The 10 Best Minecraft Mansion Ideas

There is no doubting the fact that Minecraft has won the heart of many gamers worldwide. One game keeps growing from strength to strength with some excellent features. Apart from killing mobs, players are given a chance to bring their dreams/imaginations into reality. One of such has been building mansions.

Have you been thinking about how to build a mansion in your world? Do you know that such isn’t difficult or complicated to do once you know the proper steps to take? This post will be explaining some of the best Minecraft mansion ideas.

1 – Survival Mansions


These types of mansions aren’t popular, but they can make a huge difference when it comes to enabling you to have the ultimate gaming experience. If you are bored with what regular or standard mansions have got to offer in the game, this idea may be perfect for you.

It is simply what the name sounds like. With a survival mansion, you have many mobs and creepies trying to attack you. In a nutshell, there are many enemies you will be fighting against. Just look for some cool spots to hide and take down enemies. If you love fighting and killing mobs, this is one mansion idea you can explore.

2 – Large Mansions

These mansions are meant for those who love to have ample spaces in their worlds. It is the idea of WiederDude and has been applauded by many players. It may sound simple, unlike the one mentioned above. However, there is no doubting the fact that it is worth exploring.

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Large mansions are not just spacious. Also, they contain furniture, decoration pieces, and other essential elements. Some materials or building blocks for this project are spruce planks, jungle planks, spruce slabs, concrete. With all of these items, your imaginations can be brought into reality.

3 – Contemporary Mansion


Contemporary mansions are known for one major thing. This is because they are a combination of simplicity and impressive design. In other words, they are not just beautiful. Also, they are simple buildings that anyone can create. It is basically all about being creative about how the structure will look.

One way to make this Mansion stand out is by planting trees around. Also, lights should be installed to ensure the place is worth looking at during night periods. Modern mansions are the way forward in Minecraft. They are a typical example of how far the game has advanced over the years. You just need the best Minecraft shaders that can enable look stunning.

4 – Mighty Spruce Mansion

Mighty spruce Mansion isn’t talked about that much. However, it doesn’t mean that this building idea is not good enough to be explored. Folli once took the Minecraft community by storm when he decided to design this Mansion using spruce wood.

Do you want to know the best part? Such is the fact that you don’t need any special skills to build this Mansion. All you have to do is come up with an idea of how the building should look. I liked this Mansion because it looks excellent on the most popular Minecraft shaders. It is worth learning how to build.

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5 – Japanese Mansion


Japanese mansions aren’t very popular in the world of Minecraft. This makes them worth paying attention to. Probably you have seen these buildings in movies and liked them. However, you never imagined they could be built in your world. Such is now possible because SheepGG has shown how it can be done.

With the right elements like Sakura and Matsu trees, you could create a stunning mansion that other players will admire. Wooden blocks will play a crucial role in ensuring that such a building looks brownish.

6 – Wentworth Mansions

There is something you must have noticed about Minecraft players. This is the fact that they are different in terms of needs and expectations. For instance, some players may like simple houses while others want something classy. Wentworth Mansion can meet your needs if you belong to the latter category of players. These aren’t just mansions. They take one step further by looking more sophisticated and expensive. The floors are about 4, with each containing 8-9 rooms.

7 – Modern Maintain Mansion


This Mansion can enable you to experience true comfort in Minecraft. It has grown very popular amongst Minecraft players in recent years. It has many exciting features like airy windows, luxury rooms, a spiral staircase and many others. Experiencing the digital life in this game is possible with a mansion idea such as this.

8 – Cliffside Wooden Mansion

This Mansion looks special and unique, not just because it has been built with wooden blocks. Also, its location on a cliff makes it one of the most creative mansion ideas you can ever explore amongst others. Also, it is looking really good for most premium Minecraft shaders. With this Mansion, you will have a perfect view of the structures in your world.

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9 – Small Mansion


There must be the opposite if there are large mansions stated above in Minecraft. Small mansions are great when you don’t have enough space and materials. The best part is that they are equally as elegant as other buildings mentioned above. These mansions only require about 5-6 rooms and that is it!

10 – Victorian Mansion

Have you always thought of experiencing royalty in Minecraft but don’t know how? This is what a Victorian mansion can help you experience firsthand if you don’t know. It symbolizes royalty as well as pride. Its major features are well-designed interiors, furnished rooms & floors, stick work, and double-hung windows.

Final Verdict

Having seen all of the above, it was evident that there are numerous Minecraft mansion ideas you can take advantage of to get the ultimate gaming experience. Just choose one from this post and start building. After that, you can download any of those high-profile MinecraftShaders to make it look stunning.