Boosting a Character for WoW Shadowlands

WoW is a thrilling game that provides its players with unexpected events and an impressive variety of available levels. Additionally, each user has an opportunity to relish the struggle or take advantage of the automatic boost. If you have always been eager to enjoy every single moment of the extension, you will not need a character boost, as you will take your time to master the skills and get closer to the desired outcomes.

Nonetheless, if you have already tried to play the game and realized that the initial stages are too easy for you, there is always an opportunity to get a boost. Is it possible to skip 49 levels and move from the first to the fiftieth level? Not a big deal with the character boost available within the game with

Let us explain a few details to amateur players. Shadowlands content is available only when your character has achieved the 50th level, so it is skilled enough and well-prepared to meet the corresponding struggles and challenges. Are you excited to hear about such an opportunity? Take a moment to learn its peculiarities and specifications so that you miss none of the important points. Adhering to the guidelines, you will get a chance not only to advance your character to the desired level but also unlock the content from previous expansions and take maximum advantage of all their features.

The WoW Character Boost Option Explained


Why should you spend time going through all the levels before you reach the 50th one? Take your chance to skip the unwanted processes and move directly to the desired extension. At this point, it is inevitable to highlight that the character boost should be purchased in the in-game shop. It will provide you with maximum guarantees and minimum risks. Once you apply for the option, you will notice a clickable icon on your character, saying that it is ready to be boosted. So go ahead and relish the quick promotion you have been looking for.

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Additionally, for the new players, who have never had experience playing WoW, it is critical to mention that the character advancement can potentially be gained in two ways: by purchasing it in the online store or by purchasing the heroic or epic editions of the expansion.

Items Included in the Boost

Once you have paid for the option, you are ready to relish its benefits. What should you expect from it? The moment the boost is applied, your character will obtain a few items that will help you succeed with the level. Do you need more details? Look through a few items that will be advanced:

  • Equipment.


Are you ready to enjoy a brand-new set of tools and gear that can be used for the upcoming battles and other activities? Well, this is not the only item you will get, as there will also be 4 bags with 22 slots each. The original clothes and gear the character had will be sent to the in-game mailbox.

  • Skills.

First of all, it is inevitable to mention that professions should be gained, and they cannot be automatically advanced. Nonetheless, there are specific skills that can be boosted as you purchase the corresponding extension. You will be impressed the moment you get into the flight-enabled area, as you will be granted an ability to fly. Besides, expert riding skills will help you forget about any struggles and challenges you had with this aspect.

  • Content.


Apart from the gear and skills that will surely be advanced, the player will relish authentic luck to participate in the most different types of WoW activities, specifically raids, dungeons, and quests. Just imagine that the content within the Battle for Azeroth World will be unlocked, as well as a range of other items. Additionally, the first part of your battle campaign will be accomplished without your participation. All the quests you have failed to complete will be abandoned and destroyed. After all, one should remember that the content from some expansions should be unlocked normally during the play. Besides, you should acknowledge that if you boost your character, you lose a chance to participate in activities from the previous variant for the whole day.

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Restrictions and Limitations

Irrespective of all the advantageous features and specifications of the option, the player should also mind specific points that may seem to be downsides or pitfalls. In fact, these are the standard rules that should be acknowledged and followed:

  • The representatives of customer support will not help you deal with the errors or issues that appear as you apply the boost;
  • There is no way the player gets Heritage Armor if he/she skills all the levels and moves directly to the 50th one;
  • There is no possibility to purchase the Faction Change or Character Transfer within the following three days.
  • Besides, all your attempts to contact the support team and find the solution to the problem are vain;
  • If you have recently used glyphs, you should take your time to enjoy them before you get the character boost as they will all be taken away the moment you get the promotion.

Key Stages of the Character Boost


When it comes to the character boost, the player should mind all the restrictions and obligations that come with it. Besides, it is critical to buy the extension in the in-game store to avoid any negative consequences.

Once the purchase is confirmed, you will notice a special button that will indicate an opportunity to transfer to a different realm. If you click it, you will notice a new menu that will lead you throughout the following stages. At this point, you need to choose whether you strive to boost the existing character or want to create a new one.

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The player should follow the instructions to obtain the desired result and relish completely new gameplay. Then, start your journey, mastering skills, obtaining professions, and unlocking more content. Purchase the desired advancement today and get yourself a chance to enjoy the new form of your favorite game.