are an indispensable accessory for your Polaris, Arctic Cat or Ski-Doo snowmobile, so you and your friends can travel safely at night. Finally you can enjoy a walk under the moon and the stars.

In this article we hope you get an idea of the
headlights that are used on snowmobiles and the different versions of the
that are available on the market. We also hope it will help you find the coolest and safest
LED headlights for your snowmobile.

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