8 Tips on How to Earn MT in NBA 2K22 MyTeam Fast

Every year, fans of basketball are excited about the release of a new NBA 2K game. We can see that this is a franchise that has a long tradition, as is the case with Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA, or Football Manager. Even though the concepts of these games being the same for all of this time, the frequent updates in graphics and gameplay are two major reasons why players return to it every year.

The previous entry in this franchise was one of the best ones. Not only because of the gameplay and graphic but also for a lot of additional content that has made this game so fun. Still, we can see that a lot of those who are interested in this game were eager to see what EA Sports has prepared for them in 2024. NBA 2K22 has brought something that we have seen in a couple of previous titles.

We are talking about earning MT coins that are used for building the MyTeam segment. If you are interested in how to purchase these MT coins online, you should visit mmoexp.com. Now, we would like to talk about how you can earn these coins much faster, and by not spending your money on them. Without further ado, let’s check some of these approaches.

1. Budget Management

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The first factor we would like to mention in this article of ours is setting some sort of budget parameters. Meaning, you should have control over your money and how you spend it. If you do that right, you will have a chance to reap significant benefits. One of them is preserving the number of MT coins and using them in much more important fields. That means that you shouldn’t get reckless with your spending. Therefore, you should be patient.

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2. Locker Code

The next thing we would like to talk about is called a locker code. You can spend these on a wide array of different things. For instance, you can get MT coins, packs, or players. What needs to be said is these can expire within seven days. But, some of them will never expire. How you can come across these? Well, you can do it by visiting the game’s Twitter account. From time to time, a chance of getting these codes will present itself before you.

3. Knowledge

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Having knowledge about the NBA league is something that can provide you with a lot of benefits when you play this game. One of the benefits is that you can earn some MT. How can you do that? Well, we are not sure if you have heard about 2KTV. When this program airs, you can answer the questions posed on the program, and if your answers are correct, you will get some coins as a result. Not only that, you can get VCs that can be used for upgrading members of your team.

4. Auction

One of the commonest sources of MT for a majority of players in the auction house. In this place, they can sell those members of their team they are not interested in having. At the same time, there is a chance of purchasing valuable cards and selling them for a higher price later. But this is not the end of the possibilities you can come across in the auction house. So, be sure to check it out when you have the chance.

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5. Unlocking Players

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What needs to be said is that this game will provide you with a couple of chances to unlock some players. The difference between this and previous titles is that you can do it for free most of the time. Having some of the best ones ever in your team will give you an upper hand over the opponents, right? When the value of those you have in your team increases, you can easily sell them for MT coins. Furthermore, you can use it for investing in other parts of your team.

6. Play More Games

Probably the easiest way to come across MT coins is to play as much as you can. The reason is quite obvious, the more matches you will, the more of this you will get. Since this is the most obvious way to earn them, we would say that a vast majority of participants have a focus on this way of earning. They are relieving solely on their skills and eagerness to win. If you ask us, this is a pretty good deal. So, practice, play more matches, and most importantly, win as much as you can.

7. Triple Threat

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We can see that Triple Threat mode is widely perceived as one of the easiest ways of getting MT coins. When we say that we are talking both online and offline mode. What makes this mode different from the usual playing, is that a lot of the rewards you will get are instant.

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But, with climbing up through getting results, they will get much higher and more useable. So, don’t hesitate to participate in this sort of competition, and you will not be sorry for doing that, you can be sure.

8. Daily Rewards

If you are playing the online version of the game, you will have a chance to complete numerous daily rewards. Despite the fact that a lot of those who are interested in playing NBA 2K22 know about this possibility, not too many of them use it. By resolving these daily tasks, you can get both VCs and MTs. As we’ve already said, these two resources are crucial for the further development of your team in the MyTeam segment.


As you can see, NBA 2K22 is a game that offers you a plethora of possibilities for advancement. At the same time, all of these methods can be highly entertaining. Here, you can take a look at many different ways you can earn MT coins. We have no doubt you will find all of these both entertaining and useful at the same time.