How to install and use Joplin note-taking app on Ubuntu 20.04 – Linux Hint

Maybe you have arrived at a moment in your life when you want to put into words and keep your thoughts, feelings, ideas, or just a quote that you have read and liked somewhere. Or maybe there was a case where you came across important information at work and wanted to keep it. This is where the notes come into play, because they offer a simple and convenient way to store information or data.

All you used to need was a roll and a pencil to write. But when the digital revolution reached the shores of the world, technologies emerged that changed everything. Today, these rollers and fountain pens have become recording applications that have certainly made things much easier and faster than before. However, finding a good laptop application is quite annoying, because there are a lot of tools and applications to take notes.

So the topic of our discussion in this article is the installation of one of those great applications called Joplin that have become very popular in the Linux community.

What’s Joplin?

Joplin is a free and open source laptop application with many features. It is available for desktop and mobile phones as well as for the command line. Joplin is extremely powerful and easy to organize and manage, with large groups of notes divided into several easy-to-manage notebooks. You can also search for notes, add tags to notes, and even import and export files in various data formats such as Evernote Export, PDF, HTML, and more. In combination, Joplin allows users to synchronize their accounts with cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. that back up and secure their data. It even has a web clipper for Firefox and Chrome, which can be used to store web pages as notes.

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There are two main ways to install Joplin on Ubuntu. Let’s look at them both.

1) Installation of the joplin with terminals

The Joplin can be easily installed with the snap-in version. Snaps are compressed packages that contain the entire application with all its dependencies. This is very useful because it is no longer necessary to install the outbuildings separately. To install Joplin from Snapcraft, simply execute the following command in the terminal:

Sudo snap joplin-james-carroll installation

2) Installing Joplin with AppImage
For users who are not satisfied with the terminal, Joplin can also be installed via AppImage, which is similar to an executable application file, as you can see in Windows. To download the AppImage, go to the official Joplin website and find it in the Desktop Applications section (Get it on Linux icon).

Then navigate to the folder where it was downloaded and right click on it. Open the Permissions tab and select the Run check box.

Then double click on the AppImage file and Joplin starts.

3) Installing Joplin with installation script

Another way to install Joplin is to use an installation script that installs the latest version of Joplin directly from the GitHub repository. To do this, we must first execute the update command to update the entire system cache, which can be done with the following command:

Then type the following command into the terminal to install Joplin:

$ wget -O – | bash

Use of joplin

After installing Joplin, you will find it in the list of installed applications.

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When you open the application, you will discover an interface that is full of many functions. As you can see in the figure below, the user interface has 3 panels – a sidebar that lists all your laptops, a central panel that contains all your notes in that computer, and the right panel, the note editor.

Joplin allows users to have multiple laptops, which in turn can contain laptops and multiple notes. The interesting thing about Joplin is that the notes are written in the language of Markdown, as can be seen in the figure below.

This gives the following result:

There are also many styling tools available to help you personalise your notes. For example, let’s say we want to add today’s date to a note and then list the tasks to be performed that day. To add a date, click on the button with the calendar icon.

To place a check mark, click on the button with the check mark. You can add as many product lists as you like.
The final result we receive is as follows

You can also switch from the editor to the main screen using the layout button next to the search field.

You can also change the parameters for the Layout Buttons by going to the Display section to find out the order of the Layout Buttons.

You can also add tags to your notes, which you can easily use to filter your notes. You can even add multiple labels to a note.
Добавление тегов:

Filter the notes with :

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Joplin even offers the synchronization of your notes with cloud computing services. To do this, first press the Synchronize button in the lower left corner.

Just follow the on-screen instructions and your Joplin application will start synchronizing.

You can also export and import all your notes from other files, including Evernote Enex File. To do so, click on the File section and select the file format you want to import or export.

Why would you use Joplin?

Joplin is one of the best recording applications, fully equipped with features and a simple and user-friendly interface. For users who regularly need to take notes, Joplin is a good choice.joplin github,joplin notes,joplinapp forum,joplin vs evernote,joplin google drive,joplin vs notion