5 Signs You Need to Invest in a New Deck – 2024 Guide

Spending time on a deck in front of your household on a sunny day or throwing a barbecue with your friends while enjoying a cozy setting of your yard exterior creates nothing but good memories. Unfortunately, memories are the only thing related to your deck you will be left with if you fail to recognize the signs warning you that your favorite place to be is worn out and needs either a total makeover or it is ruined to that extent that you need to invest in a new deck. In order not to be misunderstood, we need to highlight that there is nothing wrong with having a new deck, moreover, it will either bring you more joyous moments with your friends and family or increase the value of your property.

Let’s be honest. Numerous reasons can cause damage and affect the state of your deck, so it might be your fault for improper or no maintenance at all, or you can say it failed to resist the ravages of time. The most prominent factors that should affect the longevity of a deck are the materials used in construction and adequate maintenance, so if you failed to provide them when you should have, you should not be surprised if your deck is falling apart. Since certain individuals either do not recognize the signs or they refuse to accept the obvious facts, we shall present you with a list of signs that warn you it is time for renovation.

1. The Sound

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If you walk around your deck and it produces cracking noise you should check if there are any signs of rot and mold. You should be careful if the deck floor is unstable and if it seems like it might crash, so it might be better if you avoided this part of your yard until either renovation or a new deck is constructed. People tend to think that old constructions should make squeaky noises and consider it to be a standard feature without second thoughts about the safety of the ones that use it when in reality those signs are a clear warning that something is not right and it should be taken care of as soon as possible.

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2. The Water

Decks are designed to withstand various weather conditions so a heavy rainfall or even a blizzard should not compromise its safety if everything is in order. Thus, you should not be experiencing any problems after the water dries out. On the other hand, if you start noticing soaked areas on the floor of your deck you should consider making arrangements for a new one. Namely, the idea of regular maintenance is to prevent situations such as this one from happening. In regular circumstances, if your decking was covered with a layer of waterproof spread, your floor would never get soaked. Even if it is not meant to be waterproof, the material should never absorb liquid unless something is wrong with it. The diagnosis is simple and there is nothing much to be done to fix it since decay is an irreversible process and the only reasonable thing to do is to remove the infected portion. Since renovating solely a part of the deck would expose other segments to decadence, investing in a new deck sounds like a more reasonable solution. This time, opt for a professional service to construct your deck, and if you do not know how quality work looks like you can find additional info at deckbuildersanjose.com.

3. Effort and New Standards

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If you spend more time trying to fix the wrongs on your deck than you are actually enjoying it, you should consider obtaining a new one. Most of the old decks are made out of wood, which has its virtues due it is a natural material and radiates a certain vibe people enjoy, but we should be honest and appoint to much more durable materials that are being used in contemporary construction and give as much comfort as their wooden predecessors. Apart from the endurance, you can expect to spend far less time maintaining your new deck whether it is the cleaning or repainting in question since both processes are facilitated due to the quality of modern components.

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4. Shaking

You do not want your deck to become a resonator of your movement and enhance the vibration you make while walking on it. Namely, if you feel that your deck quivers upon setting your foot on it and produces funny noises, you should try and find an alternative place to spend your time until you arrange the problem to be fixed by a complete remodeling or a less time-consuming and probably more effective solution, that is by making a new deck. Apart from it shakes when you walk on it, you should worry if it reacts to the strong gusts of wind since a deck in perfect condition should be immune to external factors.

5. Trading

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Selling a property can always be a good reason to invest a few bucks in tidying up only so you can sell it for more later. What you should do is assess your chances and if you could earn by investing in a new deck and raise the price of real estate, we do not see any valid reasons not to do that immediately. Surely, a new deck can affect the price tag of a property a lot, but you should stick to the style that the rest of the land realty is designed in, to reach a higher value.

After reading through the aforementioned pieces of advice on how to recognize whether your old deck is ready to retire, you should be sufficiently informed to make certain moves. Surely, we did not mention the overall appearance of the deck because it is a matter of taste, so if you feel comfortable and enjoy your setting while your safety is not compromised, there is nothing you should change about your deck until you feel like it. On the other hand, if spending time at the deck means you have to watch over your steps instead of enjoying the time outside, then a serious amending is advisable.

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