How to Gear Up in Shadowlands Season 2

Season 2 of Shadowlands is finally here. You are probably as excited as we are, and you cannot wait to see what this new patch offers. Of course, there are several new additions to the game now, and some of the ones you just got used to are excluded.

Due to this reason, you need to pretty much conduct an investigation before starting the game, just to know how everything works and what to expect. In the following article, we will provide you with some tips on how to gear up.

Go on a quest


As you probably already know, the game offers two types of quests – World quests and Callings. The latter ones are daily adventures you have to complete to get rewards. These can be found all over the four zones of the game and are pretty shorts. You will need between three and five minutes to complete each challenge. Another thing, you can do this on your own, or with other players from your team. You may not find the highest-level gear this way, but it is a good way to get some weapons and trinkets.

Professions and crafting

To be quite honest with you, crafting is a great option you can use to increase your item level. This is especially true if you have just started playing, and once you reach level 60, dungeons and raiding will become available to you. However, keep in mind that these items will not last you for long. Because of this, even though it is another option you have, novices are recommended to use it until they further progress in the game. In a way, it can be a great start for your character, but you will have to find other sources. Speaking of these, you may want to visit to learn how to speed up this process a bit.

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Korthia Gear


This is a new system offered by the latest patch of the game. Basically, it enables you to obtain a 200 item level and improve up to level 233. There are several ways you can get these pieces. First of all, you can use Korthian Armaments. These are tokens you can purchase for 1000 Stygia. You can get these tokens from Duchess Mynx at Keeper’s Respite. However, keep in mind that you can only buy one piece of gear per token. Yes, this feature will make the game that much challenging but also entertaining. On the other hand, you can obtain these pieces randomly, all over the world of Korthia.

Dungeons and Mythic +

If you are looking for sources you can explore all the time, the dungeons are the best choice. Firstly, there are Heroic and Normal ones that will provide you with some pretty decent stuff. These are especially beneficial if your character is a healer. Then, there are the Mythic dungeons, which are sort of a final step before Mythic +. Even though these don’t offer rewards, or in this case, pieces of gear as often as the other two, they will give you an insight into some pretty cool tools you will soon be able to obtain.

Moreover, there are Mythic + dungeons. Yes, managing with these is more difficult than the previously mentioned ones, but the rewards you can get are also better. Another challenging feature of these is that your time here is limited. Because of this, you need to collaborate with your team and plan your strategy accordingly. Yes, you can replay your adventure, but first, you need to obtain keys that will enable you to go over everything again. Naturally, finding these isn’t necessarily that easy.

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In addition, there is also Mythic + Weekly Vault. Now, there are several ways you can unlock this vault, and this mainly depends on your success in the game, that is, the level. You can complete raid kills, Mythic + quests, or Arena matches.

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market


Yes, this is the new Megadungeon that comes with the latest patch in the game. This one is set in a Broker bazaar, and it includes two parts. In the first one, you will get an opportunity to go over the market and explore it. You will also meet some new Brokers. On the other hand, the second part revolves are a heist. The Broker has stolen an artifact and is now leading a team of players on a hunt through portals and across the market. You will meet Bosses on this adventure, and keep in mind that there is a total of 8 of them in this new dungeon.

The first one you will encounter is Zo’phex, a keeper of the Broker Cities, whose job is to strip you of the knowledge and weapons you possess at the gates. Furthermore, you will have to help Mailroom Mayhem to get everything in order. Then, there is a pirate dragon called Timecap’n Hooktail, and the final one whom you have to stop is So’leah. Although we have mentioned only some of them, don’t forget that there are eight bosses, so completing all the tasks may take some time.


When it comes to the player vs. the environment options, raiding is the final thing you can try. You can choose between Heroic, Normal, Mythic, and LFR. The last one can be a great treasure source since it is divided into four zones. Here, you can be matched with random players and go on hunts together. Even though the rewards may not be the best ones from these raids, they are still pretty convenient if you are a novice. When it comes to the other dungeons, you are required to enter with your teammates. Naturally, the adventures become more and more complex, so you will need to collaborate closely and come up with a strategy before each raid.

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As you can see, there are numerous new things, quests, and challenges this latest game patch has to offer. Now, it is all up to you. If you have just started playing, you may want to look for tips from pro players. On the other note, if you have been in this world for a while, we have no doubt that you will have fun exploring these new additions.