6 Signs You Need to Demolish Your Home Instead of Renovating it

The various processes in giving your house a makeover can involve dismantling, removal, hauling, or even demolition of the property. This is because we do not want poor quality raw materials or work to be done that might raise the alarm.

However, there are times when we are torn apart between choosing to renovate the residence or demolish it. Making this decision involves a lot of factors to be considered such as budget, the reasons behind doing it as well as if it is legally compliant or not. However, make the right choice, it is not always necessary to hire a professional. It can rightly be done by one with a little knowledge in the field.

Mentioned below is a list of few points that you can indulge in if you are perplexed on whether you wish to get a renovation or demolish your property.

Signs to demolish the property

1.   Multitude of Renovations

The majority of the time one spends during the day is within the comforts of their own home. Starting and ending your day with surroundings pleasant to the beholder’s eyes is highly important to set the positive tone for the day. Thus, renovating your residence to fix your surroundings is highly necessary.

Unfortunately, renovations to your residence do not come cheap. But it’s something that is totally worth it, significantly when the makeover improves the overall aesthetics of your house. But sometimes, the number of renovation procedures that are required to be conducted exceeds the budget by a huge amount. This money could have simply been spent on purchasing a new property altogether. According to fortcollinsdemolition.com, in such cases, it is preferred to demolish the property as opposed to splurging money unnecessarily.

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2.   The building holds no significant value.

Old buildings are not just buildings weathered by time. The culture, heritage, and historical importance that come along with a building, due to the past events that they have been associated with, are sometimes the reasons why buildings are not demolished and preserved for further study or as a tourism spot.

This is the reason why most of the time, we evade demolishing the building. However, if the residence is an old one and holds no value historically, it is best to demolish such a construction. Ensure that you have a thorough look into the infrastructure and the layout of the town as well. This will ensure that disturbance caused to any nearby residents is minimized because the plans would be tweaked to produce the least amount of disruption.

3.   Can’t put in additions

Source: thespruce.com

Everyone wishes to decorate their place of residence in the way that pleases their eye the best. If this is not possible, that constant dissatisfaction would make your stay at home very unpleasant.

In the case where additions to the house are not allowed, it is best to demolish the building. This is because renovating not only is a hard process to do but also would be a waste of money considering the limited scope of improvements.

4.   No attachments to the house

Many times, people tend to renovate their house no matter how old and bad in shape it is due to various sentimental reasons. After all, their home has been a treasure house of memories, the echoes of laughter, or perhaps a symbol of their ancestors. This makes it hard for the residents of the house to even think of something as awful as demolishing the property.

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However, if you do not have any kind of sentimental attachment to your home, and if you find that the features of the house are outdated and cramped up, it’s better to get the house demolished instead of getting it renovated.

5.   Land value is more than the Property Value.

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Often, the property that is constructed on a particular piece of land may not hold much value due to a variety of factors such as the building’s poor construction, the building is super old, or the building being abandoned. In such cases, demolishing the entire building and renting or selling out the vacant plot would be a lucrative option. You can at least get regular rents by leasing out space rather than letting the abandoned property degrade in its value.

6.   Faulty structure or foundation

It is quite natural for the architecture of few buildings to not be as sturdy and robust as they are expected to be due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes, building structures may be faulty due to the weak design of the layout or substitution of authentic materials with poor materials as means of cost-cutting. This has a hazardous impact wherein it weakens the foundations and could cause a lot of fatalities.

This could pose a huge hazard to the residents of that venue, which would include them facing injuries or even death in the worst-case scenario. If you find cracks in the structural beams or roofs, it is better to get rid of such a building by demolishing it. Renovating such a structure would be pretty pointless because renovations only mask the age of the building but do nothing to improve the safety factor!

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Demolition is not an easy process and, if done incorrectly, could result in a lot of damage to both the residents of the area and the individuals involved in making this decision. Though renovating may seem a better alternative than demolition, it will not always suffice for greater service.

Still confused on whether your house needs a renovation or a demolition? Suppose your home is on the verge of crumbling into pieces. In that case, the sentimental, historical, humanitarian values should be put to rest because there is always a way to restore them, provided you are safe and alive. Because no one can predict the exact moment, the rooftop decides to fall on top of your head!