What’s the Difference Between Organic and Regular Mattresses

Buying a mattress is not an easy task, we can tell you that. The market for them is vast, and due to the nomenclature present in this field, it can get hard to know which one to pick. There’s a chance you won’t even know what the seller is telling you. All of this matters because having the right mattress is beneficial for you or your family members for a variety of reasons. This is why once you’re in a saloon encounter various writings such as organic mattresses, natural mattresses, or non-toxic mattresses. This will make it hard for you to make a choice; firstly you don’t know what all of that means, and second, you can’t tell the difference. This is why this article can be useful to you if you are on a hunt for a mattress and are having issues getting the right one. We are going to try and explain to you what’s the difference between organic and regular mattresses. Read carefully, and once you’re done, you’ll have no trouble telling which is which in the future.

Where Does The Difference Come?

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This is the first question you need to ask yourself. Before getting into a situation that you need a mattress, you probably have never given too much thought to what lies within your mattress. But, if you are buying one and have an intention to be kind towards your environment in the future you ought to learn what goes inside which kind. This is no rocket science, but even a small portion of knowledge you’re going to attain today could make a difference. So, we are going to start with the basics and tell you what fills the insides of each kind. Let’s start with the regular synthetic mattresses.

  • Synthetic Mattress – This is what your regular mattress looks like. It contains various materials that together create this product. Inside one synthetic mattress, you can find materials such as steel, coil springs, some kinds of wires, memory foam, polyester, and polyurethane foam. This is standard filling for this type of mattress. The worst part lies in the fact that most mattresses need to comply with national standards for safety regarding flames and fire. In order to be in line with national standards, most companies use barriers inside of their products which are often of chemical origin, which is not the best option available.
  • Organic Mattresses – Like the name suggests these mattresses are made entirely from natural materials. This is the type of product you need to aim at. They contain such materials as wool, cotton, and even organic latex. Considering that wool is a natural flame retardant, there’s no need to include any synthetic or chemical materials into creating the barriers to comply with safety protocols. Flame resistance is ideal with wool which makes the usage of synthetic redundant. The best part of organic mattresses is that they’re very open to airflow, which makes them ideal to fight dust, mite, and various types of allergens. If you are already sold on organic mattresses feel free to chose one from snoozelgreen.com, as their offer is more than you could ask for.
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The Essence of Difference

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As you could see from the passages above, there are differences, but that’s not all there are. We are going to dig a bit deeper to ensure that you fully comprehend the essence of the difference between these two types of mattresses. For one, and this is the most important part, it all comes down to the materials used to manufacture this product. But, we’re not talking about the standard materials used. We are more concerned about the chemicals used in making synthetic mattresses. The chemicals used in finishing the synthetic product are not good for your health and if it is possible you should avoid them at all costs. Furthermore, the environment could suffer too, and you need to have this in mind too. If you didn’t know, a mattress needs to be replaced after seven to ten years, and after that period if it is not properly disposed of it could harm our environment.

On the other hand, you have the organic type, which is better under all circumstances. As we already mentioned, no chemicals were used in making organic mattresses and they are all biodegradable. Thanks to this their carbon footprint is not as dangerous as in the case above. All of this aside, the area in which they have a massive advantage is the comfort and durability which is something we’ll know you’ll know how to value. Furthermore, and this is the essence of it all, with an organic mattress you are guaranteed to have better sleep and wake up rested in the morning. All of it that we wrote above sides us and you and everyone on the side of organic mattresses, but as it’s always the case, quality and durability do not always play a vital role for some, as we after all live in times when a coin is valued above all else. With his said, we have one last thing to tell you, and it’s in regard to materials and pricing. You can find more useful information about the organic mattresses on sites such as sleepmattress.co.

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The Role of Materials and Pricing

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Of course, for many people, the price is going to play a vital role. This is unfortunate because the price is dictated by the materials used. As you learned to form the parts we have above bad materials used are not good for your health and the environment alike. Cheap materials mean a cheaper price, and this shouldn’t be the route you take. While they’re cheaper in the start, with time weaker products will show their ugly side and they won’t last as long as the organic type. Always choose the latter as with organic materials you’ll not only get a better product, but also longevity, better sleep, and of course peace of mind.