5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Deck Finish in 2024

Wooden decks enhance the beauty of your house by making it look more significant and classy and using the outdoor space of the home effectively. There are so many choices when it comes to selecting a deck finish that would perfectly go with your house.

Solid, translucent, semi-transparent, transparent and many colours and different price ranges to choose from, it is overwhelming to select a deck finish.

If you live in New York, binghamtondecks.com advises that you find professionals to help you select the right deck finish. Installing decks isn’t easy and you want it to be done with care so that it lasts in years to come.

Regular maintenance is essential to increase the life of your deck. A wooden deck with a finish requires generally refinishing after every three to five years.It is very important to choose the perfect and the best deck finish for your home centre.

With all the enemies that a wooden deck has, like sunlight, moisture keeping it without a finish is going to be a regrettable decision.

When choosing a deck finish, it’s very important you choose the right protective finish for your deck.

You need to first sort down the options on the basis of cost, application and durability.

1. Don’t forget your decks’ enemies:

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When choosing a deck finish along with its look and aesthetic appeal, a protective layer must have the quality to defend against the enemies such as water, sunlight. These two elements can cause a lot of damage to your deck in any given weather.

  • Sunlight- The damage caused by sunlight is due to the ultraviolet rays. To protect your deck from UV rays, the finish you choose must absorb or reflect UV rays. Reapplication once a year or once in two years will be the best choice for your decks. Also, before reapplication, lightly sanding off the top layer is very important or else you are just going to apply the finish on the cellulose fibre that is going to soon slough off.
  • Water-Wooden decks or wood, in general, are likely to absorb moisture and water to expand, and as it dries, it shrinks. The cycle of wetting and drying is faster in some areas, which can cause cracks in your deck. Also, the moisture level promotes the growth of fungus. It is important to mix the right additive to your deck finish to protect it from the process of wetting and drying.
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2. Consider the deck material:

It is ideal to single out one kind of deck finish as the best. Shockingly, with regards to safeguarding wood in a particularly unbearable climate, there’s nothing of the sort as best. Regardless of which finish you pick, you are confronted with compromises.

  • Oil-based wood deck finish

Oil-based deck finish has easy application and dries slowly. It penetrates the wood deeper and reduces the chances of damage. The wide temperature boundaries for application let you apply it before or later in the season than water-based wood deck finishes. The finish doesn’t peel or crack, and also, if you see damage in one part, you can refinish just that area.

  • Water- based finish

It dries faster, which makes the application difficult than that of an oil-based finish, as it is harder to keep the edges wet. It forms a protective layer. It requires complete removal before refinishing.

3. The prep work before applying deck finish is crucial

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When you are thinking of finishing, there are steps you have to follow before it. The first step is to clean remember cleaning also requires special attention pressure washing can loosen the wood fibres. It is better to take the help of deck cleaners to wash your deck without any damages safely.

Other steps before applying the finish depend on the existing finish that is currently on the deck.

For e.g., an oil deck finish can be applied over an oil deck finish without much doing. Whereas a water-based deck requires a lot of prep before refinish, it is important to peel off the current layer of finish.

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4. Pigment

It differs from brand to brand, but generally, there are four types of pigmented deck finish available: solid, transparent, translucent, semi-transparent. The difference is not just the pigment but also the protection it will provide against UV rays.

  • Solid

Solid stains offer the best assurance against UV corruption, so any remaining variables being equivalent, they last the longest. They are additionally a decent decision on the off chance that you need to disguise a seriously weathered deck.

  • Semi-transparent

Semi-transparent offers undeniably more colour alternatives than toners, and they are the best assurance you can get while still holding some permeability of the natural wood. These finishes additionally might be a decent decision on the off chance that you’re attempting to refinish an endured deck that doesn’t have dramatic defects you’re trying to cover up totally.

  • Clear

These are clear finishes that can be seen as water clear or milky white substance which when dried becomes clear.

  • Translucent or Toner

This type of finish contains inorganic pigments which are dissolved in a finely ground manner. It helps the visible light to go around them, which protects them from UV rays without affecting the colour of the wood after the finish. Usually, the tones in this classification are wood-colour, like earthy browns and reds. One advantage is that these colours can be coordinated in shading to the wood stain, so they show up almost transparent in any event when they’re most certainly not.

5. Price:

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Whatever we buy from the market, human minds tend to think if the price is higher, the quality is better. But it’s not the truth when comparing two brands’ products. The price comparison should be made amongst the products of the same brand. Try to choose a brand within your price range.

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Jot down your needs and the price range you are comfortable with, and then start your search for deck finish. It would be best if you considered the weather condition of the place you are staying. If the home is humid and rainy most of the year, you may require a different finish than a place where it’s dry and sunny. Best for one cannot be the best for others. Choose wisely with proper research.