How Do You Know When Your Pool Needs to Be Resurfaced?

When you decide to make a pool in your yard, there is usually a long list of complex issues such as material selection, color, method of filtration and water treatment, differences in equipment quality, etc. Before you start building one and choosing which type you want, we suggest you consider all the advantages and disadvantages of skimmer and overflow pools.

The skimmer is a suction element that drains water to the filtration system. The suction line of the filtration pump is connected to the skimmer and allows the natural direction of the skimmer basket’s surface impurities. In addition to the basket, skimmers also have floating doors that prevent dirt from the pool when the filtration is stopped.

After the filtration is completed, the water returns to the collection through the wall nozzles, which form the system’s pressure element. Skimmer pools require regular cleaning of the sycamore trough because saturation with dirt can seriously limit the flow and filtration efficiency.


The Overflows do not have a skimmer. The water overflows all four sides, through the overflow grate, into the overflow channel. The water from the overflow channel goes to the compensation vessel. The compensation vessel is used to regulate the water level in the basin. Probes control the water level to avoid water loss or lack of water.

The water level depends on the number of bathers, climatic conditions, and the filtration system’s operation mode. Surface impurities in overflow basins are retained in the compensation vessel. Water from the compensation vessel passes through the filtration system and back into the pool through the floor nozzles, forming the system’s pressure element.

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Public swimming, hotel and spa centre pools are mostly of the overflow type. The overflow filtration system is more efficient than the modest one, so the water quality is easier to maintain.

Infinity pools are among the exclusives. They overflow only over one side of the pot into the overflow channel. The overflow channel is located on the outside of the overflow wall at any height. It achieves the effect of a waterfall or water wall through which water flows. The principle of functioning of the filtration system is the same as with the overflow basin.

The location is significant for the optimal effect. Infinity overflow system is most often used on steep terrain. People often build pools with  in areas overlooking the sea or the horizon so that the water appears to merge with space.


Building skimmer pools is cheaper because the costs are lower. There is no need for additional installations such as overflow channels, overflow grilles, and compensation vessels. The water level is up to 15cm lower than the edge and the rest of the beach. On the other hand, the overflow pools create a visual effect of infinity that gives the impression that the collection merges with the rest of the beach and landscape. These are 20% to 40% more expensive than modest pools and require more space.

Now that you have a pool in your house and have enjoyed it for years, how do you know when is the right time to renovate it. What are the means that will give you a signal when you need to freshen up?

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Take a look at, which deals with problems and challenges in adapting and repairing all types of pools. They use the highest quality materials, have professional staff in these areas, and offer their clients a creative and economical solution.

The adaptation includes a wide range of services: complete reconstruction of the pool and spa, redesign or replacement, addition of water attractions, replacement of deteriorated liners (foil), construction and replacement of stair treads detection repair of leaks. Also, repair includes reconstruction and replacement of curbs and beaches, LED lighting, upgrade of the machine room, water heating, intelligent systems for management and water quality, and automatic chemical distribution systems.

Signals that can help you discover and show that the right time to rebuild a pool is as follows; peeling plaster, rough texture, stains, chalky residue, sudden drops in water level, spider web cracks, and more significant structural cracks.


In the first place, please pay attention to the plaster near the steps or the floor of your pool because there is a possibility that it will start to peel off due to the use of calcium or low PH.

The next thing to look for are rough spots on the bottom of your pool; because of this, you can injure your feet as you walk through the water. These irregularities with years of use are created by water because there are no balanced pH levels. If the surface of the pool is not well mounted at the beginning, this can also occur.

If stains appear in the pool that cannot be cleaned, it means that the bank needs resurfacing. These stains can lead to more severe problems such as algae buildup and more minor cracks.

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If a cloudy or chalky residue starts to appear on the edges of your pool, it means that your bank is breaking down, and you have to rebuild it. If you have to pour water into the pot constantly and if the water level is not good, it means that you leak into it somewhere. You have to pay attention if you see bubbles in the water somewhere because the crack is challenging to notice.

When the pool is in a place with significant temperature changes or the temperature has changed, the collection can get spider webs or cracks. Large structural cracks are the most critical problem if they appear, but at the same time, they are so big that you can’t miss them when they occur. This crack can cause permanent damage to the pool, and then the bank needs to be rebuilt.