What Are the Best Single Player Games in 2024?

When people think back to gaming at its inception, they might recall the attitudes directed towards it at the time. This was a point in time where people were cautious of gaming as it was thought to steal the attention of children and stop them from doing other more productive things. The present-day has seen the world change its tune on video games and there is now even research to show the ways that they can be beneficial to those who play them. In any case, it is clear that video games are highly popular, judging by the fact that they are one of the most popular forms of entertainment on Earth.

It is a good thing that they are popular too. They would have proved incredibly useful following recent world events and the fact that many were confined to their homes. Some may have opted to play online at casinos, like those listed at casinosformoney.com, which has continued to see an upward trend of players looking to find other forms of entertainment. But people would have likely retreated to their preferred games console or PC to get through this difficult time. It is exactly this area where video games simply excel. They can immerse people in their worlds because of their interactivity, along with a carefully crafted experience that is built from the ground up.

This idea is especially true when it comes to single player games. These are games that are exactly what they suggest – they can only be played by one person. This contrasts with multiplayer games, where friends can play with or against each other. Though multiplayer games can provide hours of fun with friends, single player games can compel audiences with their story and engaging gameplay. This is why so many would have picked up a single player option during the last year and a half. There will be many who will want to know what some of the best single player games are, so here are the best options to play in 2024:

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1. Red Dead Redemption 2

The common saying is that the sequel is always the best in a trilogy. While there have not been three instalments of this game just yet, it is clear that the second instalment is better than the first. This is a remarkable feat too as the first game was near enough a masterpiece itself. But the story that is told in the sequel, of the time of outlaws and the taming of the Wild West is one that that will go down in gaming history as one of the best of all time, alongside the main character, Arthur Morgan. Here, players are offered a sandbox to do practically whatever they want to – they can be good or bad. They can hunt and fish. They can play poker. It is essentially the old western brother of Grand Theft Auto. Red Dead Redemption 2 is certainly a game to play.

2. The Last of Us

Many gamers will have heard of this giant of a game as it managed to steal the hearts of millions when it was released in 2013. A new IP from Naughty Dog, the creators of the Uncharted series, The Last of Us was always likely to be received well by gamers. And that it was. The game tells a heart-rending story about Ellie and Joel, two people who have been forced together. Throughout the game, the two forge a father/daughter relationship, which is particularly emotional considering Joel’s backstory. Players have remarked on how exciting the combat system is in the game and have praised the crafting too. Unlike the sequel, the original is a must-play.

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3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

All should also know of Skyrim, the RPG open-world game that landed on shelves in 2011. People love this game so much because it practically revolutionised the genre by bringing it to the mainstream and made RPGs accessible to everyone by making the game simple to play. The combat is basic, and so is the levelling up mechanic. But these are strengths, not weaknesses. Players will find that the best thing about the game though is the depth of the world that they find themselves in – it is massive and not just full of empty space. Every part of the world has interesting people or exciting secrets to discover, and gamers will find themselves starting many playthroughs to experience everything that the game has to offer.

4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

This is another example that is highly recommended to play, especially for those that love Star Wars. Fallen Order represents the result of many years of Star Wars gamers crying out for a game that was similar to The Force Unleashed, a fan favourite that saw gamers gain access to an incredibly powerful force user, Starkiller. Fallen Order refines that down somewhat, giving players a character that is only moderately powerful but making up for this fact by creating an excellent combat system instead. Those who enjoy the Dark Soul series will feel at home with Fallen Order, as it has taken inspiration from the combat found in those games. The story is brilliant too, focusing on a Padawan who has managed to survive Order 66.

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5. Fallout 4

If Grand Theft Auto is a modern Red Dead Redemption, then it can be said that Fallout is The Elder Scrolls with guns. It is a refreshing take on the RPG genre and gives players a world that is not that much unlike our own with a simple twist – in Fallout 4, there has been a nuclear war that has plunged the world into a dystopian world. There are bandits, radioactive creatures, and wastelands in store for those that play Fallout 4. The game succeeds in creating an environment and atmosphere that is just unlike any other game.

Single player games can create some of the most beautiful or tragic memories in gaming, which is why people are so obsessed with them. Trying any of these options will certainly result in months of fun (years in the case of some of these games).