Low Battery? 10 ways to save battery charge


Users of smartphones, such as Android and iPhone, benefit from all the features of the latest entertainment technologies. However, users of smartphones face a dangerous battery problem. It’s, uh… The battery was drained quickly.

All smartphone users, such as Android, iPhone or Windows, suffer from battery problems. People who use the internet mainly for smartphones charge their batteries at least twice a day.

You always have an AC adapter available to charge the battery immediately. There are many Android applications available to save battery life. But these battery saving applications are very dangerous for your smartphone. You don’t have to install them on your mobile phone. I’ll give you some tips on how to save your smartphone’s battery without using apps.

10 ways to save battery life with yoursmartphone

1. Reduce the brightness of the screen

However, most people are familiar with this advice. But I’m telling you, because if you don’t know the number
… Always try to keep the brightness of the screen lower. Your screen has consumed a lot of energy. If you continue to reduce the brightness of the screen, you will save on battery power.

2. Always maintain a low-threshold state of mind

You must always maintain a low-threshold state of mind. If you have a phone for version 5.0; then you have
very lucky! Because even if the battery is less than 15% charged, this phone automatically switches to low battery mode, so you can quickly see the low battery dialog!

3. Execution of the screen lock message

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Another way to keep your battery charged is to get a message when the lock screen starts. The function is open; it is not necessary to view the message after unlocking the phone. This saves your phone’s battery and you’ll quickly see a dialog box with information about an empty battery!

4. Stopping applications after use

Don’t forget that every smartphone user has to close the applications after each use. Most applications always run in the background; these applications will devour your board! A lot of people don’t think it’s important.

5. Switch off your WiFi after use

If your phone has always had WiFi open, the charging procedure is fast. Because WiFi consumes a lot of battery power, your phone quickly displays a low battery indicator. To keep your phone’s battery charged, you need to pause or disable WiFi.

6. Turn off your GPS

WiFi – GPS discharges the phone’s battery just as quickly. As with WiFi, to keep your phone’s battery charged, you need to turn off your GPS. So, if you don’t need it anymore, just close both programs.

7. Download and update applications

For downloading or updating applications you can use a WiFi connection. When you download or update your applications via data connections. He’s gonna eat your drums soon. However, it is preferable to use high-speed Wi-Fi. If you use a faster wireless Internet connection, downloading or updating takes a few seconds and preserves your battery power.

8. The atmosphere of the airplane

If you want to use the battery for a longer period of time. The atmosphere on the plane is the best solution for you. While enjoying a video or audio recording, you can apply these tips and save a lot of energy and complete the low battery dialog in a few hours.

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9. Use an authorized or original battery and charger.

Always try to use the original battery or charger. If the original battery or charger is damaged, recover the unauthorized battery or charger from your phone’s service center.

10. Do not install battery saving applications.

Do not install battery charging applications. These applications are 100% counterfeit and these applications have damaged your phone and the battery.

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