10 Best Landing Locations in Free Fire

The map is probably the most important aspect of any battle royale game. However, unlike other battle royale titles, Free Fire has three different maps available, and each one is distinctly different. This means that you’ll have to learn several different landing spots if you want to excel in Free Fire.

With that said, you shouldn’t worry too much as we’ve got you covered; it doesn’t matter if it’s the Greenlands of Bermuda or the Deserts of Kalahari, we’ve got all the best landing locations in Free Fire for you.

1. Central – Purgatory

This one is a no-brainer. It’s a massive area with several houses to loot and hide in. This means that even if a lot of players decide to drop on Central, rest assured that you’ll find your fair share of loot so long as you’re not slow. Just try and be careful about other enemies around. Central isn’t the hottest drop location, but it does attract its fair share of fighting, so expect to be contested.

Source: firstsportz.com

2. Peak – Bermuda

Bermuda’s Peak is a risky drop location. However, there is a reason why the best players drop on this location as often as possible. It’s filled with loot to the brim and surviving here ups your chances of winning the game. Just make sure that you can loot and rotate as fast as possible. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a drawn-out firefight where you might not be able to survive.

Source: posgaruda.com

3. Moathouse – Purgatory

Players dropping in the middle of the island of Purgatory will find the Moathouse. It’s not a hot drop zone, by any means. This also makes it perfect if you’re looking for a safe landing location for times when you’re not up for some shooting at the start of the round. Players seldom find their way here, so you can take your time looting. Unfortunately, if more than a couple of players land in the Moathouse, you’ll find that the loot is inadequate.

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4. Command Post – Kalahari

As far as loot goes, there’s enough to go around inside the Command Post. The loot here offers a healthy mix of weapons, ammo, and medkits. The best part is that it’s not as contested as other nearby areas, so the competition isn’t as stiff and stressful. The Command Post also has plenty of little hidey holes that you can use to your advantage to ambush other players, and it’s compact, so it’s easy to aim using close-range weapons like shotguns.

Source: garena.com

5. Clock Tower – Bermuda

Clock Tower is one of the best landing locations in Free Fire, but it’s also quite dangerous. You’ll want to loot the location as fast as you can before rotating towards Factory or Hanger.

Source: youtube.com

6. Bayfront – Kalahari

Bayfront gets far more hate than it deserves. It’s an intense place with lots of fighting going on early, but it also has plenty of cover and loot. If you’re smart about it, you can just go and get some good-quality loot, get out and be well on your way. Not to mention, there are several structures in Bayfront that you can camp on if you’re fast enough.

Source: freefire-wallpapers.blogspot.com

7. Sentosa – Bermuda

Similar to the Moathouse, Sentosa is an isolated location with plenty of loot to go around that players don’t frequent as much. It might even be better than the Moathouse since it’s still going to have enough loot if there are more than a few players loitering around. Entire squads can land here and find more than enough to carry them through the first few minutes of each game.

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The only problem with Sentosa is how far away it is. You and your squad will be exposed by rotating to the mainland.

Source: techtudo.com.br

8. Mammoth – Kalahari

Most players don’t know about how fruitful and bountiful Kalahari’s Mammoth is. They simply dismiss it as another place to ignore. However, if you’re looking for a more safe and relaxed landing spot, there’s none better. You’ll have to make do with the limited selection of loot though. These aren’t game-winning items you’ll find here, but they’re more than enough to help you survive through the early parts of the game.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Mammoth is how easy it is to rotate out of the area and not be seen, which is good for fast and aggressive squads.

Source: youtube.com

9. Brasilia – Purgatory

Brasilia is the best landing spot in Free Fire and it’s also very popular. Landing here is a challenge, but if you and your squad are up for it, it’s going to be fun. The secret to surviving in Brasilia is landing on one of the highest buildings around so that it’s easier to take control of the rest of the area.

Source: firstsportz.com

10. Hangar – Bermuda

Bermuda’s Hangar is arguably the riskiest place to land in Free Fire, regardless of the map. It’s a wide and open space with very little cover for protection. At the same time, it’s got lots of loot and if you and your squad can land early, it’s easy to surprise others. With practice, you and your team can rush through Hangar and score just as much loot as well as kills.

Source: twitter.com

Make sure that you land on these best landing locations in Free Fire

These are the 10 best landing locations in Free Fire. If you land here, you up the chances of you and your team getting the best loot. But, of course, it won’t come without a price. Most of these areas are heavily contested, so if you’re slow to land, you can expect other teams to beat you to the punch. On the other hand, if you’re fast, these landing spots will help you secure an early game advantage.

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Remember, Free Fire players are judged by their KD ratio. The higher your KD ratio is, the more you look like a good player. The best way to do that is to choose good landing spots to secure your spot and prep for battle.

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