5 WoW TBC Raiding Tips and Tricks for Newbies

The World of Warcraft universe is a vast one, and investing even dozens of hours into the gameplay will not be enough to cover it all. Besides that, it is obvious that there is more than enough additional content to stay entertained for as long as you want. For instance, you can always enroll in some guilds, raid a dungeon, and do numerous other things you can try out. It is obvious that there is a lot of entertainment.

Plus, just think about the fact that every expansion pack adds some exciting value to the universe. By taking a look at the real-life dimensions of this universe, it will become obvious that it is nothing short of exceptional. For beginners, all of these aspects might look like too much to handle. Having some knowledge of these before you conduct these procedures is a must.

For that reason, we would like to focus on only one of them, raids. Plus, we want to focus on only one expansion pack, the Burning Crusade. We want to present you with some advice that can assist you with raiding any dungeon within the game. Let’s check some of these tips out.

1. Proper Environment

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Many beginners are interested in knowing whether they need to be at their best to participate in raids. The truth is rather simple, you do not need to be the best out there. It’s because you are not on your own because this part of the game involves a group of characters who need to join forces to overcome all the challenges they will encounter during one of many raids in the Burning Crusade.

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Therefore, it becomes obvious that the cohesion between all the members needs to be at the highest possible level. Otherwise, chances of beating all the enemies and bosses will be rather slim, especially if you play on the highest level of difficulty, mythic. The key to preventing all of these problems from happening is to find the right environment, meaning, the best possible group of characters.

2. Efficient Communication

Besides the cohesion, having proper communication with your teammates will certainly be the upper hand. If you do not have any way to establish communication, then you do not have many chances of being successful. Since this is a multiplayer game, a lot will rely on each character’s role and reaction. But for it to be effective as it needs to be, conversion is key.

There are numerous ways you can ensure that this aspect will be on a proper level. For example, you can use an in-game chat or some software like Skype or Discord. Some would say that in-game chat is the best one by far, but we would say that having another choice will increase the chances of it being successful. When using one of these, create a group where all the members can join.

3. Choose the Right Class

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For the group to be efficient, every member needs a specific role. Some enemies can be damaged only by a certain type of damage. For instance, it is not possible to inflict damage via swords or axes. Instead, the mages will need to invest their best efforts to carry out these fights. Of course, it can easily be that the situation can be completely different. You never know what you and your team will come across.

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To prepare yourself for this aspect, you need to think about it from the start. It means that this decision starts when you are about to create a character. When this happens, you will need to choose a class. Class is a category that determines what your character will be all about. After making this decision, there is no way to change it. The only scenario is to start the game from the beginning, which requires too much time.

4. The Right Attitude

Among the most useful tips, we can give you doesn’t have to do much with the game itself. We are speaking about having the best possible attitude towards tour teammates. Sure, there will be many situations when some tensions can spark for no reason. But that doesn’t mean that emotions should get the best of you. If you do not control emotions properly, the relationships within the team can be damaged.

Not having the best relationships between the teammates is bad, and it can cause morale to plummet. As a result of this, it would become more challenging to count on them in situations when you need teammate support the most. So, start thinking rationally, and be humble. When teammates see you are reasonable, they will act exactly the same. Do your best not to offend anyone no matter how bad the situation is.

5. Customization

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The final aspect we think is essential to discuss is class customization. It is widely known that every player needs to invest countless hours and best efforts to make them count in WoW. So, every decision you make should count. We’ve already discussed the significance of choosing the class you feel the most comfortable with. Until you reach a certain level, it will be possible for you to customize it.

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Each of these customization will need completely new abilities that can be used to make your character more competent. For example, you can specialize your character to inflict a certain sort of damage. So, it is obvious that this customization will help you build a versatile character that can beat numerous enemies, under different circumstances. If this is not enough to complete the quest, you can add another layer by buying a boost, like those at https://buyboost.com/wow.


As you can see, facing all the content WoW titles offer us can be a bit intimidating for beginners. To prevent any unpleasant situations, start learning about the most interesting aspects. For that reason, we’ve decided to focus on raids, and present you with some tips that can make these processes much easier, and more entertaining for you. We are sure you will find them useful.