3 Tips To Avoid Being Bored While Leveling In World of Warcraft

The legendary MMORPG is one of the rare titles that managed to keep a huge number of active players for a long time. One of the main reasons is that Blizzard is constantly introducing new updates that represent sequels to a unique story in WoW. This strategy is keeping players more engaged. The main method of updating the game is by introducing new expansions.

The average time between them is around two years. The current one is called Shadowlands, and the next one is announced for the year 2024. Various smaller updates are more frequent. They are related to new missions or bringing back some old events that were engaging. Besides that, there are daily and weekly quests that can help players to level up faster and get new items.

What makes this game so interesting is that a player can choose from various classes and races. Each character you choose has a specific set of skills and spells. Also, building up a character is different for each class, especially when it comes to items. The map of this open-world game is huge, and there are many possibilities available. The key is to complete the provided quests and collect a lot of gold and other resources to get more powerful items.

Leveling is a crucial part of the game. You will get a chance to complete more challenging quests on a higher level. The great feature is that you can buy various boosts that will help you to get some improved items or level bonuses. If you are interested in this option, visit https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-mythic-plus-dungeons-boost

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Moreover, we have to mention that some parts of the game can be quite difficult. Also, focusing only on leveling might get you bored at some point. Building up a character is the main focus of the game, but various aspects will provide more entertainment as well instead of strictly following the quests. Here are some tips that will help you avoid being bored while playing this game and leveling your hero.

Explore the Map

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As we already mentioned, the best way to quickly gain a level boost is to follow the quests and join public events with other players. However, that might appear boring after some time. Even though the developers are introducing various updates with new chapters and missions, the problem is that all these missions might seem almost the same, and you will eventually stop being so excited when it comes to your daily log-in. There is no reason to only focus on farming and leveling when you can find so many interesting things in this virtual world. Delaying a quest for later won’t be a big deal.

There are many attractive parts of the map, different methods of transport, side quests, and lots of neutral creatures that you can kill. The great thing is that many additional activities will also bring some level boost. Most of them represent a great way to rest from the main mission and have some fun. Various events are resembling real festivals and concerts, and you can even go fishing, keep a pet, find a love partner, prepare food, and much more.

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PVP Mode

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While spending a lot of time on the exploration of the map in searching for various interesting things in different lands, that will surely affect your boosting process. Choosing to play this mode represent a great way to rest from stressful missions, especially if you are struggling to complete some of them. There are different versions available, such as Battlegrounds, Dueling, Arena, War Games, and more.

Also, it is a great way to learn more about the characteristics of your hero and how to play with improved speed and accuracy. You will have a chance to compete against other players. There are different achievements available, and you can expect some great rewards as well. There is no reason to focus only on PVE when you can combine it with this option.

Build Several Characters At Once

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The Shadowlands has a lower level limit, which is 60. If you are an experienced player, you can quickly reach level 50. Things will get more difficult between levels 51 and 60. You can find various methods that will help you to reach the max level as fast as you can, so you can start completing the most challenging chapters. However, that might affect the joy and entertainment of playing this game in the first place.

As we already mentioned, the duration of one expansion is around two years. That is a lot of time for building a character and completing all quests. Besides the most recent expansion, you can always get back to some previous sequels. The point of playing this game is to have fun, and there is no reason to get frustrated if you are having issues with reaching the max level with certain characters. You can always select another class.

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The type of playing is different for various classes, which makes even the same events quite different because they will require unique skills and approaches for each race. Therefore, leveling with a couple of heroes can also be a great way to have more fun. For example, you can choose Demon Hunter, Mage, and Shaman, which are all completely different when it comes to spells, abilities, required items, and the whole approach.

The Bottom Line

We have to mention that flexibility is one of the features that is also making this game so attractive. The main story is very interesting. However, completing it in a short time can be quite challenging. Also, if you are consistent and determined, but you keep failing, the game will only become stressful to play. That is the main reason to focus on other aspects and try to have more fun.

Therefore, try various challenges, explore the map, and combine vs. player and vs. environment modes. Furthermore, you can expect a lot of new things all the time. Blizzard is always trying to surprise players with various events, new side-quests, interesting daily missions, and much more. This strategy is helping them to stay popular for such a long time, and we think that this game will keep a lot of active players in the future as well.