5 Benefits of Playing Video Games With Professionals

Gaming is a growing industry with thousands of players joining the ranks of gamers with each passing day. Gamers are classified into mainly two types, serious and competitive gamers who like bringing the competition to every game they play and casual gamers who play video games in their free time and are not so serious about it.

While casual gaming is fun by itself, most gamers prefer the competitive aspect of serious multiplayer gaming and the glory of climbing up the ranks in their favorite games. It is quite beneficial to your climbing glory if you employ the help from an external party such as a boosting service or, more preferably, professional players.

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Professional Esports players are the gamers that you see on the top of the ladder of every game they play. They have skills that surpass the ones of every normal gamer out there. If you as a competitive gamer want to improve your skills and gameplay, there is no better choice for you than a professional Esports player who can provide you professional insight about the game and tell you things that only a professional can teach you.

To help you with making the decision of playing with a professional player or not, we will be listing several benefits of playing video games with professional Esports players. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

Access to reliable and professional teammates

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Let’s be honest here – multiplayer games are filled with players that don’t try as hard as they should in important ranked matches or don’t have the skill to. Either way, these random players can often be liabilities for serious competitive players that want to level up their rank. This is where professional players come in.

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Playing in a lobby of pro players almost guarantees that you have a reliable set of teammates that you can depend on in case things go south. They have your back and are quite capable of raking up their own kills and level-ups. This sort of reliability is rarely found with random players on multiplayer games which is why we strongly recommend getting in touch with professional players if you need reliable teammates to play with.

Faster ranking up the league

There is an extremely popular term that is often attached to the most amazing players in a team that push their teammates to victory all by themselves – carry. A carry is someone who carries his team through a match despite their performance being abysmally low only on the sheer basis of their skill and dedication.

As it so happens, most of the professional players are also such “carry” players. Regardless if you have enough skill to level up or not, these players put their all to ensure that you rank up in your gaming league or rank. You can find these players everywhere from LoL to CS:GO and if you are just looking to rank up in points, then playing with a professional player is quite a safe bet to do so.

However, please make sure that you at least have the skills to support these players and not hinder them because more often than not, even the most professional players on the planet can get defeated because of their low-skill teammates and thus often avoid playing with them when possible.

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Seamless guidance

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When you play with a professional player, you are essentially playing with someone that has in-game knowledge that most people aren’t even aware about. They know tactics, strategies and plays that most novice players can’t even imagine to be real. All this information and guidance effectively comes to your disposal when you play with an actual professional player and communicate with them.

You can happily ask them about what tactics you should employ, which strategies are relevant in the scene and what are some tricks and tips that other players rarely know about but professional players do. Consequently, you can get a lot more seamless guidance and advice from these professionals than you would by playing by yourself or with average teammates.

Insights into how professionals play

Millions of people watch Twitch and Youtube streams of professional players playing their best game. There are several players that still hold their professional talent but instead choose to display it through streaming such as Shroud. Now just imagine – if you can gain so much insight and professional knowledge just from watching ex-professional players, what will happen if you play with someone who is still active in the competitive Esports gaming scene!

Playing with professional players gives you an immense insight and vision of how the most elite and top players play the game. By talking with them you improve your own mindset which in turn helps you perform significantly better than before. Even when you are not playing with these professionals, the mindset will stick with you and help you to improve your gameplay. Inadvertently, you will observe that your gameplay has been improved quite a lot more than before.

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Experienced information about the eSports career

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Many hardcore compettive gamers dream of becoming an Esports gamer one day and earn their glory in the competive professional gaming scene. The problem is that most of these gamers have no idea about the Esports gaming industry or how it works. While these gamers often have the dedication and will to be professional gamers, they don’t have the necessary guidance to do it.

This is where professional gamers come in. They have been through it, they have taken the hard and arduous journey of becoming a professional Esports gamer. If there is anyone who can tell you about what being a professional player is like and how the Esports industry works, it is professional Esports players themselves. And what better way to communicate with them than gaming together with them in a match?


There are several benefits of playing video games with professionals and we hope this article provided insights into most of them. If it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.