Before Buying a Curtain – What Kind of Curtain to Choose?

Curtains are important accessories for any home or room.

Before buying a curtain-what kind of curtain to choose?

Curtains are important accessories for any home or room. In addition to being a decorative element, they are also practical and useful home accessories. There are several types of curtains available, depending on what you want to use them for.

Curtain types


In case you mostly want to decorate the room, you can choose transparent, translucent curtains, which are available in countless colours and patterns. They are made of lightweight, lightweight fabrics that are easy to clean and dry quickly. Because of their light weight, lead cords are also sewn into the bottom of the curtains to ensure that the curtain is held and fall properly. Light-transmitting voile or organza curtains filter the light and thus we can control the light entering the room depending on their color or material, and they also prevent strangers from seeing our home through the windows. Sable curtains are a bit denser than voile curtains. The jaquard and lace curtains are elegant and showy. Translucent curtains are often combined with decor or blackout curtains with top drapery. Many styles can be created by varying the curtains, we can also create a modern, cheerful, classic or elegant design with their use. You can get good tips for buying curtains from the Swedish Perfect Acoustic:

The decorative curtains are specially decorative textiles, they are made of a material thicker than light-transmitting curtains. It is often used as an upper drapery to cover and decorate the upper part of windows.

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The essence of blackout curtains is to block out as much light as possible, so they are made of a thicker and denser woven fabric. The dim out curtains block much more light compared to the average blackout curtains, the black out curtains almost completely exclude light due to their special weaving. These light-blocking curtains usually have an extra black lining or weave extra black fibers into the fabric during their weaving. These types of curtains are not only suitable for darkening, they can also save heat, as they keep the heat inside in winter and keep the rooms cool in summer. The thickest, thickest curtains also reduce external noise. Blackout drapes / curtains can be made of velvet, taffeta, silk, plush, linen or cotton.

Stained glass, or cafeteria curtains, cover only the lower third of the windows. This type is preferred for kitchen windows.

Spaghetti or shag curtains lend a truly modern, unique style to the room, much like roller blinds.

What considerations should be considered when ordering curtains?

If you are looking for curtains for average size windows, we have a wide range of ready-made curtains. But if we need custom sizes, we have to cut and sew the curtains ourselves, or of course we can sew them. It is very important to always give the exact dimensions to the makers when ordering curtains. In general, it can be said that the fall of the curtains will be really aesthetic if we order the curtains at a width at least twice the width of the window or door opening. When determining the finished height of the curtains, take into account whether there is this radiator or heater under the windows. If there is, the bottom of the curtains should be at least 10 centimeters above the radiator. If there is no such obstacle, the curtain can reach all the way to the floor.

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How can we install the curtains?


You can also place the curtains on cornice bars or rails. Depending on the weight of the fabric, choose a cornice, as a thick, heavy material can only withstand a strong, solid wood or metal cornice.
Curtains can be secured with a pull-in or crease tape, or with curtain rings, i.e., rings, or even conventional tweezers.

The pull-in strips are sewn into the upper part of the curtain, and the folds can be formed by tightening their cords. They give support to the curtains and are therefore very popular. We can hang the cornice hooks in their “pockets”. There are several types of retractors. With the universal drawstring you can create a constant series of patterns, stick-shaped patterns are formed at the same distance as the pencil drawstring, vertical, stick-like groups at different distances are used to create the pattern, and in the case of the wasp the drawstring is formed. the direction of contraction will be opposite. Velcro retractors are becoming more and more widespread, and there are many ways to wrinkle them.

Rings or curtain rings are also very popular. In this case, the cornice rod is pulled into the rings. The tabs are sewn to the top of the curtains and the curtain rod is pulled through it.
There are several aspects to consider when buying a curtain to be happy with the end result.

Curtains as home accessories


Curtains are one of the most defining home furnishing accessories for homes and any room. In addition to the practical functions, they also function as a decorative element. The thickness, type, color and pattern of the fabrics greatly influence the atmosphere created by the curtains.

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When installing interiors, one of the last and finishing tasks is to choose the curtains. It is worth buying fabrics that harmonize with the style and colours of the room. We can achieve a completely different atmosphere and effect by varying the different curtains. With elegant, classic or even modern, youthful, clean or cheerful curtains, everyone can find the most suitable home textile for them.

Curtains look good in all types of rooms. Curtains play an important role in living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, study rooms, kitchens, but also in offices or restaurants. When choosing a curtain, drapery, make sure that it fits the interior of the room.

Too dark colours can make a room gloomy, narrow the space, light colours widen, brighten the mood. Also handle large, accentuated patterns with caution, only buy such a curtain if the room is clean, minimalist in style.

Without curtains, the rooms would be bleaker, more fragile, and there are home textiles that also have darkening, sound and thermal insulation properties.