10 Best Detective PC Games That’ll Make You Feel Like A Real Detective

Finding free games online might be a pain due to the abundance of questionable sites. It can be time-consuming trying to track down the ideal website. A gamer’s preference can range from a love of crime games to a preference for board games to a love of racing games.

That said, there is one place online where you can find all the games you could want.

You may avoid the hassle and expense of paying for and sitting through advertisements while downloading your favorite video games. There are no trial periods or time limits, either. A thousand games and more can be downloaded and played entirely, without time limits, on any Windows computer.

We all sure love a good murder mystery. The whodunnit question looms deep inside our minds, and there are free detective games on GameTop that can keep you at the edge of your seat and make you feel like a real detective.

1. Queen’s Quest: Symphony of Death

Source: steampowered.com

A multi-level game filled with unexpected twists and turns. In this adventurous game, a detective and an alchemist must find the culprit behind the recent kidnappings in their kingdom.

With your magical elixirs and gift for metamorphosis, you embark on a journey filled with riddles, twists, and turns to confront a criminal virtuoso and a vengeful melody.

2. Amulet Of Dreams

Amulet Of Dreams is a captivating hidden object game with various unique puzzles. If you are a fan of horror games and aspire to be the next Sherlock Holmes, you will like this game’s psychological terror thrills.

It is a mysterious hidden object game in which you must solve numerous puzzles to save princess Alison who has suddenly fallen sick.

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3. Tales of Lagoona 3: Frauds, Forgeries, and Fishsticks

Set underwater, this game propels you to help a motley crew of eccentrics save Poseidon Park. Search through all-new clutter scenes, take up side missions from the locals, solve over 250 puzzles in the updated arcade, and earn hundreds of achievements, trophies, bonus goals, and more.

4. Hope Lake: Crime Story

Years ago, after one of the teachers accidentally drowned, the Hope Lake Boarding School was closed. After an extended period, one by one, the female students vanished. Your sole responsibility is to explore the origins by going back in time. See if you can track down the criminal and end his violent rampage.

5. Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises

In the vein of the best police dramas, this is an exciting new Hidden Object Game. A mysterious drowning case prompts the need for the help of legendary police detective Emma Emerson. She had no idea that by following the evidence left on one poor drowning victim, she would be able to solve the biggest murder mystery she had ever looked at. Is Emma up to the task of cleaning up the tainted parts of the family mystery? Poisonous Promises: A Family Mystery will tell you.

6. Hidden Investigation: Who Did It?

Agent Sarah, a renowned police detective in the world of mysteries and intriguing puzzles, has been tasked with investigating yet another inexplicable crime. When the beautiful Lacy Monroe is reported missing, the sturdy Chief of Police reaches out to his top detective, Sarah. Investigate a heinous crime by resolving puzzles, locating hidden things, and conversing with an array of intriguing personalities.

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7. Adam Wolfe

Step into the shoes of Adam Wolfe and solve a spooky detective mystery in this hidden object game. Find the hidden clue with your acute eye, solve deadly puzzles throughout the murder mystery, and more as you search for the ancient scrolls.

8. L.A. Noire

Even though this game is more than 10 years old, the great thing is that it has an excellent graphics and gameplay. The story is placed in the Los Angeles during the 40s. As a detective, you will be working with the LAPD to solve crimes during these mysterious times. It is a little dark, but it goes perfectly with the story.

The 40s were known for the development of gangs and mafia organizations. Also, there is a lot of mystery included, and missions won’t be so simple to solve. Therefore, if you are looking for a more challenging option where you will have to activate your brain cells, this might be the best game for you.

9. Outer Wilds

A lot of people might be surprised when they see this game in the list because it is sci-fi genre. Most of the previous games are placed in modern towns where you are trying to solve crimes and mysteries like kidnapping, murders, or something that include magic. The case is the same with this game. However, it is on a much bigger scale because you will have to solve crimes on different planets. It is an amazing journey where you will explore other worlds and aliens while trying to solve various missions.

The reason why this game is so popular is because there is a lot of science and facts implemented into it which makes it surprisingly realistic. There is an even more interesting detail, which is related to how you can end this game. There are 8 possible results that you can reach. Therefore, you can play this game over and over again and have a completely different experience each time.

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10. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

There is no better link with being a detective in a virtual world then a game where you are playing a character known as Sherlock Holmes, the most popular fictional detective today. When it comes to technical specs, it is similar to many open world and RPG titles. However, the difference is that you will have to focus and deal with many puzzles and mysteries to complete the missions.

Most of the time, you will be working with clues that you can find while trying to solve the missions. A lot of details that are included will really make you feel like you are a real detective. Also, we have to add that this game is not simple, and that you might need a lot of time for certain missions. However, that is the main reason why it is so popular in the first place.


There are many other options available today. The interesting fact is that people interested in this genre don’t find it so important to have good graphics. If that is your case, there are some older versions and unique titles where the focus is only on mystery and difficulty instead of quality of gameplay. The best example of that is Return of the Obra Dinn. There are other similar titles as well.